Hello Pub patrons and a hoppity happity easter to you all.



For a bit of fun welcome to “THE PUBS FIRST TRIVA CHALLENGE”



Every 1/2 hr or close to it” I will ask some questions. They will be a mix of politics,history,science,geography,anything really that comes to my simple mind.

You have strictly  15 mins to answer . NO exceptions,last minute pleadings will be dismissed unless accompanied by a suitable bribe.


You can join in at any time of the game but only from the current questions. Accompanied by standard bribe for being tardy

I am the sole judge and no arguing will be allowed unless accompanied of course, by aforementioned bribe.

Prizes will be determined at a later time. The amount of bribes I receive may have a bearing on the prizes.

No chance of a ICAC inquiry here.

barry ofarrell gets caught up in ICAC

Have fun the first game will begin at 3.00pm

DId I mention I am open to bribery?



587 thoughts on “THE PUB TRIVA CHALLENGE

  1. GD

    Jim McClelland

    “Diamond” Jim …

    RC reports are usually useless.

    His produced a useful one. Particularly if you had access to the ‘classified’ volumes.

  2. Yes, I always found Diamond Jim worthwhile, Ctar. So much so, that I was a little worried that towards the end he retreated from his former closeness to Lionel Murphy.

    Murph seemed to me a little like Lloyd George – achieved a lot while still having some roguish elements about him. Wran never dropped his loyalty to Murphy, at one point getting into trouble with the law over it.

  3. From the link to the AMA support for DSP changes –

    Dr Brian Morton, the AMA’s spokesman on general practice, said on Sunday doctors were often in an “invidious position” in having effectively to decide whether someone was fit to work.

    “For GPs to be the arbiter of whether someone complies or not can be very difficult, because you often have a relationship with the patient,” he said.

    “The concept of having perhaps government doctors to make these final decisions is probably something that helps the GP to maintain a good relationship with the patient rather than alienating them or, perhaps even worse doing, something that’s not valid.”

    Honestly, what utter garbage. NFI of the process for getting this miserable payment at all.

    From the way all these experts and doctors and MPs have been talking it sounded like a GP’s word was all there was to getting DSP. I thought things must have become much easier since I applied in around 1995, so I checked. It’s still the same rigmarole. You fill in a form – 30 pages worth – that asks intimate questions about your family, your living arrangements and your relationship(s) as well as your health and medical problems. Your GP fills in a form. If you are being treated by a specialist as well they write a report. You list all those treating you are working with you on a health issue – counsellors, psychiatrists, psychologists, physiotherapists, social workers, whatever – on the form. Centrelink might contact any or all of them and ask for a report. Then you take all the paperwork to Centrelink and they pack you off for an assessment by a ‘health practitioner’ aka a doctor. It used to be a doctor with a government contract to do this work, around here it was a local GP who I knew well socially. He did all the Centrelink work. Maybe that’s different now, maybe they have a list of ‘health practitioners’ to choose from, maybe not, I haven’t looked into that bit. BUT the rest of the process is the same. You go for your assessment interview, taking along all your relevant scans, X-rays, appliances, medical information whatever. You will be asked about your medical problems and your ability to work. You will be given the third degree, in other words. The assessor then writes a report and some person at Centrelink, after reading that report and studying all your paperwork decides whether or not you can have a pension.

    All your GP does is fill in a form explaining your medical issues and giving an assessment of the ways your medical problems affect your ‘ability to function’. The word ‘work’ is not mentioned on the medical report form at all.

    So – there is still the ‘government doctor’ involved, despite what Dr AMA says, and your GP certainly does not make any decision about whether or not you can work or whether you should or should not receive support.

    I really wish these idiots would get their facts sorted before they run to the media. It took me five minutes to find all I needed to know.

  4. GD

    from his former closeness to Lionel Murphy.

    On Murphy an observation – It is always a serious mistake, repeated many times here in Australia, to make someone Attorney-General, Minister for Police and Customs, and ASIO.

    Something will always go wrong that can’t be shared.

    I remember quite some years later delving into an event that happened in a Transit Lounge at Sydney Airport for I don’t know quite what – not corruption, just a not great decision, I guess.

    Despite that a new building for the A-G’s Dept in the early 1990’s was named the ‘Lionel Murphy Building’ (as was the biggest law library in the Sth Hemisphere).


  6. The unshakeable, undeniable, unavoidable Nemesis stalking Abbott and the LNP.
    From Theodor Mommsen ; “History of Rome”.
    “…But history will not submit to curtail the true leader of their due honour, because her verdict may lead simplicity astray in the presence of bad leaders, and may give to roguery occasion to lying and fraud. History too is a Bible, and if she cannot any more than the Bible hinder the fool from misunderstanding and the devil from quoting her, she too will be able to bear with and to repay, deed for deed, them both.”

    Such is and will be the judgement and fate awaiting those blackguards.

  7. leonetwo

    I don’t think Palcohol will live up to its hype.. Ethanol has a freezing point below -100 C so it must be absorbed by make the powder form . For a generous allowance of one part ethanol to 3 part absorbent that would meant for just a can of beer you’d have to have about 60 grams of powder.

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