Phantasmagorical Phriday Raffles

The Boss is a bit busy at the moment

so he asked me to create this Friday’s Raffle post.

First, a definition:

phantasmagorical (fænˌtæzməˈɡɒrɪkəl)


1. = phantasmagoric
2. = phantasmagoric

phantasmagoric (ˌfæntæzməˈɡɒrɪk) or phantasmagorical


1.characterised by a shifting medley of real or imagined figures, as in a dream
2.(cinema) (of a sequence of pictures) characterised by rapid changes in light intensity, colour and size

= illusory, surreal, unreal, psychedelic, nightmarish, dreamlike, hallucinatory, kaleidoscopic, Kafkaesque, chimerical, phantasmal

phantasmagoria (ˌfæntæzməˈɡɔːrɪə Pronunciation for phantasmagoria ) or phantasmagory (fænˈtæzməɡərɪ Pronunciation for phantasmagory )

1. (psychology) a shifting medley of real or imagined figures, as in a dream
2. (cinema) a sequence of pictures made to vary in size rapidly while remaining in focus
3. (rare) a shifting scene composed of different elements

Derived Forms
phantasmagoric (ˌfæntæzməˈɡɒrɪk Pronunciation for phantasmagoric ) , ˌphantasmaˈgorical adjective
ˌphantasmaˈgorically adverb

Word Origin
C19: probably from French fantasmagorie production of phantasms, from phantasm + -agorie, perhaps from Greek ageirein to gather together

This part of the definition –

a shifting medley of real or imagined figures, as in a dream

seems to capture the essence of Our Dear Leader PMBO and his regime, except it’s no dream but a living nightmare.

Here’s hoping the sandgropers see sense when they vote again for the Senate.

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368 thoughts on “Phantasmagorical Phriday Raffles

  1. Leone…We all know Bishop wouldn’t make a Foreign Minister’s a#sehole!….whereas Pyne certainly would!!…as a matter of fact he’d probably make a habit of it!

  2. Scorpio…If WE think they are totally incompetant, you’d have to feel for the public servants who have to work with them!…’d you be?
    It probably explains why there has been so much slashing but bugger all policy delivered…they just don’t have ANY policy to deliver!

  3. I’ve worked in the building trade for c.forty five years….but I’m buggered if I can think of an insult good enough to cover them!

  4. BK that first one about religious ‘education’ reminds me of the local ‘happy clapper/young earthers” at my school who showed the gory flogging and crucifixion scenes from Mad Mel Gibson’s film to a year 7 class. We complained after the class and the rest of their days program was halted.

  5. For the fashionistas. A handbag from Iraq made in the 14th century is featuring in a London exhibition. I reckon 800 years after being made it would still find a ready market


  7. Tony’s Fridge

    Look who is making money out of it.

    The material, produced by the News Corp-owned Nelson Bibles, America’s largest Christian publishing house, also “exposes the lie of safe sex”,


    some good links on this one


    The road back from out of the blue
    February 23, 2014
    Farrah Tomazin
    The Sunday Age’s state political editor.

    Mary Wooldridge has spent the past two months in a door-to-door marathon to woo the people who will determine her fate next week: the preselectors for the state seat of Kew.

    Having lost her electorate in a recent boundary shake-up, the Community Services Minister will know by next Sunday if she can win another one and remain in Parliament.

    Ukraine: ‘The dictatorship has fallen.’ But what will take its place?

    It was a day of incredible drama throughout Ukraine. After a week of bloody protests the president finally fled, the police melted away and the opposition seized control. Ex-prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko was released and addressed huge crowds in Kiev. Shaun Walker and Harriet Salem report
    Shaun Walker and Harriet Salem in Kiev
    The Observer, Sunday 23 February 2014 09.50 AEST

  10. Not everyone in Queensland is in favour of Campbull Newman. On Friday I was getting a dressing done by a mild mannered middle age nurse and she said that as a nurse she does not like to see harm done to anyone but for the first time in her life she would like some harm visited on Newman for the harm that he has done to the health systems and the hospitals.

    The nurse also said that in the tea rooms the air is blue with anger. So Redcliff result is not isolated.

  11. kaffeeklatscher, I didn’t know that but I know that Murdoch and others are eyeing the $500b education ‘industry’ in the US with great interest vis a vis the Charter Schools etc.

  12. Scorpio

    That video last night was fantastic, just played this morning, even the grandkids were singing along, even though they don’t understand. We need something very catchy like that about Blood Oaf and his mob.

  13. I wonder how the media would have covered the murder of an asylum seeker in Australian care if it had happened when Chris Bowen or Tony Burke were the responsible Minister? Ruperts rags would have called for instant beheading. Sky News would have parked cameras outside the Ministers home. It would have been chaos.

