Abbott World… you’re standing in it.

Abbott Hatesman Statesman Cropped

So it seems the idea, judging from Cormann’s comments this morning, is to king-hit the poor and low income earners, and then … blame Labor for not allowing them to spread the pain to the upper-income echelons.

“Oh, ye poor and humble of circumstance… IT’S ALL LABOR’S FAULT we’re kicking only youse in the guts.”

They are effectively holding a gun to the head of the electorate.

“Pass our legislation, or the cripple gets it. And I’ll shoot the kids, and the Abo too. One hostage every hour until Labor caves in.”

Their modus vivendi is intimidation. They are political standover merchants. Always threatening, always dividing. Their “class warfare” allegations against Labor are the mistaken take on affairs that comes from preening yourself in front of a mirror too often. It’s they who are the wreckers.

“Nice little country you got here. Pity if sumpin’ bad was ta happen to it.”

Mark Simkin, last night on ABC TV news, put it pathetically. Tony Abbott is showing that he is prepared to make sacrifices too. What a guy! Simkin had in his eyes a look that was a mixture of outright embarrassment and ideological fire. He’s a well-coiffed, well-dressed out-and-out Abbott luvvie, but even he couldn’t disguise the disgust, mixed with excitement that he was feeling as he did his piece to air.

Good God… if they pulled this off (his eyes were eloquent) then Abbott really is a political genius. The punters would swallow anything at all if they swallowed the claptrap about how Abbott was making sacrifices too.

Yesterday was the ultimate test of chutzpah: how to break a promise and expect the public to thank you for it, after all the railing, garment renting and teeth gnashing about broken promises when they were in Opposition.

Get Kennet and anyone else handy out onto the hustings to tell us what dire straits we are in. Who knew? They believed Treasury and MYEFO. But Treasury and MYEFO were nobbled, with Treasury full of traitors and MYEFO hopelessly based on impractical, pie-in-the-sky assumptions. Trust Labor to trash and misuse the very institutions put in place to safeguard our nation’s economy.

They always put us on the back foot. There’s always an emergency, or a threat we have to react to. Under this mob there is no “business as usual”. There is only chaos and uncertainty. The Whirling Dervish of the boxing ring has made it his life’s work to cause turmoil and upset and then seek to benefit from it. He knows no other way. As they say, it’s in his DNA… anarchy. He is no happier than when the punters are restless, because in confusion is profit.

He was thrown out of the seminary because he caused too much trouble. He was in open revolt against the ruling circles of the Church and they had to get rid of him. He waged a whispering guerilla campaign of destabilization and pseudo-intellectual moralizing. God knows what he, a would-be parish priest, thought he could accomplish from it. There was no other option for the Church but to let him go.

Ever since he’s made a lifestyle out of the king-hit, the unexpected “Where-the-f**k-did-that-come from?” assault on ordinary people, from various walks of life, just trying to get on with their daily business.

Unless you understand that Abbott is never happy unless he is causing trouble, you can’t understand the way this country is headed: government by brain fart, holes punched in walls either side of innocent people, isloation and encirclement of hapless victims, threats, going the heavy, holing hostages.

Abbott doesn’t work by raising others to a higher plane. He works by flattening all opposition, then kicking them when they are down. Look at the photo above. They’re trying to hold him back.  That way he comes out on top simply because he is the last man standing. Everything about him is menacing and violent because that’s the best, quickest way to rip apart the polity and put your own twisted nightmare in its place.

For a long time I’ve wondered whether Abbott was acting as if he knew he was on borrowed time – political or even existential time. His entire life has been devoted to making it through the day, by and means, fair or foul, the better to be present next morning so he could tarnish another reputation, destroy another institution or corrupt another tradition.

He will say literally anything. He set it all out in that famous interview with Kerry O’Brien: tell a lie, don’t get nailed down, seek forgiveness later. He is always testing his audience: seeing what he can get away with. Giving in to him only encourages him to go further next time.

And if they won’t forgive you, ruin them as an example of how you base your life on pure aggression, an aggression so fierce and malignant that normal people can’t be bothered fighting you. It’s just not worth it. Cut Abbott some slack and he might go away and pick on someone else for a change.

He has all the fire of a zealot, with the talent for intimidation of a gangster. Bull or bear market, Abbott takes his profit by simply threatening peace loving people with aggravation until they give in.

Previously he’s had mentors to back him up, and to guide him. But now he’s the boss and we’re seeing just what a mad dog can do when it’s put in front of the pack.

Australia has to make a decision. It needs to keep in mind, though, that there is no satisfying the Abbott’s of this world. Anarchists are never satisfied, by definition. They’re always looking for the next thuggish high, an even bigger hit to feed their habit.

Abbott has given himself three years to wreak as much irreversible damage on Australia as he can before he’s railroaded out of politics for good. Even he must realize that he’s cooked his own goose in the last 8 months. There’s no second term for him in the offing. That’s plain now.

