STREWTH!! Shakespeare Night Raffles!!


Seems some of thou people wanteth a shakesphere night


Is our australian speech not good enough f’r thou?

The sooth hath rear’d it’s ugly headeth. Some of youse art all closet monarchists pining f’r the speech of mother England.



Abbott supp’rt’rs thou be. hoping that he will conf’r a knighthood ‘r damehood upon thy heads.

BB and nyself art gravely dissapoint’d in youse but if this is thy wisheth f’r the night so be it.


Thy raffles will be runeth as ingraft if ck can und’rstandeth thy wishes.


I will siteth in the c’rn’r and drinketh a few ales and bemoan what mineth po’r establishment hath becometh.


Geteth stuck in and begineth thy tales of good and bad,evil and delighteth.



I hopeth thou enjoyeth this fine evening and best of lucketh.


392 thoughts on “STREWTH!! Shakespeare Night Raffles!!

  1. Sometimes real life looks very much like a parody…

    Dumb and Dumber, in their unrelenting search for virginity lost, adorn themselves in white robes in the mistaken belief that it will deflect from that which in their souls.

  2. And the whinging starts –
    Australian Sports Party candidate Wayne Dropulich pitches suing Australian Electoral Commission

    The falling vote for this idiot and his party of hoons and poo fighters might have had something to do with the nasty sexist amd homophobic ‘joke’ he put on his Facebook page a few weeks ago.

  3. Gigilene,

    … an unconscious rejection of any coloured race …

    Au contraire, I think it is a highly deliberate rejection – a marketing campaign (aka dog-whistling / subliminal messaging) that’s been in progress for some time. See, for example:

  4. Julie Bishop really stuffed things up on Insiders this morning. She was asked a simple question abvout Australian aid to the Solomon Islands. She just couldn’t get it right, confused thousands and millions and said 250,000 plus 50,000 adds up to 350,000.
    BARRIE CASSIDY: I just want to ask you about the Solomon Islands and the flood that’s going on there because, did I hear it right when I heard that Australia had offered $50,000?

    JULIE BISHOP: No, it’s $300,000. On Friday night we gave them $50,000 of – $50 million, sorry, what am I talking about, we’ve $350 million. On Friday evening we gave them $50 million of immediate relief – humanitarian supplies. It’s now $350, and what – $350,000 – I’ve got to get this right.

    BARRIE CASSIDY: That’s what I thought I heard that it was $50,000, which is..

    JULIE BISHOP: No, no…

    BARRIE CASSIDY: …which is nothing.

    JULIE BISHOP: That was immediate humanitarian supplies. It’s now $350,000 – $300,000 in supplies: $50,000 plus $250,000. And we have got two RAAF (Royal Australian Air Force) flights leaving full of equipment. One will be taking engineering equipment to set up their airport, which has been devastated. So we’ve got lights and equipment and engineers. And then another will be filled with humanitarian supplies and relief workers.

    So – $300,000, two RAAF planes, and teams of relief workers and engineers.

    And on Friday I spoke to prime minister Lilo. He was very grateful for our support. He said that this is what he wanted – he wanted engineers and relief workers. They didn’t want money at this stage because they want actual equipment and people. But we stand ready to support the Solomon Islands. We have got some RAMSI people there, you know, from the Regional Assistance Mission there, and they’ll also be working with them

    So Australia’s a very close friend of the Solomon Islands and we’ll certainly do what we can to support them at this time.

    But the $50,000 was just immediate humanitarian relief, as soon as we heard. Now another $250,000 as well as the RAAF, and we’ve also got volunteers – Australian volunteers too, heading over on these planes.

    Also from that interview and Abbott’s earlier remarks it’s clear the Liberal spin on the senate election is “It was just a by-election and by-elections always give a bit of a backlash aganst the government”

  5. It will be interesting to watch the negotiations between Abbott & Co and Palmer. For every piece of legislation Palmer agrees to support he will extract his “pound of flesh”. There will be a condition that benefits Palmer attached to every piece.

  6. leonetwo

    It was bizarre how long Mesma was discombobulated over the numbers. Deliberate ? Look over there ? The numbers are also interesting in that NZ sent actual people BUT they also sent $50,000 in immediate aide to their local diplomat and said they were promising another $300,000 , exactly the same numbers Mesma eventually came up with.

  7. Bishop is rarely articulate when she talks about humanitarian relief or foreign aid. It’s a suject that clashes with her DNA. She’s not known to be generous to the needy.

  8. white is a weird colour to wear for the occasion. White reflects all shades of the light spectrum, and as such says nothing, which to me is the basis of they symbolism of virginity (to be unknowing) and death (the spirit has left the body).

    I remember being at a soccer club do back in the 1990’s. In the Ladies about four of us were peering in the mirror touching up our hair and lipstick, I noticed we were all wearing black and white, a popular combination that year. I saw with some horror and a lot of amusement an line of David Jones bags with legs.

    I never again wore black or white or b&w without a brightly coloured scarf or other accessory. I wear black and pink sometimes but I cannnot help the feeling I looked like a licorice allsort. 😆

  9. White doesn’t always mean virginity. It can imply sterility, coldness, isolation or aloofness. All those things give a totally different meaning to the choice of white by Liberal women.

  10. gigilene

    [But the media have it so entrenched in the minds of people that they believe that a simple walk up or down the road to vote is an unbearable duty.]
    Damn right. But of course promoting such attitudes suit certain un-named media owning , to quote Talcum, ” demented plutocrats”. I am a kiwi who is against compulsory voting. but been here so long that I must vote or get nasty letters from the AEC.. I’d vote compulsory or not but for anyone to complain about voting as some sort of drudgery is pure shite.

  11. For what it’s worth, I don’t give a fig for left/right rubbish. I firmly believe Labor is Labor and am of the opinion that candidates selected should agree on oath that they will never ever stoop to dissing the party or fellow colleagues to the media. Should an MP or Senator make public statements such as Bullock did, then the penalty is immediate expulsion. Any dissent about the party, its leader, or colleagues, must be kept in-house and not used as a blackmail tool by taking it to the media.


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