March in March

Today’s Guest Contributor is This Little Black Duck, with a photo essay of his March in March in Canberra (and yes, PM Blood Oaf, we knows it’s St Pat’s day – so what was your mob doing marching yesterday? Can’t read a calendar yet?).

Mille remerciements, Monseigneur le Duck …

(What’s even better – it happened on Saint Patrick’s Day …)

480 thoughts on “March in March

  1. I have Hockey muted, I have no idea what the clown is on about, but I have a question. Is Joe Hockey wearing a corset? He’s looking very cinched-in today, in his tightly buttoned jacket.

  2. The old boiler in the speakers chair is getting worse!
    Bronwyn Bishop, just said that Ministers are “not obliged” to answer questions in Question Time.

  3. More words of wisdom from Madame Speaker – Ministers are ‘not obliged’ to answer questions during QT.

  4. They are re-opening the live-animal trade with Egypt, the b’tards. Poor animals; I have no problem with farmed animals being slaughtered for food. However, this should be with the least possible discomfort and in modern controlled facilities working under our standards of animal welfare.

    This is a terrible decision.

  5. Once again, we have Dutton and his daily spin. When is he going to tell us what he intends? Why the need to put the boot into Tanya each day? She is NOT the shadow health minister.

    Same every QT.

  6. Another debate on Sinodinos Upper House. Wong leading.

    Shorten moving suspension of standing orders re whens PM knew about Sinodinos..

  7. Time for shadow health minister, to spend the next question time asking Dutton numerous questions. Has always been weak on health issues, in spite of being shadow for six years.

    The madam has not been game to stop Shorten today, Made no effort at all. Neither has Pyne.

  8. gigilene

    The report was not a stunt but Abbott turned it in to one all about him. Check out these two headlines.

    •Abbott reveals debris find

    MH370: PM reveals two objects in Aussie waters

  9. For all we know the ‘objects’ could be the recently surfaced wreckage of an old Chinese submarine, last seen off the Victorian coast on 17 December 1967.

  10. gigilene

    From what I saw of the search presser they can only say that the debris cannot be ruled out of being aircraft debris. So basically it could be anything.

  11. fiona

    I saw a nice wombat doorstop in a shop one day (of course not as nice as the real one) but it was quite heavy so I left it in the shop. Pity because I simply adore wombats.

    That’s the one; anyway very similar:

  12. Gigilene,

    I’ve been a fan of wombats all my life. One of my earliest memories is clambering up the back of a chair to reach and switch on the Bakelite radio on the mantelpiece so I could listen to The Muddle-headed Wombat on the ABC’s Children’s Hour program.

  13. I’ve noticed a bit of talk around the place about how SA should have a Tasmanian style PR system in the lower house. So out of curiosity, I’ve made a sort of simulation of such a system.

    First up I divided SA into 7 seven member electorates for a total of 49, basically consisting of 7 current seats in Adelaide and 6 current seats in the rural areas. These are SA Rural North, SA Rural South, East Adelaide (covering the Adelaide Hills suburbs), South Adelaide, North Adelaide, West Adelaide and Central Adelaide.

    The results were significant in the strong Labor areas in West and North Adelaide, where Labor currently holds all 7 seats in those areas. While in a PR system, the Liberals would hold around 2-3 each. On the flip side, Labor would have won a seat or two in the rural areas where previously it wouldn’t stand a chance apart from Giles.

    So the total seats were:
    Liberal – 25
    Labor – 19
    Green – 2
    Family First – 2
    Independent – 1

    In that scenario, it would be a narrow Liberal majority government.

    I might have another go at calculating once the results have been finalized, since not all seats have the same amount of votes counted yet.

    Anyway, yeah, that was kind of interesting. I might do another PR simulation for other elections later. Like the 2010 election that the Libs were “supposed” to have won.

  14. Liberal fundraiser linked to Joe Hockey repays $22,000 in political donations from Australian Water Holdings

    The North Sydney Forum, which raises political donations for the NSW Liberal Party, repaid $11,000 in February last year when concerns about Australian Water Holdings (AWH), a company connected to disgraced Labor figure Eddie Obeid, first emerged.

    Following an inquiry from the ABC about a further donation made by AWH in 2009, Mr Hockey’s office has confirmed another $22,000 in political donations has been refunded.

    The Government confirmed earlier in the week that it had already refunded $11,000 but at the time made no mention of the further $22,000, which it says has now been repaid.

    It brings the total amount repaid to $33,000, which is thought to be the total amount in membership fees paid by AWH to the NSW Liberal Party via the North Sydney Forum

  15. From the search area. Interesting that the US ley an ABC reporter on board.

    LMartinezABC luis martinez

    ABC’s David Wright phoned from aboard P-8 poseidon that radar is getting “hits of significant size” “all indications something down there”

    About one hour ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® Favorite Retweet Reply

  16. Now we know what all this budget slashing and cost cutting is for – more bleeping lifeboats.

    Cost of Abbott government’s orange lifeboats to tow back asylum seeker trebles to $7.5 million

    The Abbott government has tripled the amount of money spent on the large orange lifeboats used to tow back asylum seekers breaching Australian waters to Indonesia to $7.5 million as part of its tough border control policy.

    The figure, to be revealed at an estimates hearing on Friday, is $5 million more than the initial $2.5 million allocated to purchase lifeboats in January.

    It is believed each lifeboat costs about $200,000, which means the lifeboat fleet has increased from 12 boats to about 37 boats, each of which are only used once

  17. Abbott is a bit irresponsible. These debris are now giving hope to the families of the missing ones. But Abbott doesn’t care so long as he gets his stunt.

  18. Just heard it for the first time…
    “a company linked to Arthur Sinodinis….”
    !!!! Sounded good!!!

  19. I suppose Indonesia will keep these orange boats. They don’t seem to be complaining about them. They must have come to some agreement with our govt.

  20. The idiot has jumped the gun regarding MH370 announcement.
    There are plenty of shipping containers floating around the oceans that are about that size.
    Unless he has some definitive info he is not sharing he is just speculating.
    This news is worldwide on all major networks so if false, he will just look like the idiot that we know he is to the rest of the world.

  21. 2gravel

    Click on the pic for a closer look. It is different. The pic was linked by an ABC reporter as being one just released. by the “Australian authorities”.


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