Flippant Friday Raffles

That sounds about right for a Friday evening Raffle

While  we have this Idiot as PM

1378197_744480138899926_338119738_nWE can all need a bit of frivolity in our lives


238.gif.pagespeed.ce.nVgE5VOYXOtumblr_mvbviv5fJy1rvtlumo1_250cute-puppies6Did That cheer you up after putting up with the Idiots attacks on the ABC This week?


Don,t like a bit of critisim. Are you going to shut us down next?

imageHave a good NIght

CK will take your numbers

Good Luck.

426 thoughts on “Flippant Friday Raffles

  1. Central North Tassie forecast:

    Forecast for the rest of Sunday
    Hot. Cloud clearing. Light winds becoming northwest to northeasterly 15 to 25 km/h in the early afternoon then becoming light in the late evening. Daytime maximum temperatures 28 to 34.

    A doddle compared to 45°C!!!

  2. Pol Animal,
    My commiserations.

    I think I’ve suggested the Coolgardie safe technique here before: a couple of old chenille bedspreads (good because they retain water) soaked with the hose every couple of hours. The run itself stays dry-ish, and the ambient temperature inside is a good 10 degrees cooler than outside.

    As for places to migrate to, here’s the 10 day forecast for Hamilton, NZ:

    I think I could put up with that.

  3. I heard on the news this morning Tasmania was expecting a high of around 34C today and had a bit of a smirk. It has beeen hovering around 27C all day here, same as the last few days. The next week will be more of the same. You should all move up here.

  4. Sharman Stone appears to be very angry.


    However, I won’t have respect for her unless she resigns from the Liberal party, which would be the only honorable thing for her to do. Otherwise if this is the limit of her actions, Abbott will just pat her head, says the Libs are a broad church and have lots of ideas but she’s a ‘good girl’ for staying with the Libs, and thereby ignores her as a seatwarming safe seat backbencher while he does what he thinks is more important things like cutting federal funding for infrastructure repairs from all the cyclones hovering around the North at the moment.

  5. Leone

    Did anyone ever tell you you’re worth your weight in gold. Thanks for that link. I had a look around the ALP site but didn’t find it very informative.

  6. Seriously contemplating a move to northern Tassie in a few years time.


    i might not be far behind ya

    Tried to post “Dueling Banjos”…but no go!….anyhow, you get the idea.

  7. 2gravel
    It came in an email from the ALP this morning. I went for the straight YouTube version at first to avoid all the begging for donations.

  8. She won’t resign. It is a safe Lib seat. They would just put a Lib lackey in there in her place. It would send a signal but it would be the end of her.

  9. Stone’s pitch is “Fighting for you in Murray”. Not in Canberra, it seems.

    Not being a minister, or anything, she can’t show her “displeasure” by becoming non-ministerial. Resigning from The Party is her only option (assuming integrity …).

  10. SBS just showed a trailer for a news item about the cost of child care. Showed a bit of footage in a kindergarten. There was a rather large dog-carrying box parked against the wall. Just what we supposed to think? The Japanese did put prisoners in hot-boxes during WWII.

  11. TLBD
    Yvette D’Ath had her campaign launch today. The Courier Mail wrote a good article.

    Brisbane Times only showed a photo of her at the Federal election and one of Campbell Newman with the current LNP candidate, who previously run for Family First against the LNP. Also on their home page is a photo of Yvette as a blonde. Why they persist in using old file pics eludes me.

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