Flippant Friday Raffles

That sounds about right for a Friday evening Raffle

While  we have this Idiot as PM

1378197_744480138899926_338119738_nWE can all need a bit of frivolity in our lives


238.gif.pagespeed.ce.nVgE5VOYXOtumblr_mvbviv5fJy1rvtlumo1_250cute-puppies6Did That cheer you up after putting up with the Idiots attacks on the ABC This week?


Don,t like a bit of critisim. Are you going to shut us down next?

imageHave a good NIght

CK will take your numbers

Good Luck.

426 thoughts on “Flippant Friday Raffles

  1. I’ve been rummaging around on Twitter. Here are some random Tweets.

    Would the Australian Navy lie about what sailors did to refugees from Indonesia? Try the Voyager cover-up. http://t.co/UD5A7ASkHY— Evan Whitton (@EvanWhitton1) January 23, 2014

    It's good to back in Jakarta, where the internet works properly!— George Roberts (@George_Roberts) February 2, 2014

    My sources say Abbott's cabinet meetings are rancid with fear and loathing …at war with itself.— Phillip Adams (@PhillipAdams_1) January 30, 2014

  2. “My sources say Abbott’s cabinet meetings are rancid with fear and loathing …at war with itself.”

    Fear and loathing of The Idiot, no doubt. Like the rest of Australia.

  3. The estimates committee on the NBN mate late last week. I have made extracts of the Hansard:


    I found the Geraldton council evidence inspiring—a rural council seeing the benefits the NBN can bring and getting behind it, garnering some IBM money, preparing its citizens and businesses etc. All let down by the stinking Libs of course The iiNet evidence was good but the evidence by the union reps was amazing—FTTH is now the “soonest and cheapest option!

    [blockquote]Email I sent to Turncoat, my useless MHR and Jason Clare:

    Dear Minister,

    I refer to: http://www.constructionindustrynews.net … =801881256

    This is a new and fast way to remediate pits and pipes. It is not just a new development without testing, it has played a substantial part of the WA rollout as testimony in the most recent Estimates Committee on the NBN has shown:

    Mr O’Donnell : Yes. Anecdotally, from the figures we believe that this contractor’s end of the build, which is getting it to fibre-ready, is saving about 80 per cent of cost and he is doing it in, I would have to say, a quarter of time. On average an FSAM for Syntheo—I can’t quote the other ones—was between eight and 12 months. This guy is getting these estates up to fibre-ready, for his part, within a month and a maximum of eight weeks. So, in terms of cost-effectiveness, it is massive. And the big issue, of course, for both sides of the political divide is the return on investment—we want to see money come back in from that investment. Using this methodology I think we could blow away estimates of the previous Labor government’s targets and also the current Liberal government’s targets for fibre to the node—if this methodology is invoked across the network.

    So BIG savings in time and money. Minister, with this technology FTTH is now the “soonest and cheapest” to roll out!

    That being the case—I strongly request that you inform the NBN Co board of this new technology and ask them to re–examine the case for FTTH. I believe the case for completing the FTTH rollout is now irrefutable. Reading the testimony from the mayor of Geraldton and how that council has worked to have the FTTH NBN rolled out and to prepare the people and businesses residing in the Geraldton council area for the NBN was inspiring! The testimony from the representative of WITMA showed what a boon the NBN would be to working women, who currently face difficulties due to the inflexible nature of big business, using the telepresence capabilities of the NBN—this enables women to run small businesses in various technical fields.

    Please note what the WITMA representative said about the rapid growth in e-commerce. This needs truly fast broadband with rock solid reliability and fast upload!

    Minister, the spread of 4K TVs is widening rapidly and prices are dropping like a stone. Where prices were $8K for a modest sized set you can now walk into JB HiFi and buy a 65″ 4K TV for $5500 and a 55″ model for just $3500. The people that buy these sets are going to want the FTTH to provide the content. As well as 4K TV another driver of increases in downloads is multiplayer games which are becoming too large to put on platters and so are increasingly being distributed via the net, as are their patches.

    I am not asking you to roll out FTTH so people can watch super hi-def TV or download games but these are two inexorable trends that will mandate FTTH. Since FTTH is now the cheapest to rollout why court unpopularity by denying millions of Australia households the many huge benefits of FTTH?

