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  1. CTar1..: “No trucks blown over or dunked, I hope.”…..no, but i read “somewhere” that the Four X brewery at Townsville was flooded and the next batch of beer has been “watered” down!….is that true?

  2. Sorry, but it’s not ‘treason’ to have or to broadcast an opinion. We cannot go down the road of demanding the media only present one point of view. We are already heading in that direction, we should be fighting for more diversity, more outlets, less monopolisation, not whining because we don’t agree with what Murdoch said. We cannot call people who voted in what they believed was the best way ahead for the country ‘traitors’ because we might have a different opionion. To carry on in that way is not only ridiculous but very dangerous because of where it could lead.

    The crime is not treason, the crime is stupidity. The majority of Australians just don’t care, they have no interest in politics. If they buy a newspaper it’s for the sport pages or the celebrity gossip. If they watch the news it’s most likely because there has been a disaster and they want to see ghoulish shots of blood and bodies.

    There has been deceit and manipulation which gave a tiny majority of people the ability to throw out one government and install another. What can we do? Educate people. It starts with education, that’s why Abbott and his cronies are so intent on destroying our education system and more. If you keep the plebs dumb and ignorant, poor and willing to work for peanuts because there is no longer any alternative then, in theory, they will keep believing your lies and voting you back into government. Let’s not get to that stage.

    See my earlier post today at 10.36.

  3. I heard that the “Southwark ” brewery here in Adelaide is sending a donation of five semi-loads of stubbies to FNQ. to sustain the thirst there……very kind of them , I’m sure!

  4. No problems for me.
    Unfortunately it seems for some of the media Ita hasn’t caused the massive damage they were hoping for.
    You could see the disappointment on their faces when Cooktown wasn’t completely flattened.
    Watered down xxxx still better than southern swill

  5. Ita was supposed to be another distraction. The media mob hoped news broadcasts full of destruction would have taken the heat off Abbott and the failure of his mission to China. Instead of all the planned stories of cargo-cult riches about to be dropped on our eagerly waiting farmers there was nothing to report at all. The plebs don’t care about happy snaps of the PM shaking hands with Asian genltemen, they want scenes of mass destruction, played over and over and over, and the possiblity of a few deaths to liven things up. If only Abbott had narrowly escaped a Chinese cyclone……

  6. Of course you are correct, Leone, about education…but i have to note that it was reported by Ms. West that with the availability of broadcast media, Lord Haw Haw was now able to seek to undermine the morale and the unity of a nation through subversive propaganda….and he was convicted and hung for treason because of it…tellme hao HIS behaviour differed from the shock-jocks and the Murdochians in today’s media?…..really there is none, except to note Lord Haw Haw did act in a time of war….but these modern economies are so volatile and the destabilsation of such and the demoralising of the peoples of such can bring an economy to it’s knees…as we have seen when the LNP. sets about with the help of the MSM. to talk down the economy.
    No…it is treason…it is just another style..but it is treason.

  7. kaffee

    We should immediately demand that all NZ’ers drink 2 lt’s off it.

    After that all will be well in QLD.

  8. This is good…

    @AJL2EZ: Which league official is in line for a long and difficult life after sleeping with the ex partner of Ray Hadley? #NRL

    The apparent answer is a player with the initials MP who once played for the Balmain Tigers while his dad played for the Western Suburbs Magpies. I doubt this is the sort of merger Ray had in mind. I would have thought it would be a difficult life and not necessarily a long one

  9. Ita was always going to be a fisser. To maintain its strength a cyclone has to pick up energy from the hot water. They develop in waters where the temps are above 29 degrees cel.and that temp down to 100 metres.The water off Queensland was 27 degrees and as soon as it hit the cooler water it died and it went from a 5 to a 4 and then to a 2 in a couple of hours.

    Have a look at the temp. chart. I live in Cairns and could believe the crap that was coming from the media and our photo sensitive premier.


  10. Hi Jaycee,
    I know your right about the judiciary & the legal fraternity in general not having the balls (my words sorry) to hold this Govt or MSM to account but I just don’t get it….. What!!!! is their problem?

    I’m sure your right about the Pub having a wider audience than we realise, lurking in the background, look at me, rarely seen but always around, waiting for the next bit of “truthful” info that the people here somehow manage to get out to the rest of us & for which I for one & I’m sure many more, are very grateful.

    Sink the boot in you say….. I’ll drink to that & bring on the Revolution 🙂


  11. CTar1

    Had more than a few “South Warks” . Called them that to annoy a Sth Australian workmate in Darwin.Up there much Adelaidian beer is available. He waxed lyrical over Southwark Bitter having 25 IBU’s ( International Bitterness Units) . Apparently that is a lot although it did not taste particularly bitter. .

    At the time Coopers had the best EVA promotion. They, along with the Cavanagh pub and the RSPCA, had a deal where for every live cane toad you took to the Darwin RSPCA you got a voucher for a free pot/10oz of Coopers Pale Ale at the Cavanagh. Limited a mere 6 toads per person per day 🙂

  12. Razz…I hate to say it, but it has to be acknowledged…those high salaried legal eagles and the judiciary DO have vast investments in mining, tobacco, gas fracking corps’, energy, mistresses, etc….they do wear the “old school tie” and they do congregate at similar venues…I’m afraid there really is a “Them” and “Us” .

