Phantasmagorical Phriday Raffles

The Boss is a bit busy at the moment

so he asked me to create this Friday’s Raffle post.

First, a definition:

phantasmagorical (fænˌtæzməˈɡɒrɪkəl)


1. = phantasmagoric
2. = phantasmagoric

phantasmagoric (ˌfæntæzməˈɡɒrɪk) or phantasmagorical


1.characterised by a shifting medley of real or imagined figures, as in a dream
2.(cinema) (of a sequence of pictures) characterised by rapid changes in light intensity, colour and size

= illusory, surreal, unreal, psychedelic, nightmarish, dreamlike, hallucinatory, kaleidoscopic, Kafkaesque, chimerical, phantasmal

phantasmagoria (ˌfæntæzməˈɡɔːrɪə Pronunciation for phantasmagoria ) or phantasmagory (fænˈtæzməɡərɪ Pronunciation for phantasmagory )

1. (psychology) a shifting medley of real or imagined figures, as in a dream
2. (cinema) a sequence of pictures made to vary in size rapidly while remaining in focus
3. (rare) a shifting scene composed of different elements

Derived Forms
phantasmagoric (ˌfæntæzməˈɡɒrɪk Pronunciation for phantasmagoric ) , ˌphantasmaˈgorical adjective
ˌphantasmaˈgorically adverb

Word Origin
C19: probably from French fantasmagorie production of phantasms, from phantasm + -agorie, perhaps from Greek ageirein to gather together

This part of the definition –

a shifting medley of real or imagined figures, as in a dream

seems to capture the essence of Our Dear Leader PMBO and his regime, except it’s no dream but a living nightmare.

Here’s hoping the sandgropers see sense when they vote again for the Senate.

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368 thoughts on “Phantasmagorical Phriday Raffles

  1. So why is Mr Eleventy addressing the G20 meeting? It is for Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors from the G20 nations and their delegations, plus representatives from international organisations like the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, as well as the G20 workforce including staff from Comcar and Treasury.

    So should it not be Andrew Robb who gets to bore the crowd witless? He is, after all, our finance minister.

  2. Is Andrew Robb dead ? When was the last time during this time of a budget emergency have we seen our Finance Minister ?

  3. Pretty sure what we call a Treasurer is called a Finance Minister in most countries. I note George Osborne, UK Chancellor of the Exchequer, is here in Australia.

  4. Sadly, I’m tipping nothing to do with Manus will have any affect on the next round of polling (Newspoll, Essential & Roy Morgan are due in the next few days). If anything, talk about “Boats”, of any kind at all whatsoever, works for the Coalition. Its less time spent talking about Jobs, and most people have no interest in the A.S. issue either way. I gather Abbott has today said something like “You don’t want a wimp responsible for border protection.” This will make it to the news (although too late for the polls), and a lot of people, including ALP voters will go along with that. Kinda sums up the general mood of about 60% of people. I don’t think they vote on that issue, but as long as Manus takes up any news space, its less time for everything else.

  5. Not so sure it’ll work that way, Leroy. There’s quite a bit of disgust at what’s happening, but the real counter to it is all these ‘progressives’ complaining about Shorten doing nothing to counter it. That feeds into the “they’re just as bad as each other” meme, which tends to allow the politically disinterested to stick with whatever party they’re already supporting.

    Of course, we know that the parties are a long way apart, no matter what it looks like now. During the last term the ALP were placed under intense media/LNP pressure – coupled with a lot of polling indicating people want their governments to be harsh on AS – to find a way to “stop the boats”. Whatever the ALP did, they did it reluctantly and without fanfare or grandiose announcements. They also talked a lot about finding regional solutions. The current government seem to be taking some sort of delight in the harshness of their policy, and they have no interest in what any other country thinks or does. It’s an insular and highly xenophobic approach.

    People don’t necessarily like that. Sure, they want the ‘boats’ stopped, but they also want to be able to feel good about themselves while it happens. And they can’t do that right now. So the name of the game as far as the LNP are concerned is to make sure the ALP are dumped in it as much as possible. That, most likely , is why the polls won’t shift.

    As usual, the attitude of the public is that if the ALP can’t stop the boats AND be morally pure AND media savvy AND successful all at the same time – in other words completely flawless – we might as well have the LNP.

  6. At Morrison’s presser today he kept going on about the alleged failings of the previous government – he said several times that everything is just so much better on Manus Island now his mob are in charge. He made the astounding claim that the riot last week would have been much worse if Labor was still in government because they had different policies on how the centre was run. Just as well hardly anyone got to see his presser. Slippery bugger, Morrison. He timed his presser for exactly the same time Hockey was giving his G20 address, then gave such short notice that journalists couldn’t get there and broadcast gear could not be set up.

    Abbott’s actual words on Morrison were –
    “The point I want to make about Scott Morrison is that he is an absolutely outstanding minister,”
    “He’s doing a great job for our country. You don’t want a wimp running border protection, you want someone who is strong, who is decent and Scott Morrison is both strong and decent.”

    We all know how much Tony loves what he sees as manly men, it seems he has quite the man-crush on Scrot.

    Abbott then went on in his usual inane fashion to describe the riot – “It was a very, very serious riot,”

    When is a riot not ‘serious’? Do we now have riot categories – Not so serious, serious, very serious, very, very serious?–manus-island-violence-20140223-33a98.html#ixzz2u7d0jVJN

  7. Epic fail HoJo,

    G20 finance ministers agree global growth target of two percentage points

    Ministers fail to outline a clear plan to achieve the target – which amounts to about $2tn – or consequences for missing it

    The best he could come up with was this bit of blue-sky stuff

    Hockey said each country would take its plan for contributing to the global growth target to the G20 leaders’ summit in Brisbane in November.

    “We are absolutely committed to working together to deliver on our ambition to lift the world’s economy by at least 2% of GDP over the next five years, thereby creating tens of millions of new jobs,” he said.

  8. This is worth reading on “The Hockey Club”. If Abbott was replaced, it might not be such a great thing in some areas. The economic hardliners will have an easier time.

    The Hockey Club’s Medicare smash
    20 hours ago February 22, 2014 10:00PM
    Samantha Maiden
    The Sunday Telegraph

    IT was like watching a striptease where the star attraction kept trying to put their clothes back on.

    Whatever your views on the vexed question of co-payments for bulk-billed GP visits, the Abbott government’s attempts to explain Medicare reform is descending into a seriously ­unusual burlesque act.


    The story behind the story is one of ambition, blokey mateship, fragile egos and new political bedfellows.

    Critics of the ambitious, talented MPs orbiting around Joe Hockey and their enthusiasm for economic rationalism have already seized on a nickname — The Hockey Club — to ­explain the emerging tensions.

    The strange paranoia on all sides has tentacles in the ­recent blues over taxpayer ­assistance to Holden, SPC, the Gonski schools debate and now Medicare.

    Some accuse Hockey acolytes of leaking the story that Immigration Minister Scott Morrison argued in favour of support for fruit cannery SPC — to damage him.

  9. Barry J
    Of course he is. how could I have forgotten? Must have something to do with his almost total invisibility.

  10. Kaff
    It is not only going to be Fiji as the next detention centre – look at Vanuatu too. I believe the tenders to build have already gone out. I have an tradesman acquaintance who worked on Nauru last year and Manus soon, talking about jobs later in the year 400/600 beds.

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