Hello patrons. I hope you have enjoyed Anzac day 2014.


 Raffles will resume next week.

If I can work out how to play a online two-up game later ,we will do that instead. 


Thank whoever the royal tour is finally over. The fawning of our media has been an embarrassment.

Are we as a country still that insecure that we have to fawn over a couple of poms with  dubious heritage?


I’m Sorry this is Short and sweet but I have a bit on. 


SO over the top Folks


Drink up,have fun .,FIGHT TORIES


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  1. 2Gavel = I worked with his wife, now in Federal Parliament.

    A PR flack and also a strange bit of equipment.

  2. CTar1

    Good morning. Your in house minstrels may cause a stir. . Didn’t realise how posh the Barbican is.

    The LSO chief conductor’s Putin connection has stirred unrest.

    London Symphony Orchestra is coming to Australia this November. The resident orchestra of the Barbican in London-and the group that played John Williams’ scores for all six Star Wars movies – will play three programs in Sydney and performances in Melbourne. But the LSO may be met with protest, as well as applause, as it goes


  3. CTar1

    I suppose it would look decidedly middle class to the Chelsea and Kensington residents.

  4. I don’t listen to the radio at all so i’ve never had the pleasure of enduring one of Toolman’s morning chats. Today’s reports certainly don’t make me want to start.

    Bowen should have tried the Eva Cox/Clive Palmer tactic – ‘Would you just shut up for a moment Chris, I haven’t finished speaking’ sort of thing. Rudeness is OK for these two, they get away with it so why shouldn’t Bowen?

    Someone needs to put Toolman in his place and remind him that he is there to provide information to listeners, nothing more. If he wants to engage in biased, boorish behaviour and force his own political views on hs listeners then he should move to 2GB, he’d fit in really well with Hadley and Jones.

  5. Albo goes well against the serial interrupters. He just ignores them and keeps on going until he is ready to finish.

  6. To their discredit Labor wimped out of fixing the ABC while they had the chance. Probably afraid of blowback. But realistically the ABC couldn’t have treated them any worse than it did. Now we’ve got to wait years before the opportunity again presents itself to excise the cancer. By that stage it will be too late, the patient’s credibility is already terminal.

  7. It’s my guess that Toolman was sent in to “do a job” on the 7.30 Report. With that mission accomplished the current target is AM. They’ll keep going at one target after another until all the current affairs shows that might once have had some credibility are screwed. Then the right wingers will say, well, since the ABC’s credibility as a news reporting organisation is in the toilet we might as well close it down (or sell it, pre-tilled, to Murdoch).

  8. I have just read this piece. It should have been written about Abbott, when he was in opposition . Seems Clive is doing all the things Abbott did, which got him government and the Libs aren’t very happy about it.

  9. anyone else notice that when Labor had govt’, ANY cabinet leak, ANY political / leadership rumour, ANY salacious gossip or ANY criminal accusation was heralded from the airwaves and front pages with all the gusto and fanfare of the second coming!!…now it’s all..”oh well…” …..”mabey they might…” ….”but then it is all hearsay..”…and so on and suchforth!…..that idiot said he’d place a levy…and even then the MSM. are making the call doubtful so as to lessen the flack for the LNP…..Just WHO are these shits??
    I think it’s time we did some digging into the qualifications of turds like Toolman and find out how they qualify to have the air-wave time to deliver their shit to the public….I mean..wasn’t he once a security guard?….jeeesus!

  10. JC,

    I suspect that his background as a conservative candidate in the ACT Legislative Assembly (1998), his religious anti-abortion/anti-euthanasia position was the qualification considered paramount in his rapid promotion up through the ranks of their ABC.

  11. Your Government at work

    Labor senator Joe Ludwig has urged Australia’s freedom of information watchdog to investigate the Immigration Department’s handling of an information request, and warned of an “increasingly obstructionist” culture of secrecy in federal government departments.

    In a letter to Professor John McMillan, the Australian information commissioner, Ludwig expressed serious concerns about a recent freedom of information (FOI) decision made by the Department of Immigration, where information about Sri Lankan asylum seeker arrivals from 2013 was refused.

    The department refused access to the information on the unusual grounds that it was protected by parliamentary privilege, and relied on a controversial public interest immunity claim by the immigration minister, Scott Morrison, to support the claim.

    Parliamentary privilege my backside.

  12. Clive Palmer has threatened legal action so many times and yet hardly any of it ever goes ahead. He pulls out early on, he forgets about it or on rare occasions like his 2010 defamation case against Anna Bligh and Andrew Fraser he reaches an out of court agreement and drops the action.