  13. http://www.theage.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/nationals-mps-warn-against-abc-budget-cuts-20140413-zqu8z.html





  14. I am just back from lunch at the local footy club, to celebrate my Mum’s 78th birthday. It was a lovely day for it and a family member in the know said that with the function in Elizabeth (Adelaide) for the visiting royals, neither the Mayor nor any of the local Councillors have been invited. Elizabeth was named after Queen Liz II, as are lots of the streets and roads near the city centre. It is often on the list of places they visit because of that connection. But it seems the local dignitaries are not dignified enough to get an invite. Maybe they might eat their peas off their knife or fumble the snail tongs.

    We didn’t have any trouble with lunch at the footy club. The ice-cream sundae was delish, btw.

  15. From Insiders this morning – The Idiot was keen to get a few women into his photo after eventually remembering that there were some females in his travelling circus. Notice how all the blokes are called by their first names, all so blokey – ‘Andrew, ‘Sam’, ‘Nev’, ‘Tad’. Then The National Embarrassment realises that the female members of his circus are MIA. No first names for them though, no names at all. Just ‘the ladies’. Did he even know their names? Did he only realise they were missing when he discovered there were no boobs or legs to perv at? Arsehole!

  16. Good one leone…but tell me…are there not rules of both physics AND photography that limits how much PLUG-UGLY one can squeeze into a frame?…I mean..; Packer AND Abbott together!!….it’s enough to cause an earthquake.

  17. That Bazz Cazz must have an arse as wide as the Nile Delta, he’s had it kicked that many times by his masters!

  18. leone

    This must be close to the most embarrassing vid I’ve ever seen. Is it Peta’s doing or is it just this stupid, ridiculous, ignominious man’s doing?

  19. The ABC. online DID have the Joe Hockey to cut pensions story up until a few minutes ago…but now it’s gone somewhere to be replaced by Grandstand sport..with The Muppets and the weather!…..that’s Our ABC!

  20. jaycee
    Perhaps we should start calling Bazza ‘Numb Bum’. He so obviously doesn’t feel all those kicks. Or maybe Dumb Bum….either one works.

  21. Gig’..Peta’s been edged to the “back of the room”…this is man’s buisness now!

  22. AND..she better be careful, or she’ll find those eggs of hers being fertilized by Barnaby or Truzzz, not the “fearless one”!

  23. The Hockey story is still on ABC News online – just above a breathless story about the possibility of a second baby for William and Kate. At least the Hockey story isn’t below that one.

  24. i think Peta has given up the IVF treatment. IF – big ‘if’ – her stories as told to the media are true then a whole year of monthly egg harvesting with no results would have ruled out any more attempts. And she’s getting too old to keep trying. (Meow!)

  25. Even when The Idiot makes a promise in writing and signs it it’s not worth a cracker.

  26. Just arrived at Edithburgh in time to enjoy an (almost) unlimited supply of beer battered garfish and crumbed calamari all freshly caught.

  27. There is a Nielsen tonight, this article on a supplementary question has gone online early.


    Race hate: voters tell Brandis to back off
    April 13, 2014 – 4:58PM
    Mark Kenny, Chief Political Correspondent

    Voters have sent an unambiguous message to Tony Abbott and his Attorney General George Brandis: leave the race hate laws alone.

    The latest Fairfax-Nielsen poll specifically asked voters if they believe it should it be lawful or unlawful to “offend, insult or humiliate” somebody based on their race.

    The answer was a statistically conclusive 88 per cent – or nine out of 10 – in favour of the status quo – that is, that it should remain unlawful to discriminate.

  28. “…beer battered garfish”….jeesus!..they live it hard down there in the heel of Yorkes’…even the bloody garfish are hitting the piss!

  29. Of course, you bastards

    The government should remove enrolment targets for university students from low socioeconomic backgrounds and remove the cap on student fees, a report says.

    The post-election review of Labor’s policy, which allowed universities to set places based on demand, was carried out by former Howard education minister and Grattan Institute board member David Kemp and his former advisor, Andrew Norton, who is now higher education program director at the Grattan Institute.


    Warning: picture of Porky Pyne.

  30. BK,
    Me mum and I have just had a gorgeous meal at our local (and superb) Chinese restaurant, but the thought of your freshly-caught beer-battered garfish made my mouth water all over again.

    The crumbed calamari? Meh.

  31. Fiona
    We are just now doing the dishes, replete with a fill of fish. The garfish was extraordinary. We’re out first thing tomorrow morning to see if we can get some King George Whiting. Wednesday morning the weather looks like it will suit a visit to fish at Port Moorowie in the trusty tinny. That’s where we know our way around the snapper and whiting spots.

  32. The comments suggest that there is a lot of skepticism about. Forty years and counting.

    They promised it at the last election, no it’s probably not a surprise.

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