Off The Mark Raffles 7/2/14

ku-mediumWE are off the mark with raffles this year to the tune of a








Excellent results for last months winners.

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402 thoughts on “Off The Mark Raffles 7/2/14

  1. Catalyst – I agree.

    Having just seen Glassen interviewed this morning, he comes across as a very articulate and confident individual. He was undoubtedly a very strong candidate, and extremely well-resourced. It has been shown that the LNP/PUP tactic of throwing vast sums into strategic seats bears dividends.

    Glassen was much better known in the electorate, having campaigned there all last year. He would have had a strong personal following. I think therefore the result is a terrific one for Terri Butler. ALP should be well satisfied. Bear in mind also that it has been reported that internal polling had LNP in front 2 weeks ago.

    I take no credence of “historic examples” of byelections showing swings against governments. The number of cases are statistically too small to make generalisations, and in any case behaviour changes over time.

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