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402 thoughts on “Off The Mark Raffles 7/2/14

  1. Channel 7 News and their association with Yahoo is a big problem for Labor. I was glad to hear they have lost the top spot for nightly news. I avoid 7 as much as possible.
    Having said that I will probably check the INXS story they have on tommorow night.
    To bring this government down what needs to happen is the economy keeps ticking over OK till later this year, then starts tanking from then on. The blame will fall on the Libs.
    This will most likely happen without any outside help due to the geniuses running the country now however a bit of extra help from us would not go astray. Just remember towards the end of year how you really don’t want to spend any money. Save it up for when the adults are back in charge.

  2. Small percentage points movements in elections are dependent on so many factors that who can know them all?
    A win’s a win’s a win. But the commentariat’s set the bar for Labor success several metres up in the air, they were never going to get over it & this is what’ll be focused on. How could anyone vote for a party headed by Abbott???

  3. Yeah, I guess that’s right. This is an unusual byelection in which the challenging party candidate had a bigger profile and budget. And there’s still nearly 3 years to go for the next federal election so Labor still has a lot of time to solidify a lead.

  4. As has already been suggested The Libs wasted Glasson. They should have found him a better seat to contest.

  5. I’d have thought that from Collier’s point of view the crims would’ve lost. The Union Boss didn’t get up.

  6. Some irony there, a Newscorp employee criticizing someone for allegedly associating with criminals.
    Has she read an English newspaper at any time in the last couple of years?

  7. Do you think things are slightly out of control?

    They got me at “Chicken flavoured Vegetarian Ham”:

  8. Don’t they just LOVE their bloody guns!

    Stern words indeed; I’ll get right on to thinking about possibly putting the safety on, maybe. *rolls eyes*

    Jonathan Bragg Greenville Police Department said, “If you have guns, if you own guns mostly we would prefer you have them in a lock box. At least have them out of the reach of children.”

  9. “Can’t buy me love”:

  10. A needed win to Labor…would’ve liked to see a definate swing away from the filth..but then, it is “Can-Do” country….

  11. The entire case of what happened to the asylum seekers being burnt is dependant on the public perception of those asylum seekers…with the govt’ going in hard-sell on them being “illegals” and therefore “branding” them and promoting an unsympathetic attitude in the Aussie racist psyche, I doubt there will be much sympathy in the mainstream.
    This is a dangerous and destructive path we go down as a nation…greater nations and empires than ours have been wiped off the historical map by a kind of ‘self-immolation” politics….class against class, brother against brother …and the rest you know.

    The gullible voter is playing into the hands of the plutocracy by giving them a head of steam to wipe out social saftey-nets and install economic rationalist “dog-eat-dog” principles…These unprincipled ‘CEO’s’ have no loyalty to country nor nation..nor peoples, nor families….they move and reside where business interests favour them…a problem arises with legalities…simple…move on, corrupt, move on again..debase, disgrace, destroy….move on to the next…like a parisitical virus seeking a healthy body to infect.
    I think you know who I mean !

  12. Funny that HoJo and the abbott are on a cost cutting spree yet can find millions for all their Inquiries and Royal Commissions. We can only hope that the abbott and his rotten party find themselves with a noose around their own necks as they pursue their vindictive agenda to do away with unions.

  13. Robyn Parker in the news again, as usual for all the wrong reasons. What a shame she isn’t in federal politics. With her record of incompetence she’d be a shoe-in for a ministry. She makes Grunt look almost capable.

    NSW Environment Minister Robyn Parker should have been sacked long ago. Within months of becoming a minister she was already being referred to as ‘trouble-prone’. She’s the incompetent fool who told us logging ‘protects koalas’.

    This was only two months after she had been in trouble for not telling the people of Stockton that the Orica plant had leaked toxic gases. She said her name had been left off an email from her own department and anyway it was all Labor’s fault. The public – well, some of them – found out about it three days later when Ms Parker made an announcement in parliament.

    There have been repeated calls for Ms Parker to be sacked, but she keeps on keeping on and stuffing up. There have been many more problems for her. Today’s revelation is just the latest in a long list. Here’s hoping the voters of Maitland give her the boot next March and go back to Labor.

  14. Griffith by election Terri Butler did well- she was only pre selected December 14th,2013.
    Bill Glasson had become known in the previous campaign and had lots of cash spent and lots of party heavy weights on his side.
    Minus factors for her were resentment at having to vote again, she’s not Kevin Rudd, she’s female( I know, but a rich seam of misogyny has been exposed as a factor), as well as having little time to establish profile. Given those factors I think she deserves praise and congratulations..

  15. What has it become when anybody has to discuss a seat-winning ALP candidate getting congratulations and kudos? What a mean-spirited little country we have become.
    Anyway, off to Chinese New Year lunch!

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