STREWTH!! Shakespeare Night Raffles!!


Seems some of thou people wanteth a shakesphere night


Is our australian speech not good enough f’r thou?

The sooth hath rear’d it’s ugly headeth. Some of youse art all closet monarchists pining f’r the speech of mother England.



Abbott supp’rt’rs thou be. hoping that he will conf’r a knighthood ‘r damehood upon thy heads.

BB and nyself art gravely dissapoint’d in youse but if this is thy wisheth f’r the night so be it.


Thy raffles will be runeth as ingraft if ck can und’rstandeth thy wishes.


I will siteth in the c’rn’r and drinketh a few ales and bemoan what mineth po’r establishment hath becometh.


Geteth stuck in and begineth thy tales of good and bad,evil and delighteth.



I hopeth thou enjoyeth this fine evening and best of lucketh.

392 thoughts on “STREWTH!! Shakespeare Night Raffles!!

  1. jaycee ; “…but then he also was AC/DC.”…..HE, for sure would agree ; “It’s a long way to the top if you want to rock ‘n roll”…!
    (Shit!…I’m having conversations with myself…I must be going mad!)

  2. Queenslanders subsidise Palmer United Party’s Senate bid in WA

    Fairfax Media has learnt Mr Palmer is accessing a discounted advertising rate subsidised by the Queensland government as he blankets the airwaves and newspapers in WA before Saturday’s byelection.

    The blackout on political advertising began on Thursday but Mr Palmer has switched to advertising his Palmer Coolum Resort – a ploy he used when Palmer United burst onto the political scene at the general election in September.

    Despite his feud with Queensland Premier Campbell Newman and his bitter divorce from the Liberal National Party, Mr Palmer is taking advantage of the ”Stand Alone” advertising program backed by the state government agency Tourism and Events Queensland.

    A spokesman for Ebiquity, a Sydney-based advertising monitoring firm, confirmed that ads had begun from Thursday morning.

  3. Joe Bullock’s No 1 senate ticket spot is the perfect illustration of why you should always vote below the line.

    I took great pleasure in putting Bob Carr right at the botttom of my senate paper last year. Here’s hoping today’s Labor voters have the sense to do the same sort of thing to Bullock.

  4. I also found the article on Credlin very interesting indeed. It crossed my mind that maybe the abbott’s use for her has now waned, given the perception that she is PM and the abbott her puppet….”the PM has a mind of his own” he was reported to have said and so I reckon he now wants off the Credlin leash. The abbott would not like it to get about the country that it’s idiot PM is merely a front for a strong woman puppeteer.

  5. I don’t dislike Palmer as much as many of those on here might….sure, he’s loopy, sure , he can’t be relied upon for how he’ll vote …sure he’s a pro-mining bloke…but there’s an awful lot of idiot voters out there in hokey-votey-land and if they are determined to vote at all, it’s better their idiocy votes for a “pup” than the LNP.!…after all SURELY no Labor sympathiser would vote for him?

  6. Agree..Janice…one would suppose that now that the policy shift is toward international negotiations, Credlin’s obvious ‘domestic’ expertise would be more a hindrance than a help….and who knows…mabey the “older, loyal” Abbott has got a hankering after his stoic “missus”…and he misses her “home-cooking”?

  7. I wonder?….do any of you remember that movie ; “Lenny” about Lenny Bruce…and how he would let his “personal adviser” see glimpses of sexual activity with a devotee as a favour?…perhaps?……”perhaps, perhaps, perhaps”!

  8. jaycee,
    More likely the abbott has a hankering for his stoic missus to play second fiddle. Peta has had her size 11 stilletos firmly on his scrawny throat for way too long and he is itching to break free. Something’s got to give and we may yet see a great unravelling as the abbott comes to believe he can ditch the training wheels and run amok with no restraints.

  9. Abbott is a ‘pants-man” from way back!…..Credlin “read” his personality and has played him like a yo-yo with a “dick-string”….but comes a time…

  10. After all that – I’ve found the perfect description of Abbott – many thanks to the wonderful George Takei, who always makes sure my day starts with at least a smile and more often than not a good laugh.

