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379 thoughts on “FLOP INTO FRIDAY

  1. Leonetwo,
    Dead right about the Police State. Memories of Australia in the 50’s. We are hurtling backwards.

  2. Let us all hope someone,somewhere finds MH370. It will spare us from the running commentary of Australia’s Prime Minister. He is now the world expert on “on water” issues and can spot wreckage with near certainty from almost every grainy image. Imagine Julia trying to do this. She needed glasses, anyway!

  3. Our media ignored March in March, or dismissed it. If you thought that was bad then look at this – tens of thousands marched in Madrid today to protest against austerity measures and a lot more. People travelled from all across Spain to be there. Some reports say there were hundreds of thousands taking part, others carefully omit any mention of numbers, apart from the numbers of people and police injured. Not that there was much media coverage anyway. The BBC ignored it, Aljazeera covered it, so did The Guardian. No mention of it in the Australian media of course.

  4. “”For those who are in power we’re just numbers. They value money more than they value people,” he said”

    Just like here, leone.

  5. Andrew Robb has woken from his slumber to whinge about the rules for ICAC. Trying hard to avoid falling asleep again, Mr Robb said the rules were not fair because his little pal Arthur had been forced to stand down, or aside, or up, or something, he wasn’t sure because it had happened during his afternoon nap. Mr Robb tried unsuccessfully to suppress a yawn as he said the rules of evidence at such inquiries needed rethinking. He meant ‘rethinking so no Liberal politician will ever again have to be held accountable and any Labor politican who fronts an inquiry, no matter what for, will be instantly jailed’. Not that any journalist attending bothered to ask if that was what he really meant.

    Or anyway, it went something like that. I’ll admit to a bit of poetic licence. Someone has to try to make Robb a bit interesting.

  6. http://pando.com/2014/03/22/revealed-apple-and-googles-wage-fixing-cartel-involved-dozens-more-companies-over-one-million-employees/

    from 2013

  7. Does anyone in Labor check things before a presentation?- Simple things like lighting, background, microphone etc? If so ,why did Bill Shorten have uneven lighting and a huge( and distracting) faceless shadow behind him? Don’t they know imagery is important? Or is there still an enemy within?

  8. Catalyst,

    Labor is the Cinderella here. You reckon the ugly blisters will give then a decent forum?

  9. Could you imagine being seated in between Andrew Robb and Gerard Henderson.
    I reckon It wouldn’t take more than 10 minutes before I would be looking for a razor blade to put me out of my misery.
    What a sad sack Gerard Henderson is.
    The Droopy Dog of Australian politics.

  10. Greg Hunt, the environment minister, has said he is confident of helping the world’s major economies commit to reducing carbon dioxide emissions in a new agreement that will stretch until 2050.

    Hunt said Australia would use its presidency of the G20 as a “catalyst” to help the “G4” – the US, China, the European Union and India – complete the groundwork for a new deal to lower emissions.


    I just choked on my wine. Hard to do.

  11. A heads-up to anyone contemplating a lengthy and (of course) erudite comment – there will be a new thread in approx. 10 minutes.

  12. Erudite?

    We could start with all Albert’s theories about our universe which seem to be about to become facts.

    Or we could digress to the policies of Your Government.

  13. Ah, mini-skirts.
    The all-time wonder of the 20th century, I loved wearing mini skirts. Our nation is too fat or too skinny to do them justice anymore. One needed a certain curvature to make them work. And fantastic legs,.

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