Friday Night Fever

The Boss is still away, so it is my happy lot to put together the Friday Evening Raffle threadstarter.

It’s been an amazing week, with the budget triple somersaults with pikes, more and more scandal emerging at ICAC, and – most importantly – my last lectures for the semester.

So, my friends, let’s put on our party hats (I used the left-over wool from the latest mankini)

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rev up the juke box

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and remember, our courteous bar staff

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and chef

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are here to serve your every whim … well … nearly every whim …..

If any Pubster becomes *ahem* slightly tired and emotional, I’m sure we can find a little nook upstairs where you can have a bit of a zizz …

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Our rafflemaster extraordinaire, Sir CK Watt, will do his usual magic with the numbers (I hope). So …

Enjoy – and don’t forget to pat the miniature schnauzer.

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296 thoughts on “Friday Night Fever

  1. Our Valiant ended up being towed away … In those days we didn’t take much care with tune up and all. Pity. We just expected the car to never succumb to neglect.

  2. That old delinquent from Darwin..: Potter, had a VC. slant six ute he hotted up to buggery…he used to drive it down from Whyalla (where he lived then) strip it, tune it, drag it at the races there at Gawler (I think)and then drive it back home that night!…the only bloke who could beat him in the street section, was “Bloody Ken Virgin” who had a Volkswagen….trouble is, when the lights went green, Potter would be sitting there, “wheels spinning while the Volksy just dipped it’s arse, dug in and scooted down the airfield…..bloody embarrasing!”….But that rubber burning was Potter’s undoing….back in Whyalla, he had ongoing “issues” with the police concerning his speeding and behaviour in general…one night, he was dared to back the VC. down the ramp of the police station and do a burn-out….which he did!…the best he’d ever done (according to him)..unfortunately, the wallopers had been tipped off and as he turned from admiring the “rooster-tails” of thick smoke, he looked up and saw the station gates being shut in front of him…..they grabbed him, took him inside and gave him a “hiding”…

  3. CTar1

    Seeing this video shattered a childhood memory. We were all sent home from school to watch the landing on the moon, I thought we had watched it live. Any ways well done the Canberra bombers .

  4. BK

    Yep , Can not remember the exact terms but something about burning off the “carbon” comes to mind.

  5. jaycee
    There was one guy at Chrysler who fitted a 225 ci slant six into a Zeta! The power to weight ratio was awesome!

    gotta go now to the flatlands for a Mothers Day on Saturday roast.

  6. Pubsters, something to ponder.

    I know little of French history and like many probably have preconcieved ideas about who Napolian Bonaparte was, and what he did.

    Earlier today there was a scientific dude on Radio National who quoted Napolian who said that religion is what stops the poor from killing the rich. That’s why they invented it. The scientific guy also said that no where in the world was there an egalitarian society that was also deeply religious. He used the United States as an example and said that even within that country if you compared states, the ones where there was the greatest difference between rich and poor were also the most religious. I guess a further example would be the oil rich countries in the middle east.

    That got me thinking. The proportion of religious nutters in parliament is greater than society as a whole. Is that a factor of our increasing divide between rich and poor, or have they been placed there to increase the divide. Should I encourage my heathen grandchildren (all ten and a half of them) to find religion?



  7. Granny Anny, practice greater subversion! Encourage their scepticism and humanity and ferment a passion for politics and (what my Granny called) “making a difference” to reduce the number of the religiously constipated in our parliaments *G*

    But then, my Granny’s personal belief was that it was more effective to live her beliefs rather than preach at someone. She always said that “If you’re talking about it, you most certainly are not doing it.”

    Probably explains the current Liberal incumbents …

  8. Most people, imo, are not killers. At least in peace time. To kill someone you need that lust for blood. If you have a desire to kill somebody, then no fear of damnation will stop you. People in general are natural carers.