His party is in revolt, even the cherished Murdoch newspapers are writing nasty things about him.

Speaking of Murdoch, he probably thinks he has Abbott’s measure, that he can control him. But you can never have the measure of a madman. Sociopaths like the Prime Minister see trust as a weakness, to be exploited. They don’t care if they shit in their own nests, and they certainly have no trouble with shitting in anyone else’s nest. The only thing that matters is the high they get from causing trouble and panic in others, from seeing their opponents decked on the mat, bleeding from the ears.

There are others who believe they had his measure, too. Hockey, Reith, Pauline Hansen, Arthur Sinodinos in the political sphere come to mind. SBY and the Malaysians in the geopolitical circle.

He dudded Reith and Hockey, stabbed Hansen in the back, completely outclassed Turnbull, and gave Sinodinos the Jesuit’s kiss of death by telling the poor Greek gofer boy he was his greatest admirer (sad little Arthur, now a humble backbencher, probably still thinks he can make a comeback).

As to SBY, Abbott put out some weasel words about respecting Indonesia’s territorial waters, then invaded them. He sacked the poor low-level saps in the Navy who believed him when he said he’d back them all the way.

Abbott - MH370

He big-noted himself about about finding the Malaysians’ plane, made out that he was personally in charge, bragged that he had a secret that he he could only tell to the Chinese (the Malaysians must have twigged by then, let’s hope), then abandoned the search and, for good measure, will be sending the Malaysians the bill.

To Abbott, promises are just a breath of air, evanescent, temporary measures designed to get him to the next square on the big political game board.

He has made parsing his own words – always in his own favour, of course – not only a personal hobby, but a national pastime. When he says something a whole industry, from pundits to stakeholders, goes into overdrive trying to figure out the loopholes he’s left for himself, and who will be betrayed this time.

The carnival barker always lies. The mob take that for granted. So the spruiker’s job, in these circumstances, is to bet the crowd that they can outwit him. But the game is always rigged in his favour. If it looks like he might unaccountably lose out in the latest swindle, he simply packs up and walks away.

The punters, think they invested their vote – I mean, it’s only a vote, right? – a small risk. Then they are left empty-handed and bewildered. They all thought that other bloke, over there was the one being scammed, when it was them all along (or rather, all of them, all along).

Now even his own party is discovering they’ve been scammed, too. They’ve put a bull in charge of their own china shop. Abbott makes it up as he goes along. He is always confronting, testing, intimidating… not because it needs to be done, but because it give him his kicks.

He got to the top by deception and intrigue, and outright betrayal of his comrades on the way up. He places fait accomplis in everyone’s path: “Give in or I’ll wreck the joint.”

Sadly, many do give in, but they squirrel away their grudges for the day when they can get their revenge. Abbott is always embarrassing them into defending him. One day, however, someone will shout “Enough!” and start a movement to oust for good from politics, so he can’t do any more damage to them, or to – as many are now realizing – the nation.

Abbott David 2

Don’t expect Abbott to go quietly. That is not his style. He has a good deal more trouble to cause before he accepts that he’s finished. We’ve had one preening narcissist in charge of Australia from the Labor side, but at least Rudd, for all his madness, wanted to do good and even great things in among the murk and madness of the way he ran his office.

Abbott, on the other hand, has the purity of the perfect aggressor, with the added certainty of having God on his side. He exists only to dish out the next king hit on the next unsuspecting mug. His shit-eating grin is never broader than when he is causing trouble and mayhem, havoc and angst.

He tries to kid us (and may even try to kid himself) that there’s a purpose to it, but there isn’t. It’s just the way he is: a kid who grew up as a Golden Boy, who got away with everything by using charm and (if necessary) thuggery, deceit and lies.

Always protected in the past, he is on his own now, and we are seeing the full panoply of his capabilities to lie and deceive, to scam and falsely flatter. His canvas isn’t a back room at a party meeting, or a canteen at an aged care facility where he can wow the old ladies (or stare at the young ladies’ breasts). He isn’t on a bike ride anymore. He’s got a whole country to wreck now.

And Australia – you, me, our neighbours, our institutions and our values – are in his sights.

Until someone stands up to him, until someone takes him by the scruff of the neck and boots him out – like the Catholic Church did all those years ago at the seminary – it’s “Welcome to Abbott World”.

In case you didn’t realise, you’re standing in it.

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  1. Wouldn’t it be a hoot if Mr Shepherd was dragged in as an Operation Spicer witness.

  2. Mark Butler and Greg Hunt – two opposites. One is sincere the other one a hypocrite. What I find amazing is that stopping or extending shark culling depends on Hunt’s decision.

  3. Another $700 million borrowed today. That makes the total for this week $1.9 billion. Budget emergency? What budget emergency.

  4. Dastayari established a tenuous link between Tony Shepherd and ICAC.

    Liebral management won’t be happy.