    And the perfect seasoning to go with it –

  11. This is Abbott’s Australia.

    A a small crowd, described as ‘dozens’ by those on the scene, made up of refugee advocates, friends of the incarcerated and other supporters have been outside Villawood detention centre this morning. Some have been there all night, keeping vigil.

    Two coaches have just left the centre while police pushed back the not very dangerous protestors.

    The NSW government has sent along riot squad police, mounted, police, police dogs and – in anticipation or maybe hope of serious injury – ambulances. From the photos being tweeted it looks like there are more police than protestors. There are reports of police violence.

  12. Duane Gish,is creationist in America and raves on at a fast rate speaking bullshit and his method of debating is called Gish Gallop. We have quite a few Gishs in the LNP.

    The Urban Dictionary defines the Gish Gallop as a technique that “involves spewing so much bullshit in such a short span on that your opponent can’t address let alone counter all of it.” Often users of the Gish Gallop know their arguments are nonsense or made in bad faith, but don’t particularly care because they are so dead set on advancing their agenda. Unfortunately, the strategy is so effective that it’s been expanding rapidly in right-wing circles.

  13. Well back from voting. Get Up very strong presence around the booth. They have a “Where do the parties stand ? ” score card. Issues were ;Manus ,penalty rates, public broadcasting, dredging Barrier Reef , Renewable energy target. ,Labor 3 out of five , Libs 4 crosses and a ? , PUP got one tick two crosses and two ? , Greens being goody two shoes got 5 out of 5 ticks.The main headlines was “Don’t let Tony Abbott Control the Senate”.

    Liberals slogan “A better Deal for W.A. ” Drumroll please with the total unsurprise that top two points for how they’ll do it was carbon tax and mining tax.

    Greens was Ludlum,Ludlum,Ludlum. With four issues renewable energy, better transport , end shark cull and affordable homes.

    Labor’s slogan was “Standing Up For W.A.” . No surprise as Andrew Probyn spoke of Labor’s internal polling on issues that could change votes had found as No.1 “Someone who’ll stand up for W.A. ” . At the back of the pack was “carbon tax”. Several large posters of Emperor Barnett and Abbott standing side by side with a plea to stop cut in health spending. One large Bill Shorten one placed were nobody would see unless they looked hard.

    Socialist Alliance slogan “Resist Abbott’s Attacks”


    The CM is no friend of Clive.

  16. Palmer has been making a big deal of his .National Living Treasure’ status lately. He really is on the list –

    Here’s how he got himself there.

    !n 2012 a vote was held to choose seven new living treasures as some of the originals had dropped off their perches. How was this done? By giving ONLY the readers of Womans Day the chance to vote on names on a list. Womans Day, FFS, the gossip magazine for the intellectually deficient and the boganette. It’s no wonder that the 10,000 people who voted – yep, just 10,000 – chose Kylie Minogue and Olivia Newton John among the seven.

    And Palmer.

    The National Living Treasures thing is handled by the NSW branch of the National Trust of Australia. They suggested Palmer’s name. I have no idea what their committee was thinking when they decided to leave the selection of new treasures to the readers of a cheap and nasty magazine.. When Palmer was elected here was quite an uproar and the National Trust’s federal body objected and tried to have his name renoved. It didn’t happen.

  17. You know, if anyone wanted to bring Rupert down, they would need to go into the archives of The Bangkok Post for the mid-late sixties and see what the “dirty digger” got up to in “Siam” all those years ago!

  18. “There’s a Rembrandt trapped in this body. I’m a driven person. I want to get better,” Mr Bush said.

    Pretentious, conceited man. I hope Abbott is not hiding some secret “talent”.

  19. There’s a Rembrandt trapped in this body…

    More like a five year old child!…as for the Abbott..Nah!, what you see is what you get…start with the noun ; “ar#ehole” and work your way through the alphabet…oh!, hang on ..didn’t Duck and Fiona do that here once?

  20. Found a wonderful word describing a condition that is not as rare as it should be .Gnosiophobia the fear of knowledge.