  9. Granny….heed the words of the historically informed….:

    “The policy of the emperors and the senate, as far as it concerned religion, was happily seconded by the reflections of the enlightened, and by the habits of the superstitious, part of their subjects. The various modes of worship, which prevailed in the Roman world, were all considered by the people, as equally true; by the philosopher, as equally false; and by the magistrate, as equally useful. And thus toleration produced not only mutual indulgence, but even religious concord.”
    ― Edward Gibbon, The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire

  10. Leone my be interested in what Ruawake posted across the road

    This is the report Kevin Andrews stated would be released BEFORE the Budget.

    Mr Andrews said measures announced on Tuesday would be just the first instalment of reform.

    He said former Mission Australia chief executive Patrick McClure had completed his discussion paper on welfare reforms but would review it in light of budget changes.

    The review will be released for public consultation after the budget.

    Why bother consulting after changes have been implemented?

  11. Just because a song I lurve.

    Youssou N’Dour – 7 Seconds ft. Neneh Cherry

  12. TLBD – I assume this is the comment, or do you work from newest to oldest

    The maths…..Andrews was on ABC24 claiming that between 10 and 20,000 people would be deemed ‘fit’.
    If , say, 10,000 are removed from the DSP and placed on Newstart, those people will lose $150 a week. $150 x 10,000 x 52 = 78,000,000 per annum.

    The “East West Link Project” is to cost the Commonwealth Gov 1.5 billion. I don’t know how long that road is, but I’m guessing the 78 million might pay for a few hundred metres of tar for those commuters.

    Apparently a road is more important than the health and wellbeing of already disadvantaged people.

    the numbers sing a siren song

  13. I usually work from oldest to newest. Like here, themes develop.

  14. The poisonous Edwina StJohn across the road

    – the pop[ulation] between 15-65 is about 16 million take away another 4 million who dont work or arent seeking work and hey presto 7% of australians are permanently disabled – apparently.

    Interestingly certain ethnic groups are much more disabled than the average ie much higher than 7% disabled.

    ESJ questioning whether 7% of adult workforce is really disabled,

  15. Yep I admired your helluva tip run, all 43 solitary hours, it’s only 23 hours from my place to your place and that’s far too long a drive

  16. Someone commented:

    “Abbotts Australia 2014
    “This work was strictly voluntary, but any animal who absented himself from it would have his rations reduced by half.”
    ― George Orwell, Animal Farm”

  17. joe6pack

    What a big trip, glad you’re back safe and sound. We’ve all been reasonably well behaved, nothing too outrageous has happened at The Pub. You certainly don’t need to know what’s been happening budget wise, as the saying goes, ‘what you don’t know won’t hurt you.

  18. billie11
    Thank you.

    I was just thinkling this morning that Andrews will more than likely want to bring back all the ‘reforms’ that Howard tried but couldn’t get going. In particular I was thinking about Howard’s attempt to cut off what used to be called the Child Disability Allowance (now Carers Payment) to parents of kids with Down Syndrome and a range of serious conditions because they were not considered ‘disabled’ enough. Howard backed down after a lot of public objection, but some families still lost this assistance. I’m pretty sure Andrews will have asked for that payment to again be reviewed.

    Patrick McClure, people might remember, was asked to do a welfare review for Howard. Now he’s doing one for this government. Some of his original reforms were adopted, others were not, now he has the chance to push his hobby horses out again.

  19. 2gravel

    I have been able look in every now and again
    I never worry because BB and Fiona run the place
    Thanks go to the ST Pat,s alumni for keeping the info flowing
    A Quote from the sand
    ” Never seen a Pollie here, Doubt they know I exist,
    But The departments know we do”

  20. Was talking to a semi-driver a long time ago…when I was working at a mining camp….he claimed he was the first and only bloke who ever drove a semi up Stanley Chasm….a humourous chap, droll in that “outback storytelling” style….Kevin Cotton his name was…be gone a long time now…He claimed he was taking a new axle/diff to a broken down truck out from Alice Springs…he didn’t know the way so had an Aboriginal fellow to guide him…after numerous twists and turns…shortcuts and tight spots, they became completely bushed in the pitch of night and he decided to camp and set to it again in the morning….when he woke up and looked around, he was shocked…and he shouted to the guide..”Dammit!…this isn’t the trucking camp… you’ve gone and got me into Stanley Chasm!!”… I have to doubt the veracity of the tale, but by jingo…he was bloody good at telling it!

