Happy Valentines Day Raffles

I wish a Happy Valentines Day to all Pubsters.

For The Ladies

These days we all need a bit of lovin. Having to put up with

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But Fear not Valentines Day Raffles are here

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Sadly Ned Lost on the punt last week . Bad dog030But,  we go again tonight so Ask CK. For your numbers and remember to always look to the future

These LIB Pricks won,t last long


Have a Good Night

379 thoughts on “Happy Valentines Day Raffles

  1. sox
    wow, dunno where I am going to get my hands on a timber curver thingy though. We could do something with wine casks, drunken chooks.

  2. BK,
    They are lovely …

    but of the four chooks we kept over a period of about three years my favourite was

  3. We get these reds from Coopers Mt. Torrens…I think John Cooper’s old man raises them from chicks…and we get them when needed…Rhodees, I think they are…damn good layers!

  4. jaycee
    No. Coop gets them from a young lad who has started up a good little business. They are good layers, those reds!

  5. Talk about chooks..I don’t think I’m repeating myself here..but , oh well…My first wife was a country girl…Vic’ country…and she boarded down in Melb’ to go to uni’…she met this young stage-performing bloke at a show there, and they got on well, so that at Easter she invited him to come the farm to meet the family…”What am I gonna talk about to your old man? ” he asked…”Oh, just things..say! do some of your ventriliquism…that will make him laugh!”
    Sure enough, the dour old cocky picks them up from Hamilton station and they drive to the farm…silence all the way…till they get to the farm-gate..where there were some cows..My ex nudged him to say something…”Hello mrs. cow..how are you?” he asked the nearest cow…and the cow APPEARED to answer : “Very well thank you”….the old cocky turned around and said..”Did that..that cow talk to you?!!” ….”She may have ” the young man evasively answered….the cocky wasn’t sure he heard right so he remained silent and drove on till they got to the farm-house where they had to slow right down for some chooks…a big red rooster sat atop a wheelbarrow nearby..’Hello proud rooster..you look well” the young man said..”And I feel cock of the walk!” the rooster SEEMED to reply…the old man was flabbergasted…”That…that rooster talked to you!!” he said, shocked…”Well, yes”, the young man confessed “I do have a knack of talking to animals”..the old cocky didn’t wait to hear anymore, he leapt from the car and raced around the back of the barn….My ex and the young chap gingerly peeked around the corner where he went…and there he was with a ewe bailed up in the corner of a yard…”Now look here” he pointed at the ewe…”There’s this young bloke here asking a lot of fool questions…you..you just keep your mouth shut !!”

  6. I was hoping this was one of those Twitter rumours, but it’s not.
    On Insiders this morning-
    BARRIE CASSIDY: Three days ago an Indian student took his own life at a detention centre in Melbourne. He was in that centre because he overstayed his visa. Could that have been avoided?

    SCOTT MORRISON: Could he have avoided overstaying his visa?

  7. Maybe inhaling all that hairspray has caused the minds of LNP women to become rock hard and firmly glued shut.

  8. I loved our Araucana’s – specially when my spouse’s workmate refused to believe that they produce blue/green eggs by smashing what he thought was a dyed blue egg on his own forehead *G* Spouse was highly amused!

    They are quite sweet tempered chooks, and can be good layers too.

    PS – There are some amazing plans for coops online; one could spend hours just looking!

  9. The Idiot doesn’t want parliamentary scrutiny? Who knew!

    The Abbott government’s strategy to avoid parliamentary scrutiny of its plan to unwind new protections for consumers receiving financial advice by implementing it through regulation could backfire because the regulations may be found to be invalid, leaving financial advisers open to legal class actions.


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