Hello patrons. I hope you have enjoyed Anzac day 2014.


 Raffles will resume next week.

If I can work out how to play a online two-up game later ,we will do that instead. 


Thank whoever the royal tour is finally over. The fawning of our media has been an embarrassment.

Are we as a country still that insecure that we have to fawn over a couple of poms with  dubious heritage?


I’m Sorry this is Short and sweet but I have a bit on. 


SO over the top Folks


Drink up,have fun .,FIGHT TORIES



290 thoughts on “ANZAC DAY 2014

  1. This little black duck

    Hurley obviously didn’t notice the derision the church copped when they tried that line before the current enquiry was set up.

  2. There must be other examples of failed seminarians around who haven’t turned into unpleasant arrogant individuals?
    I just wish I could think of some …

  3. “There must be other examples of failed seminarians around who haven’t turned into unpleasant arrogant individuals?”

    Bert Newton?

  4. Listening to Watson at ICAC.

    What a sorry procession of lurk merchants, spivs, shonks, urgers, sleeve-tuggers, water-cooler braggarts, rent-seekers, back-room whisperers, bag-men, glad-handers, fake invoicers, money launderers, spin doctors, big-noters, crooked solicitors, influence peddlars, no hopers, half-wits and out-and-out crooks we are seeing being set out today.

    And ALL of them Libs.

    Time, not only for popcorn, but a big bag of Smith’s Crisps and a choc-top to go with them. Jaffas might also be advisable.

    It’s going to be a long fortnight.

  5. Oh dear, Nappy!

    The Victorian premier, Denis Napthine, has said he wasn’t directly involved in a government decision to hand a $1.5m state grant to a businessman with whom he co-owns a racehorse.

    Napthine has confirmed he is one of 10 part-owners of Spin the Bottle, but said he was unaware who the others were when he first bought the share

  6. Should Toolman be a political commentator at all? Isn’t there a huge conflict of interest with him being married to a politican?

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