Australia Day Raffles

art-353-kangaroo-20pie-200x0It’s Australia Day weekend and I am going to celebrate it.

Yes we have an embarrassing Dickhead as our PM.

And there are some problems in our country atm. but that is not going to stop me celebrating what a great place  it is that we live in, generally in peace and with a much better life than most.

Who is your pick for Australian of the Year .

austoftheyear I for one hope it isn’t a entertainment/sporting recipient, but The Idiot will probably push for one of his mates like Hadley or Jones, or even worse

murdochNot being  a Australian Citizen won,t make any difference to Tony

I’m nominating Neddy  because he Never upsets anyone and is good with kids big and small.

Drink up,smoke em if you got em and want to,pat your pets, give your OH a kiss and a cuddle, walk around the house in your undies with a beer or a glass of wine .

Enjoy what we have .


It could be a lot worse

Have Fun

271 thoughts on “Australia Day Raffles

  1. No umbrage taken here, Leone because I share your views about Labor’s performance in opposition as well as Albanese. Albo had one thing in his favour when he stood for leader, and that was that the media ‘liked’ him and the voters look upon him as a good bloke. This, however, was a bit of turn off for me because of my suspicious nature so far as the media is concerned – they most probably saw him as an easier target than Shorten. I was also somewhat concerned about his backing of Rudd which, to me, left me wondering about his judgement of character, especially after Rudd’s treacherous behaviour after 2010. I agree wholeheartedly that whilst Albo is a nice bloke and Labor to the core, he is not PM material. However, he’d be a marvel compared to the bloody idiot we’ve had foisted upon us.

  2. “I wish Labor voters would stop whinging”

    Because I’m not an expert, I tend to follow my impulses which is probalby not a good thing. I just feel that Labor should make their point a bit stronger when it comes to selective events. My selective event is the relationship with Indonesia. I see it as a major turn for the worse and a worrying one. Surely, more should be done by Labor, and there must be ways of making it known to the public that the Abbott regime might be getting us into war.

  3. Fiona,
    The idiot in action! He’s only been in the job a few months and already he’s left Billy McMahon many miles behind in the race for the gong as Australia’s worst PM.

  4. gigilene,
    It is only my opinion but I think Shorten and Labor are doing the right thing keeping a low profile re Indonesia. A forceful stance at this stage would only have the media slapping them down for “scare mongering”, and the public would believe it to be so and mark Labor down.

  5. Fiona

    Ta for cleaning my ‘can’t be bothered bits’ of postings.

    Without reading back I gather you’ve found a place for your mum nearby – well done.

  6. I was reading the Loon Pond, and I noticed this quote from Sheridan’s article:

    One dynamic that the Abbott government has no control over is the role of the Australian media and the former Labor government.
    Although Indonesia is a much bigger country than Australia, it is one of the few nations where the Australian media casts a shadow. Those elements of the Australian media that hysterically demonised the Abbott policies, in combination with Kevin Rudd’s pronouncements that Mr Abbott’s policies would lead to naval confrontation with Jakarta, played significantly into Indonesian reactions.
    They substantially raised the bar of what a politically respectable nationalist reaction to Australian policies would be in Indonesia.

    Wowee. Have you ever seen such paranoid nonsense? Apparently everything Indonesia knows about the Abbott government they picked up from our leftist media! That’s quite a feat, as I can’t even find a section of our media that could be described as ‘leftist’. Being an inferior country (I can only assume that’s what Sheridan is hinting at here) they can’t think for themselves; they’re like a Twitter troll just looking to be infuriated by something.

    Sheridan’s pulled the tinfoil hat down over his head and is running around screaming incoherently.

    I don’t particularly feel like linking it, I don’t recommend anyone actually read the piece, but for form’s sake:

    I assume that’s the article the quote comes from.

  7. CTar,
    You are welcome.

    Yes – a very pleasant 2BR apartment with plenty of storage, new kitchen and bathroom, and pleasant views over adjoining gardens. 30 seconds’ walk away. What’s more, I can make sure she goes to bed at a respectable hour by glancing out my own bedroom window 😆

  8. janice
    You may be right but what about if you’re wrong? My point is that this tactic might not be the right one. Who’s to know for sure. Even experts have been wrong in the past.

  9. gigi

    Some days ago you said London over Paris as a visit spot and I’ve been meaning to post since.

    Me too. London is vibrant. Paris leaves me cold.

    A major problem now is that 50% of the vehicles sold in the UK are dieisal so the polurtants in the air are bad.

  10. fiona

    Thank you for the quotations. To tell you the truth, once upon a time I would have trusted these words. But after 3 or more years of Abbott as LOTO + his total failures now, I no longer believe in them. I must have lost something.

  11. ctar1

    I didn’t phrase it all that well on that day. I love Paris. It is vibrant and beautiful. I was in London in 1969. In those days you could go to the theatre for so cheap. I love big cities. My very favourite city is Florence.

  12. Aguirre, foreverjanise, leonetwo,
    Thanks for your perspective and reply.
    Just not happy the damage they are doing.
    We shall let them carry on.

  13. Orange Fox,
    You can be sure none of us are happy about the damage these idiot-led bird brains are doing so you are not alone in that regard. Give them 12 months and even their rusted on voters will be wringing their hands in despair for following an idiot leader.

