Happy Valentines Day Raffles

I wish a Happy Valentines Day to all Pubsters.

For The Ladies

These days we all need a bit of lovin. Having to put up with

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But Fear not Valentines Day Raffles are here

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Sadly Ned Lost on the punt last week . Bad dog030But,  we go again tonight so Ask CK. For your numbers and remember to always look to the future

These LIB Pricks won,t last long


Have a Good Night

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  1. http://projects.propublica.org/graphics/koch

    Also see


  2. “@joeobrien24: Morrison declines to answer at this stage publicly how many Aust ships strayed into Indon waters. On @abcnews24 now.

    As I posted in comments yesterday, the number is confirmed as at least five. The only confusions comes about because our esteemed Press Gallery Gurus insist on asking the only person who refuses to answer that question: Scott Morrison.

    There are plenty of other people prepared to spill the beans, as I discovered recently. But they don’t put out press releases, and don’t have journos’ phone numbers on speed dial.

    3 times, I am informed, the RAN went into Indonesian territory to give those they were offloading a fighting chance of reaching shore.

    The other two times, I am also informed, were “accidental” or as the result of low resolution digital “charts” that didn’t identify small islands etc. in sufficient detail.

    It is said these digital “charts” have been updated in recent weeks to ones of finer detail.

    While the “comradeship of the sea” excuse sounds fine and dandy, noble even, “in the best traditions of the navy” etc., it has to be acknowledged that saving someone from possible drowning loses some of its shine if you were the one who threw the hapless refugee in the water in the first place.

    Our navy intercepted boats, which were often in conditions of poor repair, towed them back out to sea and dumped them. Sticking around to make sure their passengers didn’t actually drown was the least we could do.

    Any policy that requires our navy to encroach upon the territorial waters of a neighbouring country – especially when that country has made it clear these encroachments are unwelcome – is a bad policy.

    If the only way Stop The Boats will work is for our sailors to break international law and risk either a diplomatic or even a military incident by crossing borders, then Stop The Boats is a dangerous methodology.

    This was always warned against before: the only way we could tow boats back to Indonesia – “when it was safe to do so” – was to violate Indonesian sovereignty in order to avoid mass drownings.

    Now that the heat is on Morrison and the battleships in his bathtub the situation is riven with new tensions.

    Who wants to be the first junior commander to enter Indonesian territorial waters, even if it is to save the lives of a bunch of swarthy asylum seekers? Scott Morrison has promised it won’t happen again.

    But, sure as God made little green apples, the situation where drownings are in the immediate offing, unless the navy sticks around to help, or perhaps even gives the potential drownees a nudge towards shore, is going to come about.

    THAT is when the shit will hit the fan, and the balls will get tangled in the propellor, knickers will be tied in reef knots and guts hung out to dry on the yard arm.

    No amount of cover-up will disguise it. The truth will out, because no-one will want to be responsible for drowning boat people under orders, as a result of using their initiative, or simply because they’re only second class human beings who Ray Hadley reckons are only coming here to rape our women and spit in our streets.

    Ironically, David Johnston’s ire at not being included in the OpSov loop, and his (and his navy’s) resentment at Scott Morrison arrogating to himself the right to “inspect the colors” up north, may turn to blessed, sobbing relief.

    If there are any decent journalists out there now they will be on death watch.

    We’ve assured Indonesia that there will be no more incursions, yet are almost powerless to avoid them – given this government’s only “successful” policy so far has been to at least slow the boats down, and their zeal in flogging it to death for all it’s worth as a result could have filled a hundred textbooks on the subject of “Hubris”.

    The test will be “Humanity” versus “Abbottism”, and with Morrison playing offence, don’t expect “Humanity” to trouble the scoreboard attendant too often.

    It’s unclear who will win, but it is clear that things are going to get uglier (and quickly) in the short term.

    Drowned asylum seekers, the Blame Game between upper and lower ranks in the navy, and (if we’re lucky) a cage match between Johnston and Morrison, no holds barred are likely outcomes.

    If it wasn’t for people dying, relations with Indonesia to sink even further and the barracking sure to come from the mouth-breathers who listen to 2GB as a prerequisite for all of this, I’d be yelling “Down in front, and pass the popcorn!”

  3. http://www.nytimes.com/2014/02/16/us/eavesdropping-ensnared-american-law-firm.html

    Spying by N.S.A. Ally Entangled U.S. Law Firm

    The list of those caught up in the global surveillance net cast by the National Security Agency and its overseas partners, from social media users to foreign heads of state, now includes another entry: American lawyers.