  14. Al Palster

    Gerard Henderson on The Insiders reckons the guy being killed was a total meh because assaults and murders “happen all the time in Australian jails” . Insert barfing emoticon.

  15. But it’s true, kaffeeklatscher!

    I was watching Rake just the other night, and bodies galore! Are you trying to tell me they just make that stuff up? 😉

  16. I see that Fradget and Brinces’ taste in clothing has not improved at all while they have been mercifully out of our sight. I also notice that the older they get the more masculine their looks become.

  17. Al Palster
    Exactly. One rule for Labor and totally different ones for the Coalition.

    The media were in absolute melt-down for three years pushing ‘she lied’, even though there had been no lie. Yet Abbott and Hockey have lied to parliament on a daily basis. There has been hardly a squeak from our media, despite misleading parliament being a serious offence that usually requires the misleader to resign.

    Morrison has tried to cover up his lies about Manus Island with more lies. Morrison should have resigned over the ‘inadvertent’ incursions into Indonesian waters, but he didn’t. He should have resigned days ago because he has clearly lost control of his portfolio and is obviously trying to cover up by telling porkies, but he hasn’t resigned, and still no-one in the media has said ‘he lied’

    Labor has a wonderful opportunity here, but they seem to be letting it slip past. Why hasn’t Richard Marles been out there in front of the cameras every day for the past week saying ‘Morrison lied’ and demanding his resignation?

  18. The question is why does Myer keep on calling F and B Abbott to display their “new” clothes? These girls live in illusion. They will never be models. They should try some sport but then you need talent and dedication to be number one.

  19. There is definitely a dilemna. Either you come out with a soft voice that no-one hears or you yell and you might make news. Only might. No guaranty. R Marles has come out but nobody heard him. Labor people don’t know how to show outrage.

  20. To be fair to the Abbott girls, they have never said they wanted to be models, the media came up with that line. They are intelligent young women with careers planned, and for that you have to give them credit. The incredibly ugly outfits they have been wearing for ages are by one particular designer who is using them for publicity. I hope they are being paid for their services (Daddy did declare they have income from part-time jobs in his register of interest), I’d hate to think they are so lacking in taste and fashion sense that they actually chose to wear this incredibly ugly stuff.

  21. Leonetwo, You are dead right about the media and the current Oppositions response. A bit pathetic really.

  22. Three boats turned back in two weeks

    NAVAL and Customs patrol vessels have turned or towed at least three asylum-seeker vessels back towards Indonesia in the past fortnight.

    The Weekend Australian understands that the third boat was being dealt with in the past 24 hours.

    Immigration Minister Scott Morrison said yesterday no asylum-seeker boats had made it to Australia for 64 days.

    He noted the boats had not been stopped completely but he declined “for operational reasons” to say what had happened to those that had set out but not made it to Australia.

    The Weekend Australian has confirmed independently that three boats, at least, have been intercepted by Border Protection Command in recent days

  23. The Abbott govt bought 11 lifeboats. 2 are in Java. Now possibly 3 more are on the way. The govt will have to go back to Singapore and buy more lifebotas soon.

  24. gigilene

    The Ocean Protector has had its transponder turned off since entering the Indian ocean after it berthed in Singapore to pick up the lifeboats. We may find out when they run out when, for safety reasons, they’ll have to turn it back on in the busy sea-lanes on the way to Singapore.

  25. socksfullofsand

    😆 The Rake documentary must have been filmed before all those namby pamby reforms which stopped all that sort of stuff. Sadly those reforms meant we now have overcrowding due to the lack of internal population control.

  26. Morrison’s presser could not be broadcast live. He gave such short notice it seems no-one could get there in time to set up. Sky was giving some verbal updates, ABC24 just kept on with their usual program. Both have promised a replay ‘as soon as possible’. Guardian journalist Paul Farrell, who managed to get there and tweeted a few comments. I won’t bother watching, I’d hoped he was going to annouce his resignation. He didn’t, from what I’ve seen it was just more lies and excuses.

    Now things are getting really bizarre. Some media person from G4S is making a statement and has said he hasn’t seen Morrison’s statement from last night, he’s trying to get hold of it.

    Just listened to the most extraodinary voicemail on @FarrellPF 's phone. G4S media guy saying he's trying to track down Morrison's statement— Jonathan Swan (@jonathanvswan) February 23, 2014

  27. This bunch of bozos they call govt’ are just a mob of “free-market anarchists”!…..I can’t name ONE costructive policy they have introduced since coming to power…not one!

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