IT’s Tony ‘s Raffle night



Umm Errr Petra ( Blessed be her name) had advised told me that I err have to say umm something about a Raffle that err gets conducted here on Friday nights.


Umm Let me just say that Jeez I could do her



 Err Sorry Petra( Glory upon her) , I mean’t to say that err Raffle night here at the Ha ha Pub is now open.Brought the ol ball and chain along and some of the tiddlewinks.images (38)

 Umm Should I be wearing a Flouro in here My love?  (Petra the Goddess of light)




I promise err  that all winnings here will be tripled and that is a umm Rock solid guarantee from me. And you can keep all of it with no fear of me ever taking it away.That soft prick hockey might but he is treasurythingy so it won,t be me it will be him.



I am a man ( Sorry Petra Vision of loveliness, move your left foot a bit closer so I can lick the dirt of it yummy ) of my word so you have nothing to fear.


 SO go ahead with Your lives, and your raffle ,remember I am here for you,

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205 thoughts on “IT’s Tony ‘s Raffle night

  1. Kevin Andrews!

  2. Puffy, I remember your posts about Arthur while his health was deteriorating and the night you lost him, your love and devotion to him shone through. He would be so proud of you and person you are.

  3. Lord of the Fridge
    That photo of the senate chamber in a division was used dishonestly by the Greens. Let me explain –

    The Greens National Integrity Commission Bill has a long and boring history. The Greens have been trying to get various forms of this legislation through the senate for over two terms of government now. No-one is interested. Labor and the Coalition say it is not needed as there are other federal avenues available for the investigation of corruption. The Greens, for reasons known only to themselves, decided budget week was a good time to press for a vote using the ;’Look at what’s going on in NSW’ as the reason for urgent action. I call it grand-standing, nothing more than an attention-seeking ploy.

    The bill was before the senate for the third time on Thursday. It has never been before the House of Representatives. Christine Milne wanted the Senate to pas the thing. If it had been passed it would then have gone to the reps and been voted down there. It is destined for failure, no matter who is in goernment.

    The image of the senate chamber the Greens are using is misleading, it was not taken during Thursday’s debate. There was no division because there was no vote on Thursday. All that happened was a lot of debate. The time for debate expired and debate was adjourned.Check Hansard if you like –;db=CHAMBER;id=chamber%2Fhansards%2Fec1aa7d7-8aac-44ed-95b8-9d749c60fe85%2F0015;query=Id%3A%22chamber%2Fhansards%2Fec1aa7d7-8aac-44ed-95b8-9d749c60fe85%2F0000%22

    Here’s a bit about the legislation and its history.

    Click to access Greens-Anti-Corruption-Policy.pdf

    i have a suspicion the Greens are trying to pick a fight with Labor, something that will justify them voting with the government on the fuel excise increase and further down the track, supporting Abbott’s PPL. They can use Labor’s rejection of their bill as a reason for supporting the government.

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