Froggy day Friday Raffles

Hello folks . It’s time once again to hop in For Friday night raffles

As it is Froggy day

images (3)Tonight’s winner will receive a bonus prize


Yum Love the chockie ones.

CK  will take your numbers

BigFrogFiona may take your drinks if she in a good mood

While I will sit around like this good looking fella.


Have a good night and stay happy.

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677 thoughts on “Froggy day Friday Raffles

  1. Fiona,

    I have seen nothing that suggests she is a member of Bosom Buddies.

  2. I don’t think gruel will be needed. If Ms Cash had had that double mastectomy we’d be hearing about it every day – ‘Michaelia understands the problems women face because …..’ As no-one, especially not The Idiot, has ever said a word I think youse are all safe.


    Shorten, Labor go backwards in latest Newspoll
    DENNIS SHANAHAN The Australian March 10, 2014 10:45PM

    BILL Shorten and the Labor Party have gone backwards in public support during the two weeks when 5000 job losses at Qantas and the Coalition’s refusal to grant the national carrier a debt guarantee dominated politics.

    Overall voter satisfaction with the Opposition Leader is at its lowest since he was elected as Labor leader last October and primary vote support for the ALP has dropped back to its equal lowest since the beginning of last November.


    According to the latest Newspoll survey, taken exclusively for The Australian on the weekend, primary vote support for the Coalition rose slightly from 39 to 41 per cent in the past two weeks and Labor’s fell from 39 to 35 per cent.

    Support for the Greens and others was virtually unchanged on 11 per cent and 13 per cent respectively.

    Based on preference flows at the election last September, the two-party preferred vote is now 51 to 49 per cent in favour of Labor. Two weeks ago Labor led 54 to 46 per cent.

  4. An absolute favourite from that blog:

    Go away you Medieval members of the Inquisition.

  5. Leone,
    Yes indeed.

    Me mum had her first mastectomy in 2001 – it was an active tumour.

    On her “one year anniversary” (gag) scan a tumour was found in the remaining breast. Her instant response was – take it off.

    I only hope I can emulate her courage if/when it is necessary.

  6. We are due for another fortnightly Roy Morgan poll tomorrow, as well as Essential, although either could get delayed a day or so (happens occasionally). William & Kevin will then provide us with their aggregated measures.

  7. Media Watch got stuck stuck into the Australian toilet paper for cutting out bits of a letter to the editor.

    A reference to John Howard was expurgated.

    The writer was none too pleased and got a totally “John Howard is old news” response.

  8. Isn’t have a go at an opponent about the size of her breasts a bit hypocritical, after we rightly lashed the right wing trolls for treating Julia Gillard in that manner?

  9. AJ Canberra,
    Of course it is a wee bit hypocritical. However, the abbott and his mob set the tone and Julia Gillard endured such shit sprays for more than three years so it is only fair that the right wing women of calibre get to know exactly what it feels like to be continuously denigrated. For me, I’ve come to the conclusion that playing nice gets you absolutely nowhere when you are up against an army of malicious human excrement.

  10. Good morning Dawn Patrollers.
    This is hardly surprising.
    And who would have thought this?
    Greg Jericho exposes Abbott’s PPL for what it is.
    What has caused this? Is he playing games?
    Peter Martin on the farce that is “red tape day”.
    Royal Commission now!
    It figures!
    Ron Tandberg seems to have been inspired by the Wizard of Id with this beauty.

    Alan Moir and a pensive Bill Shorten.
    Cathy Wilcox on education policy.
    MUST SEE! David Pope hands Abbott the ridiculing he deserves on CC.
    Brilliant! Matt Golding on privacy and supermarkets.
    ABSOLUTELY MUST SEE! David Rowe on media ownership and behaviour. And look at the shadow on the wall.

  11. there a new thread going up today?…’cause i would like to kick off a bit of a discussion on the similarity between local community “old-boy” network groups and national ‘old-boy” political / network groups….