    A top-secret document, obtained by the former N.S.A. contractor Edward J. Snowden, shows that an American law firm was monitored while representing a foreign government in trade disputes with the United States. The disclosure offers a rare glimpse of a specific instance in which Americans were ensnared by the eavesdroppers, and is of particular interest because lawyers in the United States with clients overseas have expressed growing concern that their confidential communications could be compromised by such surveillance.

    The government of Indonesia had retained the law firm for help in trade talks, according to the February 2013 document. It reports that the N.S.A.’s Australian counterpart, the Australian Signals Directorate, notified the agency that it was conducting surveillance of the talks, including communications between Indonesian officials and the American law firm, and offered to share the information.

  4. For all the fashion commentary – thanks- it reflected my own opinions that Bishop seems to be suck in a 1980s time warp( her heyday?).also she works out and believes she should show ‘toned’ arms.
    My main beef is how little scrutiny her appearance is generating in the MSM who used to bang on endlessly and trivially regarding PM Julia Gillard but never reported substantially on what she said or what she was doing. The rest of the world holds her in high esteem – witness her post parliamentary career- and the accolades she has received.
    Can anyone expect any of that for Abbott?

  5. Everything about Julia Gillard’s appearance was criticised, her hair colour, her glasses, her ankles, the cut of her jackets, her shoes, nothing was ever right. Not one of these media critics has even said a word about Julie Bishop’s appearance or clothing. Not one. Margie Abbott seems to be immune from criticism too, not that she appears all that often….

    Julie Bishop must have an army of advisers to inform her of appropriate dress codes before she leaves on an official visit. Either they aren’t doing their well-paid job properly or Ms Bishop is so arrogant she ignores their advice. So what if she works out and is proud of her toned arms? That does not mean the whole world wants to look at them. Quite the opposite. Someone should tell this woman that sleeves and below the knee hemlines are more age appropriate for her. Australia’s relationships with other countries have already been compromised by Bishop’s incompetence. She should not be making things worse by offending foreign dignitaries with her bizarre fashions.

  6. The Idiot will probably decide no-one needs drought relief – he is visiting Bourke and surrounding areas today to see drought conditions first-hand and the rain is pelting down.

    Pouring on PMs drought tour #Bourke. Mud, pelting rain, bogged cars @australian @Barnaby_Joyce @ShaunCoffey pic.twitter.com/mPUTvkFddv— Sue Neales (@BushReporter) February 16, 2014

    PM talks drought at Jandra #Bourke as heavens open @australian @ABCRural @Barnaby_Joyce @annbritton @afsnsw pic.twitter.com/GerBOW8DoI— Sue Neales (@BushReporter) February 16, 2014

  7. It was always assumed that he would pick a rainy day. Typical! And what does mean when he says he’ll give a “hand up” not a “hand out”?

  8. There you are then, the abbott appears in drought-stricken lands and his god sends down the rain just like manna from heaven – the abbott performs a miracle so get down on your knees and give thanks.

  9. Why would there need to be an evaluation that a new election for the WA Senate should be held? There was a stuff up at the recount, ballots were lost, voters are not happy about it, so what? The courts have not even handed down their findings on the previous recount yet. I don’t think we need ‘market research’ so much as ‘market education’ as to why it may be necessary to hold another Senate vote in WA – and that the AEC improve its processes in counting and storing votes.

    But why “Market Research” and “Benchmark and Tracking” for a ‘possible WA Senate election’?
    I could be cynical and suggest that this current government would want more of the micro-parties inducted into the Senate so that it would be easier for their IPA-defined ‘policies’ to be enacted.

    As a sandgroper, I’m not overly impressed …

  10. Forecast for Bourke: Sun a few showers; Mon partly cloudy; Tue possible shower; Wed sunny .. He should be back in Canberra by Wed. He wouldn’t like to be caught in Bourke on a sunny day …

  11. The Miracles of St Anthony
    The drought breaks in western NSW
    Peter Dutton speaks after years of muteness
    Prince Harry, for the first time in his life, runs away from two hot and salivating young women.

    I’m sure there are many more but I just don’t have time to list them all, I have to do some serious praying in thanksgiving for the miraculous abilities of our Dear Leader.

  12. TLBD

    Thanks for the update on the cricket.

    For some unknown delusional reason I thought with all the horrible stuff happening I thought the media would start questioning the gubmint. I have now steeled myself to the fact that they will do what they did for the last three years, and have most people praising dear leader.

