STREWTH!! Shakespeare Night Raffles!!


Seems some of thou people wanteth a shakesphere night


Is our australian speech not good enough f’r thou?

The sooth hath rear’d it’s ugly headeth. Some of youse art all closet monarchists pining f’r the speech of mother England.



Abbott supp’rt’rs thou be. hoping that he will conf’r a knighthood ‘r damehood upon thy heads.

BB and nyself art gravely dissapoint’d in youse but if this is thy wisheth f’r the night so be it.


Thy raffles will be runeth as ingraft if ck can und’rstandeth thy wishes.


I will siteth in the c’rn’r and drinketh a few ales and bemoan what mineth po’r establishment hath becometh.


Geteth stuck in and begineth thy tales of good and bad,evil and delighteth.



I hopeth thou enjoyeth this fine evening and best of lucketh.

392 thoughts on “STREWTH!! Shakespeare Night Raffles!!

  1. CTar1

    Bugger.There goes your chance of becoming a “Tax exile” forced to slum it in the south of France and “Within” .

  2. A common misattribution, Jaycee. The lines were written by Sir Walter Scott in his epic poem Marmion:

    Oh what a tangled web we weave
    When first we practise to deceive.

    Apart from that pedantry, I agree with you.

  3. “…the usual abuse follows…”
    I gotta get on this Twitter wagon!…I think I must be missing out on some action!

  4. OK folks I’m off to cast my senate vote for the good guys, here’s hoping for the best possible result, bakson.

  5. Gigi’ …; “Foils and possibly hair extensions.”…even more…”Deny thy ‘Family’ and quit the LNP….for thou own well-being and peace of mind…”

  6. Okay, that was a link to the AFR, Latham’s writing about Smith, though it is a bit pot/kettle, it served it up to the Mordoch’s idiots.

  7. Unrequited love in the teenage heart.

    This being a Shakespearean weekend, and one of his most famous themes being the love story of Romeo and Juliet, I thought I’d purge my soul of an experience of unrequited love from my teenage years.
    This must have been before I had my first motorbike…when i was an apprentice..about sixteen years old…I used to catch the train to work and about four stops before I had to get off the train, this young woman..a girl then, I would on and used to stand at the opposite side of the compartment….

    The “compartment” was the open-spaced baggage car that was always in the middle of the passenger was peculiar to the Sth. Aust’ Railways, being based on the American system of rail. As such, it carried those workmen in their overalls and their bags, or sometimes pushbikes in a loose aggregate of silence and styles and dirt…this is where that young woman stood out…she was pure “Carnaby Street”…from her petite shoes to her little shoulder-strap bag…white stockings and cute cap…I fell in love with that girl…but damn if I wasn’t too shy (in those days) to say a word..and she must have been the same, because for all that winter and into the summer, we would stand at diagonal point to each other, and in that atmosphere of commuter stolidness and silence, we would pretend to be “cold-glancing” around the carriage and then ..our eyes would meet!…(I can close my eyes and see her now..god!..why oh why was I so flippin’ shy?…) and just for that moment they would melt into each other…any of you who have had that experience will know what I mean…our eyes would swim in the others lake-of-the-soul..for just that flashing had to be careful, because while the commuting public does adopt the impassive stare of the “undead”, it is all eyes and all ears…: “…the eyes are not satisfied with seeing nor the ears filled with hearing..”(Ecclesiastes, i believe).

    But then, I never did get to meet her or even say hello..and perhaps it is better that way…for I do believe that for many years afterwards, I sought,( as we all seem fated to do, from when we grow from the child to the adult..we always seek THAT LOVE most denied…) in my taste for women , the ideal of that youthful desire.

    They do say, and quite truthfully, I believe, that the journey is better than the perhaps the hunger is better than the feasting…but I don’t know….there certainly is some regret…some deep regret…

  8. All that IVF stuff in the Peta Credlin piece just doesn’t ring true to me. I’m no IVF expert, but I do have a niece who has been through the process and succeeded twice. She won’t talk about the failed attempts. So I have an understand ing of the basics.

    ….Credlin told him that she intended to embark on an IVF course. She thought perhaps she should resign, but Abbott, who knew that with her help he could become prime minister at the next election, said his attitude to IVF had been widely misunderstood. Not only did he wholeheartedly support her decision to have treatment, he said, she could keep her drugs in his office fridge and inject them in his bathroom.