  12. Anyway…have to go to work now, so will await your response…it isn’t much use putting up a long-winded post to have the subject swallowed up by a new thread…


    “In the end the Victorian government offered the SPC Ardmona $22 million, as part of a $100 million co-investment strategy with the company.

    Victorian Deputy Premier Peter Ryan said the state’s assistance to the company played a role in the Woolworths deal.

    “There is no question that the fact of the government being prepared to support the package with SPC has been the determining factor in this,” he told ABC radio.”

    I suppose this will help Napthine’s polls. It also vindicates Abbott: SPC didn’t need his govt assistance to survive after all.

  14. SPC tells it differently –

    Peter Kelly, the managing director of SPC, stands by the decision to seek federal funding for the company.

    “The way I view that $25 million from the Federal Government was it was probably the best $25 million we never got because it it raised with consumers everywhere the issues that SPC is facing,” he told ABC News Breakfast.

    Mr Kelly says Australian consumers have responded to the company’s plight by buying more fruit.

    Sales are up 60 per cent in the first two months of this year.

    “The trigger that’s happened is everyone has seen the SPC story,” he said.

    “They’re starting to question where does their food comes from what is the quality of that food that comes from overseas and they’re buying our products in numbers that we would never have anticipated.

    “That’s what caused the turnaround. Not anything else.”

    Mr Kelly stands by the decision to seek federal funding.

    “Ours is a great story about staying and fighting. Fighting the fight properly,” he said.

    There is this indication that plans were under way at the beginning of the year –

    Woolworths cleared out its imported home brand tinned fruit around Christmas. A supermarket source said the move was to make way for a homegrown replacement.

    I also have a suspicion that the Abbott government might have slipped that $22 million to the Victorian government, disguised as something else. A neat way to help Napthine win an election.

  15. l2

    I also have a suspicion that the Abbott government might have slipped that $22 million to the Victorian government, disguised as something else. A neat way to help Napthine win an election.

    My theory too. Tones got himself into a situation where he would have liked to back down but couldn’t.

    Napthine visited Canberra and had a meeting with Tones in the days immediately preceding the Vic Govt announcement.

  16. I also have a suspicion that the Abbott government might have slipped that $22 million to the Victorian government, disguised as something else

    No doubt about it…the establishment /under the counter/nudge, nudge, say no more please MSM!

  17. Julie Bishop pleads for privacy for Buswell – you might need a bucket…..

    Funny, isn’t it. The bra-snapping, chair-sniffing, speeding fine accumulating, indiscreet sex rat drunken embarassment that is Troy Buswell has suddenly become the world’s best bloke. He’s now a man with a brilliant mind, an asset to the WA government, a saviour to his people, a financial genius. Liberal MPs are falling over their own feet in their haste to praise him. It just makes the stench around him even worse. If the Liberals are so desperate to talk him up then he must have done something really, really bad, something bad enough to cost the Barnett government a lot of votes. No wonder they have dragged in Mesma to beg for ‘privacy’. The truth cannot be allowed out until after the election.

    Buswell just has a flaw or two, we can all understand that, of course we can –

    January 2008: Mr Buswell admits to and apologises for an incident the previous year where he snapped the elastic bra strap of a Labor staffer.

    April 2008: Mr Buswell admits he sniffed the chair of a Liberal staffer in 2005.

    August 2008: Mr Buswell resigns as Liberal leader.

    April 2010: Mr Buswell admits to having an affair with then Fremantle Greens MP Adele Carles. He later apologises over the affair resigns as treasurer.

    February 2011: Mr Buswell, as transport minister, admits to clocking up nine speeding fines in three years.

    December 2012: Mr Buswell is accused by Adele Carles of alleged inappropriate behaviour at a Christmas party the year before. Mr Buswell sues Ms Carles over the allegations but the case is later dealt with via an out-of-court settlement.

    March 2014: Mr Buswell takes immediate personal leave for “health related” reasons. Reports then emerge Buswell was involved in a late-night car crash the night before he took leave.


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