    Yours faithfully

    [signed full name & street address]

    To [my useless Lib MHR]
    Will you now please lobby Minister Turnbull and the NBN Co board to rollout FTTH in [electorate] as soon as practicable? Any infrastructure spend you have in mind could be put to much better use rolling out FTTH which will see a reduction in traffic![/blockquote]

  4. Landline and the story of baked beans. Truss’s brother is the biggest producer of navy beans and they all go to SPC to be canned. Kingaroy (Joh’s Country) has on its welcome board “Home of Peanuts and Navy Bean” production.

    There will be a bit of head scratching and finger pointing in the Truss family if SPC goes down.

  5. Square brackets don’t work here. You need the blockquote and /blockquote in pointy brackets.

  6. You’d think Bazz Cazz would have realised his support for the Coalition wasn’t worth a crumpet after Brandis ‘asked’ him to resign from his position as chairman on the Old Parliament House Advisory Council. But no, he’s still hanging in there

    Leone…”A coward dies a thousand deaths, a hero but once…” (Bill S.)

  7. I know you are all simply gagging to know what Fradget and Brinces have been up to since the election, seeing as they seem to have fallen off the planet. After months of being in our faces every day they have all but disappeared, except for that visit from Prince Harry. Daddy just didn’t need them any more. Anyway, here’s the goss. It looks like they don’t need Daddy any more.

    “Frances, who is planning to migrate south after graduating, said…..”.
    “Bridget plans to head offshore for the majority of 2014.”
    Does Daddy know the girls are planning on leaving home? Didn’t he say his daughters were going to be living at home until they married? Another Abbott lie exposed……

  8. ”A coward dies a thousand deaths, a hero but once…”

    Could we speed up the process a little for Tony Abbott?

  9. He didn’t say they could leave home when it was safe to do so?

    Perhaps it was just aspirational.

  10. Puffy Jaycee
    It feels every bit of it!
    FIVEaa News Director ‏@MatthewPantelis 2m
    44.4 degrees in #Adelaide #HeatWave at 2:18pm.

  11. That Clarence darrow was one wise chap…if ever you want to be “getting wisdom”, I suggest you google “Clarence Darrow..”on selecting a Jury”..Esquire Magazine.

  12. Leone

    That link to the Labor ad says it has been removed……….it was working this morning, Razz was going to have a look at it.

  13. PolA
    I have a nail gun for thin nails up to 50cm long. And a couple of drills. All cordless. We can knock up a new pen in no time.

  14. Chooks suffer heat stress when temperatures are above 40degC. They can die suddenly of heat-stroke.

    Shade, a water mister (even a fine sprinkler running in the middle of the day), iced drinking water and feeding things like frozen fruit/veg can help.

    The inability of farm animals to cope with high temperatures is yet another thing that isn’t mentioned too often in the climate change debate. I wonder how many chooks the farmers will lose just this year, and the effect on egglaying – and the flow on of that into the economy, energy use etc?

  15. Political Animal (@PolAnimalAus)

    If you are over S.A. or Vic way the recent weeks of heat would do anyone in.

  16. PA
    Sorry about the chooks. It sounds like heat stroke to me.
    You might like to put air conditioning in that new chook pen.

  17. Bean farmer Gary Truss, of Kingaroy, Queensland, says his family saw the little bean’s potential before most. They were among the first to grow navy beans during the war. (They were called navy beans as they were destined for the US Navy.)

    “The drought hit us but now we are planting more,” he said. “Everything we grow is snapped up by SPC Ardmona for their baked beans. The shortage in the US creates a great opportunity for Australian farmers to crack a new international market.”


    Yes, it’s Warren’s brother. Would (should) have the Deputy PM declared a potential conflict of interest in the Cabinet discussion on SPCA?

  18. PuffyTMD my condolences about the chooks. There is nothing quite like having a suddenly quiet garden to make the heart dip. Hope you have fun building your next flock a lovely ‘chook palace’ *twinkles*

  19. Puffy PA,
    I’ll come as well and do what ever I can for the chook house just let me know when!

  20. Hope everyone down there is OK. I bitch when the temp gets to 34C here. In 20 years have not seen a temp above 35C. The lack of rain is our big problem, now known as the Hervey Bay Desert.

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