    For almost a year, Credlin had monthly operations requiring general anaesthetic. She would go straight from hospital to Parliament House and be at her desk before lunchtime

    The injecting oneself with drugs stage lasts around two weeks. The only part of the process that might involve a general anaethetic – usually just sedation that puts you to sleep rather than a full anaesthesia – is the egg retrieval. That takes less than half an hour, but women are kept under observation for a few hours afterwards, to make sure everything is OK, and they are then supposed to go home and rest for the remainder of the day, not race back to work. Anyone who has had what the medical profession call ‘sedation’ will know that you are useless for the rest of the day and maybe even the next day.

    If Ms Credlin was having this procedure every month for a year then she was trying the consecutive cycle type of IVF. I cannot see how she could have been fit for the long hours and arduous travel being Abbott’s CoS demands during that year.

    I’ve always thought the whole ‘Tony let me keep my IVF drugs in his fridge’ thing was a blatant lie, cooked up to make The Idiot more appealing to women. Today’s information just strengthens that belief.

  9. A little unlucky with you bet, Ian. No 16 finished a close fourth. Third place would have given a nice $75 result.

  10. Talcum and his Fraudband ? Here is a five year old cleverer than him when it comes to IT .

    5-year-old discovers Xbox security flaw, Microsoft rewards him

  11. “Don’t have too many regrets about your Juliet, jaycee … Just have happy dreams …”…thank you Gig’….and you blokes……don’t you even consider saying it..!!!

  12. Mesma and Michaelia were out campaiging today dressed in what has been described as ‘virginal white’. It is a bit late for those two two tough old boilers to claim to be ‘virginal’. I see the white garb a different way – in many cultures white is a mourning colour. Was their choice of dress an omen for a debacle for the Libs today? Here’s hoping.

    Fashion note – black stockings with a white suit? Really?

  13. ian
    Close but no cigar.
    I backed against earthquake but picked up 3rd “Bring me the maid” so money back which I will.donate to the kitty
    A$20 addition

  14. Ian..” bloody hayburners!!”
    You can’t always blame the horses…sometimes it’s the “monkey on their backs”.!

  15. leonetwo

    There does seem to be a “virginal white clothing ” meme/fetish going on with mummy’s boy Abbott’sparty. Oops I mean “Peta’s Pet” party.

  16. I am just glad that That Woman did not train the winner of the Golden Slipper. You know That Woman who criticised PMJG’s outfit when PMJG stood in the wreckage of Japan’s tsunami. The same That Woman with the ridiculous hats.

    Yes, Gaye, I remember. I will always remember.

  17. Puffy,
    The purple excrescence modelled by Mrs Waterhouse is redolent (in EVERY sense) of rubber bathing caps from the late 1950s / early 1960s. See, for example:

  18. jaycee, being an older generation I always preferred Gordon McRae. On Andrew Elder I didn’t pick up it was you, but there are a lot more people now holding that view.

  19. I’ll have to listen to the Gordon MacRae version tomorrow..i am on my OH’s pc. now and she is not one to tolerate an invasion of her sound-space….hmph!…the things i have to suffer!!

  20. What a fucking surprise!
    2 hours in and with 3% of votes counted and ABC24 has turned all their focus onto the ALPs links to unions etc.
    That stupid Kim Landers even sits there mute with a nod and a grin and let’s Eric Abetz slag off the ALP as though he is some impartial commentator, rarely questioning him as to why it looks like the libs are going to lose a senate spot.
    Also, was it not possible to have any WA mps on their coverage?
    A Tasmanian and a New South Welshman on the panel with a b grade host and a b grade political journo in a studio in Sydney is not fucking good enough.
    Yet again the ABC prove their worth. NOT!!!

  21. I really hope there’s something wrong with the ABC computer, since it has 8.9% of votes counted and Labor projected to have a vote less than 20%. That is absolutely dreadful if it turns out to be accurate.

  22. Kirsdarke

    my view is that Labor’s vote will improve as the count progresses.

    However, I hope that the political career of that dropkick Joe Bullock only lasts for one term.


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