1. One of the things that has fascinated me over the last few years is the way in which the meaning of the word “religion” has changed. Being intrigued by words I was taught that ‘religion’ was a word supposedly that bound civilisation together. That probably came from the Roman Empire, where you could still worship your own Gods, just so long as you also added in the Emperor, and acknowledged that your Gods were merely facets of the Roman ones.
    In other words, ‘religion’ has probably always been a way to bind a group of people together with a common mythos.

    The trouble is, there are all these other ideas about how society/civilisation should be bound together. So when people claim to believe one religion and then behave at odds with the commonly held perception of what that religion is, we end up with the incredible anger/frustration/apathy that is drifting like a miasma through Australian society.
    You can’t see belief, you can see behaviour. I think this is where the current frustration is happening as the claims of belief are not match by the expected behaviour.

  2. http://www.thesaturdaypaper.com.au/news/politics/2014/03/29/barry-osullivan-replaces-barnaby-joyce-the-senate/1396011600


  3. Following Russia’s exclusion from the G8, Foreign Minister Bishop said she would not rule out preventing President Putin from attending the G20 summit.

    One of Julie Bishop’s mistakes was not recognising the significant differences between the G7 and the G20.

    Insert “many” before “mistakes”.

  4. Julie Bishop’s delusion, is that she thinks SHE is as important and impressive as her Gucci fashion accessories!

  5. The G20 members thought they were going to get Wayne Swan, Penny Wong, Bob Carr and Julia Gillard when they decided to give this year’s meeting to Brisbane. Instead they will get Mr Eleventy, Julie ‘Bossy Pants’ Bishop, Boxhead Cormann and The Idiot. It’s a wonder the members haven’t got together without Jules and called the whole thing off. There’s still time.

  6. Wow, if those swings are right, the LNP is in real trouble in Queensland. Labor would win around 40 seats on a 15% swing.

    I hope Reachtel does some polling of the more bellwether seats like Chatsworth and Whitsunday to see where things stand in districts that Labor needs to win to gain government, seeing as Labor’s going comfortably in its normal leaning seats.

    But then again seat robopolls do seem to be a bit inaccurate sometimes, although I remember a few Reachtels did hit the mark accurately in 2012 when seemingly unloseable seats like Lytton and Ipswich were lost.

  7. I suppose since nobody in the media is interested in analyzing polls anymore now that they’ve swung in favour of Labor, I’m picking up a bit of their slack.

    Apart from a few miserable twonks that attempt to spin 54-46 to Labor polls into crap like “Australians Love Tony Abbott like so much and want him to cut $100 billion on childrens’ hospital wards so he can build a detention center on Mercury for abused puppies” of course.

  8. My view is the vast majority of those who follow any particular spiritual/religious doctrine do so because deep inside themselves they sense that ultimate dichotomy.

    Good versus Evil

    The belief in a faith. No matter how tenuous,or unlikely, the premise of its existence gives many, perhaps even most, the courage to spurn the darkest places of their souls. It is a strength we all carry within us. Our ability to see and understand that which we could have been…..and to reject it.

    It is unfair to blame Christianity for spawning and nurturing the likes of Abbott, Morrison, Pell, Andrews and others. These people have looked into themselves, embraced, joyfully, the darkness they saw and have then used the strength, sacrifice and courage of others to disguise, or justify, the evil they have done, are doing and will continue to do.

    Until those of all faiths, be it Christian, Islam, Judiac, Hindu, Shinto, even Pagan, and the myriad of others start to speak up, loudly, the Abbotts and those of his ilk will continue on.

    A belief in a spiritual, ethereal diety, who resides-in some luxury- just beyond yonder cloud line, stretches the bounds of pragmatic logic. But faith isn’t logic.

    Faith is the unbreakable gossamer that binds us to the depths of ourselves. To abuse it, as Abbott and co have done, is to invite great peril.

  9. Gigilene:

    Morrison seemed to say (to Fran) that the boats hadn’t stopped. By that he meant that the boats were still arriving in our direction but were redirected to Indo. Every deterring effect had to be intensified. I dread his word “intensity”.

    So in other words what they’re doing is not stopping the boats, so they’re going to try to do more of it and see if that works. Evil-hearted buffoons.

  10. On Queensland reachtel.
    Given that most polls show Labor winning back Ashgrove, it’s highly likely that Newman will find himself a safer seat to run in.

  11. Ducky:

    Religion has been a means for certain people to dominate others, mainly through fear (of the dominators or of the afterlife).

    This is the aspect of religion that I really have trouble with. I quite like some of the messages in the New Testament, but organised religion seems to have some real difficulties in putting any of it into practice. I’m totally in sync with concepts such as loving thy neighbour as thyself, and doing unto others as you would have them do unto you (not as you expect them to do unto you, crucial point that). But distorting the entire Bible by discarding 90% of the hateful stuff in Deuteronomy and Leviticus while hanging on grimly to the bit about homosexuality being an abomination, I find that unconscionable.

    I’m not a religious man myself, but I’m pretty sure the message the Bible teaches is not, “We’re the Catholic Church and we can do whatever we like so shut up.” And yet that’s what we’re stuck with.

  12. Yeah, I agree.

    I’m thinking it’ll be Moggill. Bruce Flegg’s stuffed up too many times and unless he’s got a lot of friends in the right places in the LNP, he’ll be put aside for Newman.

  13. Evil-hearted barely begins to describe Morrison. Here’s his latest outburst –

    It’s all about forcing asylum seekers back to Indonesia, so they become someone else’s problem, For those who can’t be forced back it’s about imprisonment, persecution and denial of rights until they become so disheartened they choose to return to whatever war-ravaged hell hole they camefrom rather than stay. If they cannot ‘go back’ they are doomed to rot in a shipping container on Manus Island or Nauru for ever.

    Now I see what all the talks with our Pacific neighbours are about – not so much allowing processing centres but about taking verified refugees for resettlement, because Morrison won’t allow them here.

  14. Putting on my conspiracy theorist cap, I wonder if those new “detention centres” are for asylum seekers at all.

    Very convenient place for Abbott to send “undesirables” and political opponents. And this government is so downright evil anyway that it’s not a very big step to take anymore.

  15. What I’d like to know is where do they keep a small load of 20 or so boatpeople? They wouldn’t send an orange boat back half empty. This small load will have to wait somewhere until another load comes. As I believe these orange boats can fit at least 70 passengers. They must keep them as prisoners somewhere.

  16. Leone,
    It might be worth updating your virus checker and scanning your computer. I’ve just received a rather odd email from you …

  17. Fiona

    Thanks, checking now, but I suspect it’s not me, it’s gmail. They don’t do all they should to prevent this sort of thing. I virus check every few days, it’s all OK at this end, the PC says everything is fine, but I’ll do another scan right now to make sure and check the laptop too. I’ve also changed my gmail password.

    I’ve had similar ‘odd’ emails from other people using gmail and hotmail. i’ve even had a couple allegedly from myself a few times,

  18. Kirsdarke, is that the same Bruce Flegg who was involved with the AWB schemozzle? I think there are a fair few farmers who would still like to find out what REALLY happened there …
    But that is all ‘old news’ because it involved a Liberal government, isn’t it? *attack of the cynicals*

  19. @Curioz

    That was a bit before my time so I’m not sure. What I do know about Flegg was that he resigned from the ministry for doing murky deals with his lobbyist son, and is blamed by a lot in the LNP for stuffing up the Qld 2006 election for them when he was leader and by extension the 2009 election though bad performance.

  20. I sometimes do BCC to myself. More convenient than looking through the “Sent” box.

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