  21. Joe I am embarking on a road trip with a friend who is relocating to Perth to be closer to her adult children. We are driving a Hyundai i30. Any tips?

  22. I post the following gem from across the road as I think it may be a Liberal brainfart

    Edwina StJohn Posted Saturday, May 10, 2014 at 6:22 pm | Permalink

    We do actually need to encourage people to move North in this country. There is more work to be had north of the Brisbane Line.

  23. Billie,
    I wonder whether the charming Edwina SinJin would be prepared to move north to work.

  24. I’ve only read a few of Ms(?) ESJ’s effusions, and have just realised that they have a certain flavour to those of one Noelene Konstandinitis, who graced Margo Kingston’s Webdiary for some years.

    If nothing else, there’s a similar fascination with “interesting” names.

  25. Another favourite brawler, I mean poster, Zoomster, pointed out that northern Australia has sky high unemployment rates

  26. Which reminds me of my only Broome to Perth flight which was memorable for
    * being chatted up by a just off-duty offshore drilling crew, the crew were still working as a team – I have always thought courtship was a singular pursuit
    * talking to the social security head based in Derby who successfully shifted all white dole recipients south
    * there were fire chiefs on the flight
    * segregated flight – all women at front of cabin – all oil rig workers at the baaack

  27. Ahh thanks Joe – I actually told my friend that car carrier & air fare were the cheapest option – so I should remain flexible with enough money to bail out along the way

  28. Fiona _ I can’t imagine that ESJ works any further away from the centre of power than a ministerial anteroom in Parliament House in Canberra. Or being charitable a member of Parliament’s office in East Melbourne near St Patricks

  29. Billie,
    Or – shudder – maybe even a Federal MP who prides himself on his wit.

    Which reminds me. Apparently my local representative is being groomed for a Very Important Position. After all, one cannot have both the PM and the Treasurer from the same state, harrumph. High time Victoria had a look-in. And ah yes, whazzisname is an up and coming young chappie – Alex thought a lot of him.

  30. Fiona,

    A poster who used the pseudonym of ESJ standing for Edward St John posted there regularly for a number of years.

    If the current ESJ seems to be commenting somewhat like a Lib troll, then could most probably be the same poster.

  31. Home again after disposing of some rubbish.

    Nuclear waste, or the Volvo from hell?

  32. Fiona _ think I may have heard the same rumour. Something about a colt from Kooyong’s sucessor who I think seems to be still too quiet or too junior.

    Or are you alluding to the Minister for Grecian 2000? Yeah I know it’s 14 years later

  33. Jaeger I reckon OVLOVs are pretty toxic, especially the one that boxed me in at the supermarket today


  35. Eureka Street is an on-line journal published by the Australian Jesuits. Here’s what they think of the Abbott government’s new Border Force, a piece by a former Australian ambassador to Cambodia and Poland. It includes an alarming comparison with the SS.

    Border control shake-up takes Australia into dangerous waters
    ‘Border security paranoia is becoming a national mental disease. Be warned, ADF. Be warned, Australia.’

  36. Billie,

    What I’ve been told makes me sad to say I think I’m right.

    Sir Robert is now on high rotation in his grave.

    If only Harold could tear himself away from those Chinese banquets he’d put the upstart in his place.

    Gorton would probably just laugh.

    McMahon would be on the phone.

    Mr Fraser is, doubtless, apoplectic.

    As for Little Johnnie, who cares?

    As for PM Blood Oaf, who’d give a tinker’s?

    More seriously, however, I’m told the move is on. Expect it to be rapid and ruthless.

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