  21. Jaycee,

    Peter Oataway ‏@PetefromHayNSW 6h
    Oh dear Mr President stick to politics not art RT @NickBryantNY: John Howard by George W Bush #auspol #Auspol #UsPol

    I found it too hard to resist;

    ian ‏@ausjournosrscum 4h
    @PetefromHayNSW @NickBryantNY ..yeah, not a good picture at all, He forgot to put Murdochs dick in Howards mouth.

    the usual abuse follows…..neocons from Hay dont have sense of humour it seems.

    Apologies to all who be offended.

  22. Peter Oataway deserves all the abuse it’s possible to heap on him. The man is a nutter who seems to spend all day, every day writing submissions, tweeting hate-filled comments, writing comments to anything he can find and in general acting like a retired old right-wing fogey. Two years ago he married Carol the principal of Hay Public School. What on earth was she thinking? I don’t know Mrs Oataway but any woman who would marry Mr Oataway should not be in charge of educating young minds.

    Here’s an example of Peter Oataway’s intelligence. He once started a petition asking for the attack on those who advertised on Alan Jones’ 2GB show to stop. The petition ended up with just 11 signatures.

  23. Ian…I know what you mean…I like Hay as a town and it’s location…but I am leery of the folk there…it seems to me that there has been a retreating to these inland country towns by the redneck brigade in search of a reclusive den to hold up and that small or medium sized towns have become a kind of “distilled” and concentrated opinion pools of “vicious Australia”…I doubt the “home-grown” variety there is SO reactionary, but the influx of the ‘Howard Rattlers” has increased the decibel count!

  24. jaycee

    LL’s earlier link to Marr had a piece that hints you may have support for your theory in the surveys.

    Mapping the Australia of old race fears is one of the tasks of the Scanlon Foundation’s impeccable annual surveys of social cohesion. The 2013 survey found 25 per cent of us have “negative sentiments” about migrants from the Middle East. That’s the national figure. In suburban Brisbane add another 10 per cent. On the Atherton Tableland dislike edges up to 42 per cent.

    Polling in a handful of centres in Queensland, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia shows 28 to 45 per cent of those living in these rural and suburban communities troubled by Muslims.

  25. Working my way through last weeks mail – In among the usual bills is one from the ATO.

    I’ve been in casual dispute with them for about a decade – some miscommunication from the UK Inland Revenue and living in the UK and France didn’t help.

    So after all this they now send me a settlement letter – the standard ‘take it or lose it’.

    What they want is $1,800.

    FMD, If they’d said that at the outset I would have just coughed up!

  26. Peta obviously spends an awful lot more on her hair than Ms Scott. Foils for long hair cost a mint.

  27. I am going to pre-empt those who would see the attack on Credlin as fear or envy of a strong woman…Credlin is NOT a strong woman in the sense of say Carman Lawrence, or Julia Gillard or many others in Aust’ life…Credlin is in a powerful position, true, but it is predicated on her power over a weak man!…any sensible woman with confidence in her sexuality can gain such a position. If you look to her pictures of her dress style, it is always provocative in a way that is sympathetic to a certain fetish…she certainly is aware of her sexuality…it is not for the feint hearted!
    A powerful woman …OR man…builds their base of strength on a foundation of recognisable social creeds…these creeds or foundation-stones are in accordance to historic agreements of humanities better aspirations…look at Gillard’s policy aspirations and then to Abbott’s / Credlin’s….the strength of character that is instantly recognisable in a leader is written on their face…look to the photo’s of Julia Gillard and then to Abbott’s…sure, a favourable photo can be selected and indeed they are…but look to those candid shots that appear in the news, and you will see….you will see what is the truth in one character and a lie in the other…
    What is truth? I hear people ask…I will go out on a limb here and describe it….you tell me if I am mistaken

    Truth : is that which is an intent, or jene sais quoi, when attached or added to a statement or deed, gives enduring strength and power to that statement or deed.

    The Lie : is that deceit, the intent, when attached or added to a statement or deed, weakens and eventually destroys the statement or deed…even more, it infects those who willingly or knowingly adopt the lie to further their ambition and will, in the end destroy them also.

    Hence the Shakespearean truth that ; “Oh what wicket webs we weave, when first we (something) to deceive” other words, you can tell a bullshit-artist a mile off!…Abbott and co. are one mullock heap of bullshit!


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