  13. I find looking at pictures of the pompous priveledged like Mesma, so wincingly ‘orrible, their lack-lustre lives as pathetic as the shoe-horning they got to get into their positions of priveledge…..
    “Ugly is as ugly does!”

  14. Besides, it wasn’t “raining” on the Idiot..it was “Harry” upstairs pissing on him!……”there, take that, you little shit!”

  15. jaycee

    Just wait until Harry delivers the El Nino in the not too distant future. loved this comment by the NFF chap ““We need long-term measures to deal with drought. The worst time to deal with drought is in the middle of it.” . Ya mean doing something about carbon emissions or ya mean keep voting for the climate change is bullshit parties ?

  16. Can I put a begging post up for the dogs (and cats, pigs etc) of the Outback? AMRICC provides vets and treatment for camp-dogs, and this is an animal welfare issue which gets no real publicity. Increasing the health of the dogs increases the health of the community. Could you please share this link for me?

  17. I do not mind the short skirts, the knees, elbows etc, it is Mesma’s appalling taste in clothes that gets me. Nothing is balanced, nothing matches, nothing fits properly. Most times she looks like a sack of merde.

  18. I wish I had Mesma’s money, so I could have stuff made to measure, instead of having to trawl through the ugly crap foisted on us by the department stores and clothes shops, made in China of ugly rough miserable creased material looking like it was sewn by an exhausted factory worker who sews the same seam a thousand times a day…oh wait.

  19. Lots of good info. There is even a mention of Keating

    Tony Blair and Rupert Murdoch: the deconstruction of a friendship
    Even if untrue, rumours of Blair’s alleged affair with Wendi Deng mean there is no fixing the former intimacy of the two godfathers
    Michael White
    The Guardian, Saturday 15 February 2014 04.06 AEST


    In any case the facts of the case – or lack of them – are not what is important. What matters is that apparently the 82-year-old Murdoch believes the allegations are true. As do loyal News Corp colleagues and the four children from his first two marriages who never warmed to Deng or her “equal shares” demand for her own two Murdoch daughters. As the attack dogs of rival media tycoons circle, insiders have been feeding them good steak.

  20. I noticed a comment about that orange tree yesterday that suggested it had been photo-shopped.

    It sure was. Each half of the tree is a mirror image of the other half. Looks nice though.

  21. Scorps,
    Those trees are magnificent even when not absolutely perfectly balanced specimens. I’ve known a couple of gardeners who spent untold hours trimming and training a feature tree in the front garden in order to achieve perfection. The closest I’ve seen to this ideal was a bougainvillia in Darwin which had been manipulated from a young plant – it’s long stems intertwined to form a trunk some three feet high and then allowed to spray outwards and upwards. Careful and constant trimming resulted in a magnificent feature ‘tree’ almost always covered in pink blossoms.

  22. scorpio

    Does it really matter whether a tree is photo-shopped or not? The idea was not so much that the tree was orange but that it could be orange without bearing fruit. “Orange tree” normally implies a fruit tree. And thus my irony – I had the audacity to call it an “orange tree”.

  23. gigilene,

    I didn’t wish to offend anyone in pointing out that the picture had been manipulated and had no idea that it would do so.

    I apologise profusely to anyone who may have been upset by my admission.

    I suppose it may be seen as similar to pointing out that Santa Clause may not actually be a real person! 😉

  24. It all about the hair with those LNP. “Gals”….real ” Bouffant Babes” !!…thank goodness they never got into soft-porn pics!

  25. Going to do some reading this week into coops, draw up a sketch for a coop to suit 4 hens, see what I can salvage from present one and start buying the timber. Going to lift the coop up 600mm. Sometime after March in March (flying to Canb, Mum might even come) we can build it. Also accumulating some nice food to feed my 2 volunteers 🙂

  26. Q. Why in the f**k is THIS not “unpatriotic”?

    Australia spied on Indonesia trade talks: report
    AN Australian spy agency offered to share with its US counterpart information from surveillance of an American law firm representing Indonesia in trade disputes with the US, the New York Times reports.

    The report threatens to revive tensions with Jakarta sparked by revelations late last year that Australian spies attempted to tap the phone of Indonesia’s president and his wife.

    While not commenting on “operational intelligence matters”, Tony Abbott said today Australia did not use intelligence “to the detriment of other countries” or for “commercial purposes”.

    The Times story is based on a top-secret document obtained by former US National Security Agency systems analyst Edward Snowden and provided by an NSA liaison office in Canberra in a monthly bulletin.


    A. Because when it’s from Murdoch’sThe Australian, quoted from Murdoch’s The Times, it’s automatically in the national interest.

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