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  1. Leone,
    It might be worth updating your virus checker and scanning your computer. I’ve just received a rather odd email from you …

  2. Fiona

    Thanks, checking now, but I suspect it’s not me, it’s gmail. They don’t do all they should to prevent this sort of thing. I virus check every few days, it’s all OK at this end, the PC says everything is fine, but I’ll do another scan right now to make sure and check the laptop too. I’ve also changed my gmail password.

    I’ve had similar ‘odd’ emails from other people using gmail and hotmail. i’ve even had a couple allegedly from myself a few times,

  3. Kirsdarke, is that the same Bruce Flegg who was involved with the AWB schemozzle? I think there are a fair few farmers who would still like to find out what REALLY happened there …
    But that is all ‘old news’ because it involved a Liberal government, isn’t it? *attack of the cynicals*

  4. @Curioz

    That was a bit before my time so I’m not sure. What I do know about Flegg was that he resigned from the ministry for doing murky deals with his lobbyist son, and is blamed by a lot in the LNP for stuffing up the Qld 2006 election for them when he was leader and by extension the 2009 election though bad performance.

  5. I sometimes do BCC to myself. More convenient than looking through the “Sent” box.

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