An Australia Day Confession

My fellow Pubkateers, I have to make a confession about a surprising epiphany that occurred a few minutes ago …

(Image Credit: Pets Diaries)

Moi has suddenly, overwhelmingly, DEEPLY, DESPERATELY, AND DANGEROUSLY, fallen IN LOVE with Our Dear Leader, PM Blood Oaf.

So moi simply cannot resist sharing moi’s feelings and, more importantly, reasons, with youse humanes.

Moi loves PMBO with:

A because he is ABYSMAL

B because he is BELLICOSE

C because he is CRASS

D because he is a DOLT

E because he is EGREGIOUS

F because he is FRIGHTENING

G because he is GORMLESS

H because he is HORRIBLE

I because he is IMPOLITE

J because he is JINGOISTIC

K because he is a KILL-JOY

L because he is LOUTISH

M because he is MISOGYNISTIC

N because he is NASTY

O because he is an OAF

P because he is a PRICK

Q because he is QUINTESSENTIALLY appalling

R because he is REPULSIVE

S because he is STUPID

T because he is TERRIBLE

U because he is UNCOUTH

V because he is VICIOUS

W because he is WORTHLESS

X because he is XENOPHOBIC

Y because he is YUKKY



Toodle pip 😉

PS: Well done and fantastic choices (which I bet got up a few people’s noses):

Adam Goodes – 2014 Australian of the Year

Fred Chaney – 2014 Senior Australian of the Year

Jacqueline Freney – 2014 Young Australian of the Year

Tim Conolan – 2014 Australia’s Local Hero

All thoroughly well-deserved (as were all their fellow nominees).

877 thoughts on “An Australia Day Confession

  1. Not only not read the documents, but refuses to say whether he sought legal advice. Seem to say, if so, it came from the PM.

    Twisted the question once again Was asked if he sought advice. Answered he was not willing to release any advice he got. A question he was not asked.

    Unwilling to state the grounds for his conclusions.

  2. Carr referring to Morrison’s change of attitude to making AS info public when he became minister.

  3. This little black duck

    Perhaps instead of orally it needs to be taken as a suppository ?

  4. The main thing we can take out of this hearing is that the boats are still coming. We’ve just lost our right to know how many.

  5. On the left of the screen you can see the General’s hands. They’re in constant motion. The man is so uncomfortable. He should resign really. I mean for the good of his own health.

  6. “4:30pm: With what could only be described as a whimper, the hearing has been adjourned.
    Committee chair Penny Wright thanks all the witnesses – even Dennis Richardson.
    (Richardson declares the afternoon session to be one of the best hearings he’s attended.)”

    Must be the only one he’s attended.

  7. A question that none are asking. Who are these terrible people smugglers, that this country has called war on. Yes, we have as Morrison keeps telling us, a military action in process.

    We have heard so much about them over the last decade or so, but little that is concrete. Who are they. What are their names. Where do they reside. Why do the refugees pout so much trust in them.

    All we have in our prisons are adolescent and poor fishermen that steered the boats here. Who hired and paid these men?

  8. gigilene
    Yes he did, something about dumping of toxic waste I think. What a shame he doesn’t have one now, he could give Grunt a special mention.

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