TA DA. ITS Friday Raffles

Once again It’s Friday raffle night. sizzling red-hot Fryday Raffle

Things may be looking up after this

Newspoll figures show surge in support for Labor, Bill Shorten

The idiot is asleep on the job while jobs go from  Australia.

abbott asleep

Qantas in trouble
5000 jobs gone but not the one who should go.
The worst ceo in Australian   World Aviation
images (1)But Life goes on get your tickets from CK
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  1. Just picking out bits of her reporting

    Truss is asked by Anthony Albanese about comments he made ruling out changes to Qantas before the election.

    With a straight face, Truss suggests at that time:

    I was very pessimistic that the opposition would allow appropriate changes would occur.

    Since then, Truss says, Qantas’ financial position had got worse. Hence the need for change.

  2. Albanese asks Abbott: Can you confirm one of the big four accountancy firms to do due diligence on the cost of a debt guarantee?

    Abbott avoids the question, saying “we investigated” some of the options.

  3. A government question next: How is the government helping small business in Tasmania?

    By giving money to Cadbury? Whoops. Sorry not the real answer.

    The real answer from small business minister Bruce Billson is by getting rid of the carbon tax.

    Nice one, Gabrielle!

  4. Pyne takes the mickey out of the Greens-Labor alliance, joking about a blueberry-led economic recovery. He suggests while blueberries are very good for health, full as they are of anti-oxidants, they were never going to replace forestry and mining in the economy. So the Labor and Greens, sitting around in those “thatched group houses” had no answer for the people of Tassie, says Pyne.

    Funny thing is the government has just given a cheque to a blueberry farm. Re the age of entitlement, check out Lenore Taylor’s blog.

  5. Thanks, Julie, for nothing!

    We have had the usual government question on the effectiveness of Scott Morrison’s asylum seeker policies. Julie Bishop is talking about the mirage of foreign aid funding under Labor.

    She details spending on “Bob Carr’s pet projects”: a rhinoceros project in Sumatra, architectural preservation in Myanmar and millions promised to Grenada to rebuild their parliament house.

    Bishop says foreign aid has been re-oriented to “our region”.

  6. Hockey even lies about his ancestry. He likes to say he’s ‘an Arab’ or today ‘half Arab’. He’s not either. Hockey’s mother is Australian – white, Anglo-Australian. His father is Armenian/Palestinian. Armenians are not ‘Arabs’.

    His father was born in Bethlehem of Armenian and Palestinian parentage and his Mum in Chatswood


    Hockey’s dad, Richard, was born a Catholic Palestinian in Bethlehem

    So that makes Sloppy at most one quarter Palestinian – Catholic Palestinian. At best he’s one quarter ‘Arab’.

    How can Hockey manage the economy if he can’t handle simple fractions?

  7. Leone,
    The answer to your question is as follows:

    1. Fractions are rational numbers.
    2. Hockey is not rational.
    3. Therefore Hockey cannot handle fractions.

  8. That material reminds me of the absorbent stuff I put under the draining tray for the dishes.

  9. Stephen Jones had a bit of fun during QT today.

    Truss: thick wooden prop uses to hold up unstable structure #qt #auspol— Stephen Jones MP (@StephenJonesMP) March 4, 2014


    Barnaby Joyce is wearing his purple face for International Women's Day #qt— Stephen Jones MP (@StephenJonesMP) March 4, 2014

  10. Gabrielle Chan again:

    This morning, the PM:

    We to give Qantas freedom, Labor wants to give Qantas a subsidy.

    Treasurer Joe Hockey:

    We need to set them free.

    I can hear the Born Free theme song.

  11. Emirates, Emirates, Emirates! Oi, Oi, Oi!

    The coalition is wide open to a populist attack.

    It worked for Pauline Hanson, and it can work for Labor. The trigger is Qantas.

    Holden gone, Qantas going. Two icons. Stir vigorously, bake, and you have a recipe for a populist pie smack in Abbott’s face.

    The thing about populism is that it usually has only short-term traction. Sooner or later (usually), sanity prevails. That’s because populism (usually) lacks sinew, doesn’t have enough basis in truth. Usually, it’s a cheap trick. Like plonking an aussie flag in your front garden (a sure sign of a Liberal voter).

    Labor needs to show that the loss of Holden and Qantas will lead to real and substantial damage to the nation. Seriously. Facts and figures.

    That, plus ranting and raving in true populist fashion, will put the wind up the coalition and, who knows, swing many, many votes.

  12. No coal plants here, some gas turbines. Mostly hydro.

    Coal is mined here and goes to cement kilning operations.

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