An Australia Day Confession

My fellow Pubkateers, I have to make a confession about a surprising epiphany that occurred a few minutes ago …

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Moi has suddenly, overwhelmingly, DEEPLY, DESPERATELY, AND DANGEROUSLY, fallen IN LOVE with Our Dear Leader, PM Blood Oaf.

So moi simply cannot resist sharing moi’s feelings and, more importantly, reasons, with youse humanes.

Moi loves PMBO with:

A because he is ABYSMAL

B because he is BELLICOSE

C because he is CRASS

D because he is a DOLT

E because he is EGREGIOUS

F because he is FRIGHTENING

G because he is GORMLESS

H because he is HORRIBLE

I because he is IMPOLITE

J because he is JINGOISTIC

K because he is a KILL-JOY

L because he is LOUTISH

M because he is MISOGYNISTIC

N because he is NASTY

O because he is an OAF

P because he is a PRICK

Q because he is QUINTESSENTIALLY appalling

R because he is REPULSIVE

S because he is STUPID

T because he is TERRIBLE

U because he is UNCOUTH

V because he is VICIOUS

W because he is WORTHLESS

X because he is XENOPHOBIC

Y because he is YUKKY



Toodle pip 😉

PS: Well done and fantastic choices (which I bet got up a few people’s noses):

Adam Goodes – 2014 Australian of the Year

Fred Chaney – 2014 Senior Australian of the Year

Jacqueline Freney – 2014 Young Australian of the Year

Tim Conolan – 2014 Australia’s Local Hero

All thoroughly well-deserved (as were all their fellow nominees).

877 thoughts on “An Australia Day Confession

  1. Wasn’t there a video mentioned with regards to the burns and blinding? Morrison didn’t seem to be keen in admitting it this morning. Not prepared either to say whether the transition from one boat to another should be filmed.

  2. We are here to answer your questions but may refuse to. That is what they have spent 20 minutes saying.

  3. Hypothecate? I don’t think Mr Three Star understands what that word means, even if he did use it twice. It has nothing to do with hypothesis.

  4. SH-Y is tieing Morriscum and his toy soldier in knots – Maybe she’s been coached by a smart lawyer in asking her questions! Lovely to see motor mouth tongue tied.

  5. Something of interest about the SPC business I’ve remembered is that the state district of Shepparton isn’t as safe for the Nationals as might be thought.

    In 2010 a Country Alliance candidate got nearly 40% of the 2 party preferred vote. if the SPC factory shuts down, it just might be his for the taking this time around in November if he runs again.

    And in 1999, an Independent came close to snatching it as well.

  6. They refuse to say what falls within their claim for immunity. Ambit claim. We’ll tell you nothing.

  7. 1:58pm: It is important to get things right.
    Hanson-Young has just been pulled up for the way she was addressing Lieutenant General Campbell.
    There has been a bit of “Lieutenent Campbell” happening (which would be a serious demotion).
    So Liberal senator Zed Seselja pipes up in protest.
    Committe chair Penny Wright asks if “General Campbell” is acceptable.
    Campbell replies “yes”.
    (it is the clearest answer we’ve had so far)

  8. According to Scrot Morriscum the difference between actually reading a document and being aware of them is mere “semantics” . Now we know the logic Abbott used re the BHP statement on Olympic Dam.

  9. Dunno about anyone else but for me a huge chunk of this ‘immunity’ is an arse-covering exercise to protect motor mouth morriscum and the abbott govt for the blunders they make or might make….the lengths morriscum has gone to to use the word ‘aware’ and refuse to say whether he’d actually read the documents or not makes me think he didn’t read them and is covering his arse in case Senator Cash has made a boo-boo or wasn’t evasive enough with the words used in the documents.

    Trust this bloody lot of jackals at your peril.

  10. Today’s First Dog On The Moon. Why not have a go at Morrison? It seems to be the day for it. Mr Dog really is fired up this week.

  11. So I wasted all that time I spent reading when I was studying. If only I had realised I only had to be ‘aware’ all that reading material existed.

  12. Here is what Angus doesn’t want to do

    pledge (money) by law to a specific purpose.

  13. What is it, with this government ministers aversion to reading documents.. Then spend so much effort refusing to say, whether they do or not.

    Now, they are sending back the crews. Surely they will report immediately to those whose pay they are in. Yes, a first hand account of what happened.

    It appears it is opn;y the public that must not be in the know.

    Sick of hearing it is military led operation. Who are we at war with? Does the same apply when the military assist in national disaster

    Yes, his basic argument is flawed. We are not at war. It is civil, involving immigration and customs.


    Tony Abbott’s SPC Ardmona move may be expensive in terms of the rural vote
    Traditional voting habits in country Australia could be changed by such decisions, says retired MP Tony Windsor

    Posted by Gabrielle Chan
    Friday 31 January 2014 14.24 EST

    In drawing a line in the sand on industry policy by rejecting a $25m one-off grant to SPC Ardmona, Tony Abbott may have set a precedent of another kind for country voting habits.

    Craig Thomson case: Magistrate calls in lawyers for further questioning
    January 31, 2014 – 1:52PM
    Adam Cooper
    Reporter for The Age

    Craig Thomson’s legal fate won’t be known for at least a fortnight, after a magistrate called for more submissions following the former federal MP’s fraud and theft trial.

    Magistrate Charlie Rozencwagj had prosecutors and Mr Thomson’s defence lawyers sit in Melbourne Magistrates Court on Friday, so he could quiz both parties on legal arguments.

  15. Scrote’s logic fails at the first hurdle. To work we must assume the scores of AS returned to Indonesia tell nobody about what the navy did.

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