    Here’s some ancient history on Palmer’s legal actions

    Then there’s the more recent stuff, like his defamation action against Mal Brough which fizzled out, his threat to sue a deserting PUP candidate in Tasmania and his threat to sue the AEC because he didn’t get the election results he wanted. Do a search, there’s a lot of material out there about Palmer’s attempted legal actions, far too much to list here.

    The man is a nutter. He thinks he can bully people into doing what he wants by threatening legal action. The threat is supposed to be enough to get Palmer what he wants – a grovelling apology, another election, a compensation payout, whatever. On the rare occasions the target of Palmer’s ire says ‘so sue me’ the action always seems to fizzle out before it actually gets to court, as with Mal Brough.

    Newman has nothing to worry about and he knows this. If this latest Palmer puffery does get to court the taxpayers of Queensland will pay Newman’s costs, as they did in the Bligh/Fraser/Palmer stoush. The whole thing will end in another hushed-up out of court agreement.

    When will the media wake up? Palmer thrives on attention. If he’s not getting any he threatens legal action and the media obediently make it a big issue. Next week he will be threatening to sue someone else. It’s way past time the media stopped promoting Palmer and started mocking him.

  13. I suspect that his background as a conservative candidate in the ACT Legislative Assembly (1998)…

    Oh yeah!…and Caligula was going to nominate his horse for a senate position!!!….that and all the rest do not a legitimate journalist make!
    And what about Grattan…besides being an old bastard?….and Oakes?…besides being a slob!…and Hartcher..besides having a “oriental fly-whisk” shoved up his ask him, he’ll tell you!?….what are their REAL qualifications…besides an ancient BA.?

  14. cuppa

    Hence his foot massage for any Abbott interview. Failed catholic seminarians of a feather stick together.

  15. Failed catholic seminarians of a feather stick together.

    You’re not kidding….you’d have to use a crow-bar to pry them apart !

  16. Here’s Toolman’s biography, and it took a lot of finding. He did study journalism.
    Decided in 1978 to become a priest and spent three years in a Catholic seminary.
    Studied for a BA in communications at the Nepean College of Advanced Education while working as a security guard at Mt Druitt Marketown.
    Joined The Canberra Times in 1989 as the world’s oldest copy kid.
    Joined the ABC in Canberra as a radio producer in 1999; co-hosted 666 ABC Canberra’s breakfast program, 2000-04.
    Became ABC radio’s chief political correspondent in 2006.
    Won a Walkley Award for broadcast interviewing during the 2007 election campaign.
    In 2008 he became political editor for ABC TV News.
    Became political editor for The 7.30 Report in 2009 and ABC News 24 in 2010.
    Married to the Member for Canberra, Gai Brodtmann.

    You can be dripping with degrees and qualifications but all that means is you did well at your studies (or cheated). Competence your job is a very different thing. Just look at the expensively and lavishly educated Abbott – absolutely ignorant about law and economics, yet has a degree in both.

  17. This little black duck

    Hurley obviously didn’t notice the derision the church copped when they tried that line before the current enquiry was set up.

  18. There must be other examples of failed seminarians around who haven’t turned into unpleasant arrogant individuals?
    I just wish I could think of some …

  19. “There must be other examples of failed seminarians around who haven’t turned into unpleasant arrogant individuals?”

    Bert Newton?

  20. Listening to Watson at ICAC.

    What a sorry procession of lurk merchants, spivs, shonks, urgers, sleeve-tuggers, water-cooler braggarts, rent-seekers, back-room whisperers, bag-men, glad-handers, fake invoicers, money launderers, spin doctors, big-noters, crooked solicitors, influence peddlars, no hopers, half-wits and out-and-out crooks we are seeing being set out today.

    And ALL of them Libs.

    Time, not only for popcorn, but a big bag of Smith’s Crisps and a choc-top to go with them. Jaffas might also be advisable.

    It’s going to be a long fortnight.

  21. Oh dear, Nappy!

    The Victorian premier, Denis Napthine, has said he wasn’t directly involved in a government decision to hand a $1.5m state grant to a businessman with whom he co-owns a racehorse.

    Napthine has confirmed he is one of 10 part-owners of Spin the Bottle, but said he was unaware who the others were when he first bought the share

  22. Should Toolman be a political commentator at all? Isn’t there a huge conflict of interest with him being married to a politican?

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