  5. Briefly at Pollbludger applies economic analysis to outline what happens when minimum wages are slashed,

    briefly @ 973
    Posted Friday, May 2, 2014 at 11:11 am | Permalink

    The proposal to slash the minimum wage to 44% of average weekly earnings would not merely affect those one-in-six workers that now rely on the minimum wage. It would progressively affect all wage earners. If the floor rate is reduced, then those workers placed on rates just above the minimum would find their rates would also be reduced….and the next ranked would find their rates reduced too, and so on…In a context of a slack labour market (a certainty if this is enacted) such a wages crunch would be utterly inexorable.

    As well, because the reductions would cascade through the whole wages tier and of itself start to drag down the reference rate – the average weekly earnings – the minimum rate would keep on falling. We would experience compounding declines in real wages across the whole spectrum, just as has occurred in the US, where real wages have stagnated for a generation. to know where this would take us, we need look no further than the US where minimum wages have been fixed at poverty levels for decades. By 2012, the share of national income going to labour in the US had fallen to lowest level recorded since 1948.

    Chopping the wages floor would set in motion a very prolonged decline in real wages across the whole income spectrum – the exact opposite of what people expect. It would eventually mean that ALL the productivity gains of the digital revolution would be appropriated by capital.

    This is even worse than Work Choices, which set out to deregulate the labour market and to restrict workers’ rights to bargain. The Abbott/Hockey proposal would achieve wage cuts by legislative means and effectively taking away bargaining rights entirely. If accepted, this would be the first time any Australian Government has set out to reduce living standards as a deliberate policy goal.

    The challenge for government is to increase per capita incomes in spite of declines in the terms of trade, demographic headwinds and weak global growth. The way to do this is to increase investment, expand education, foster workforce participation and improve income equality. The measures proposed would have precisely the opposite effects and, if enacted, will provoke a very grave recession.

    This is what lies at the cruel heart of Liberalism – a profoundly cynical hatred of working people.

  6. Only in NSW – Premier Baird has made the AG subordinate to the Police Minister, the same police minister now revealed as corrupt.

  7. NSW Police Minister Mike Gallacher has ‘stood aside’ from the Baird ministry for the duration of the ICAC investigation after his corrupt dealings were revealed this mornng.

  8. Wow, the house of cards is falling down in NSW. I reckon about half the ministry will be flushed out by the time this is over. And all within a year of the 2015 election too.

    While the next state Newspoll won’t have picked up the full effect of the happenings of the past few weeks (it’ll be over March-April), the May-June one should be a shocker for them.

  9. A little thing I’ve noticed on the Fairfax news sites is that they often put up photos of Liberal politicians with stupid facial expressions. Joe Hockey is usually lampooned this way (well, let’s face it, he rarely doesn’t look like a complete moron).

    Good on them.

  10. ICAC again –

    Shocking stuff. #ICAC now hears allegations that the NSW Liberals' former chief fundraiser, Paul Nicolaou, took a cut of donations.— Michaela Whitbourn (@MWhitbourn) May 2, 2014

  11. I think the unicorns are being replaced with dyspeptic alpacas.

  12. What is about ICAC findings that they generate press conferences about MH370?

  13. Joe Hockey – dumb as a box of rocks and hopelessly confused – announces he is getting rid of the clean energy regulator just days after Grunt’s White Paper confirmed the very same body would be managing the implementation of the government’s Emission Reduction Fund.

    …. it may be possible that Treasurer Hockey confused the Clean Energy Regulator with the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, which the government has always said it intended to abolish.

    Might it not be a good idea if the clowns on Abbott’s front bench got together occasionally to compare notes and have a bit of a chat about what they are supposed to be doing?

  14. Karen McNamara tells #ICAC she was aware that there was 100k that hadn't shown up in the accounts, but did nothin to query it— Sarah Gerathy (@sarahgerathy) May 2, 2014

  15. She says Webber and his fellow Central Coast MP Chris Spence lied to her. "I've got to show you another document then," #ICAC counsel says.— Michaela Whitbourn (@MWhitbourn) May 2, 2014

  16. So many questions –
    Will Karen McNamara be forced to resign from the parliament?
    Will she just be moved out of her noddy seat but be allowed to stay?
    Will Tony run from the ‘tainted’ vote of the member for Dobell every time there’s a division?

  17. [Lord Kahui III ‏@kingkahui75 2m

    @uknowiSS Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s off to RORT we go! #libs #icac #auspol #skynews]

    😆 Real popcorn time.

  18. It’s like the old radio series: “Listen to the next exciting episode -“

  19. I meant to add this to my post but was distracted, it’s background, it shows her pretence at innocence today was an act. There has been so much dirt thrown around about her activities since before her preselection. She lied to the preselection committee about her fund-raising abilities and more. Abbott personally intervened to have her endorsed as a candidate. Now all the allegations are finally getting a proper airing.

  20. ‘A very difficult time for the NSW conservative government’ says some female on ABC24. Yes it is, and it’s wonderful to see.

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