1. “Insiders” seems to be less about “getting the inside information out there, than about “hedging” and “stalling” any unwanted information FROM getting out there!………too much apology and not enough exposure.
    Gutless MSM.

  2. http://www.nytimes.com/2014/05/03/business/steve-jobs-a-genius-at-pushing-boundaries-too.html





  3. foreverjanice

    I see Amanda Flintstone

    I saw it.

    Watching her attempting to dog paddle backwards was fun.

    She got asked about PPL – Her: ‘The problem with the PPL scheme is that it was designed by people in Canberra who work 9 to 5’

    FMD what a waste of oxygen.

  4. Broke the habit of years and watched a few minutes of Insiders (bugger all on the sports channels) and it was funny watching Frannie trying to prevent Gerry’s very public nervous breakdown. She failed.

  5. The problem with the PPL is that it was suggested to PMBO by his wife and daughters and he ran with it, blurting out an announcement of his change of heart in March 2010 without bothering to consult with any of his colleagues. He alone is responsible for the mess in which he now finds himself.

    Some ancient history – an old 7.30 interview (and commentary) in which The Idiot explains his change of heart. Remember ‘Over my dead body”?

    TONY ABBOTT: Well, what’s brought it about is deeper understanding of the practical difficulties of women who are trying to juggle families and careers. We should not …

    LEIGH SALES: And how have you come to that deeper understanding?

    TONY ABBOTT: By, I suppose, being more conscious of the burdens that friends and family members are carrying and of thinking more deeply about the sorts of choices that I would like to be available for my own daughters.

    He wants big business to pick up the tab for his daughters’ maternity leave.

    So what’s good for Abbott’s children is good for Australia. I wonder if he had elderly relatives who smoked cannabis to relieve arthritis pain and reduce inflammation he would suddenly be backing medicinal marijuana?


    More ancient history – The Idiot ‘relaunched’ his PPL brainfart in August 2010, taking his daughter, Louise, and Sophie Mirabella complete with baby along for support while he revealed the full details.

    And a bit more – biased reporting by the ABC blatantly favouring Abbott’s scheme over Labor’s PPL.

    My guess is the whole mess will be dropped from the budget this year on the grounds Labor left such a huge mess we simply can’t afford this scheme right now, the excuse Abbott used in 2010. The PPL scheme will then vanish and won’t be mentioned again. We will be expected to believe it never existed, we just thought we heard Tony talk about it but he was really talking about something else. We might hear about it again in the next election campaign, but if we do it will be a battered and bandaged shadow of Abbott’s initial brainfart.

  6. I do not know why they have Gerard Henderson on Insiders, All he does is criticise the ALP and unions and wipe the brow of the Liebral Party,

  7. Well, the PPL’s function was solely to give Abbott a ‘signature policy’ to wave about, so that he could claim he was progressive and not just a dismantler. The only other policy he could offer that was in any way forward-looking was Direct Action, and we all know that was just a reaction to his mad crusade to end carbon pricing – a fig leaf so he could claim he wasn’t abandoning the environment. Direct Action doesn’t stand up economically or environmentally. It’s a sham. He took nothing much to the 2010 election, I remember that clearly because I spent a lot of time shouting at the radio, due to nobody ever asking him what he had to offer.

    That’s still the function PPL serves, because he still has no progressive policies, in fact nothing except cuts and taxes. As a signature policy it’s pretty crap, and all the discussion around it indicates clearly that he’s never bothered to give it a context. You can tell by the way he runs away from the associated issue of child care, one that’s even more crucial to productivity. It’s all just “working women deserve this”.

    If he dumps it, he’s got nothing to sell us. Just hardship, and some very threadbare reasons as to why we should suffer this hardship. So I think he’ll hang on to it for as long as he can.

  8. There was this miniature poodle up the road – a coffee-coloured one, neatly clipped and wearing a smart little coat, trotting along, sniffing things. Such a charming scene after seeing Pyne on screen.

  9. I remember, Abbott was at pains to tell us that his PPL was a major reform. You could see how desperate he was to be seen as a reformist.

  10. More ancient history – The Idiot ‘relaunched’ his PPL brainfart in August 2010, taking his daughter, Louise, and Sophie Mirabella complete with baby along for support while he revealed the full details.

    Sophie had a baby she didn’t eat??????

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