  14. Alan Austin asks:

    Why such an appalling performance? Where are his advisers? Does he think he needs no advice? Or is the whole Coalition this amateurish and oafish — or worse?

    And why, as ABC News highlighted, is he still battling Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard?

    Does this reflect self-doubt about his capacity in the role? They had a vision for the nation; he does not. They had plans to improve the prospects for pensioners, students and people with disabilities; he does not. They nurtured the economy; he cannot. They had character, integrity and authority; he simply does not.,6098

  15. The Insiders program is similar to the Drum. I can’t see its relevance. Yes, leone, all the “relics”, including Bazza should have retired last Xmas. As well as most of the younger ones.

  16. I just had to go and find that Australia Day article. Good Lord! Does Rupert know one of his papers ran with that? It’s all about the core readership of the Daily Smelly. Not to worry though, it seems to have appeared only in the Adealide Daily Advertiser. The bogans in Sydney and elsewhere will never get to see it – not that they read anything anyway.

  17. I agree with the comments re Shorten. It is too early to wipe him off. He at least deserves to be given a fair go. Who knows, it might be someone, that comes across as quiet and not pushy, that the public might decide to trust. Someone who does not have a personality or manner that affront.

    When together, Albanese bounces good off Shorten. Little like good cop, bad cop.

    One thing for sure, the focus must not be taken off Abbot. Not for one minute.

    This week, we have fallen into the trap of getting waylaid by boats. We have to be careful, to stick to Abbott’s beliefs and ideology. That of small government and market forces.

    We have to keep out front, the movement of money from labor to capital. We have to address the inequity that is growing every day, in our society. An inequity that cannot be fixed by market forces.

    Lets give Shorten and the rest of Labor the benefit of the doubt at this time. We might be surprised.

    The big problem, as I see it, labour and its share are being forced out of the picture for many reasons. First, jobs being sourced off shore. Secondly, machines taking over.

    Mr. Abbott, it is not true that Capital has too many restraints. The truth is they now have very few.

    These are things, we the workers and small businesses have to deal with.

    The government has to find a new way, to divvy up that pie between those who control the means of production and the rest of us.

    This is not only an Australian phenomenon, but a global one.

  18. I suspect, that owing to the fact, many of their leaders spent their school and uni days WITHIN THIS COUNTRY, THEY KNOW US PRETTY WELL.

  19. A year ago former environment minister Tony Burke missed the February deadline for nomination of the Cape York Peninsula as a World Heritage area. Negotiations had been dragging on for decades and there was no offical reason given for missing the deadline. This helps explain –

    The World Heritage lisiting does not cover all of Cape York, just selected areas. That is important. Approvals for mining exploration were given a long time ago and guess who has some of those approvals? Gina Rinehart.

    The Abbott government and Greg Hunt will miss this year’s deadline. If I was the cynical type I’d think this further delay is to give Mrs Rinehart more time to finish her exploration and to decide which bits of the cape she wants to destroy. I expect no nomination for World Heritage listing for this area will be made until after she has made her decision.

  20. A very good illustration of the meaning of the word ‘hypocrite’.

    Tony Abbott, 7 April 2013 – in his own electorate
    “I think the Prime Minister shouldn’t use an overseas trip to make domestic political comments.”

    Tony Abbott, 23 January 2013 – Davos.
    “Then, a subsequent government decided that the crisis had changed the rules and that we should spend our way to prosperity.
    The reason for spending soon passed but the spending didn’t stop because, when it comes to spending, governments can be like addicts in search of a fix.

    Click to access 14-01-23_address-to-wef-davos_abbott.pdf

  21. Cosimo I de Medici didn’t like walking along the river – at least, not if he had to walk among the commoners. He had the Vasari Corridor built on the Ponte Vecchio and through, around and on top of other buildings so he could walk from his home to the government HQ without having to mingle with the rabble. He could enjoy views of the river in safety and privacy, he felt insecure when he ventured out in public.

    So there’s an idea for The Idiot – have a tunnel built connecting his digs at the AFP hostel with his office in Parliament House, with a branch connecting to The Lodge for use when the renovations are done. If the March in March crowd get a bit over-excited when they visit Canberra Abbott might be glad of an escape route.

  22. Inflation in action – New helicopters for the RAN. 24 for 3 BILLION Dollars.

    Heavy destroyers Sheffield, Coventry and Glasgow cost 400,000 pounds each – a scandal at the time.

    All trashed, although Glasgow limped on.

  23. The Emperor Domitian had the marble of the walls of the corridors polished so they showed a reflection of what was behind him as he walked……just in case!….they have to watch their backs these tyrants!

  24. Media release from Jenny Macklin, with some facts and figures for Kevin Andrews, because he is either too stupid to keep up to date or he’s just telling lies.

  25. Abbott gives a speech. No press conference after. Not even to talk about chairing the meeting later this year, in this country.

    So no one can check what he meant with his words.

    Once again, we could be hearing, what we think he is saying, not what he thinks he is saying.

    Seems to be the same with the PPL. In the last couple of days, no other schemes allow, to bosses can keep the ones they have now.

  26. Maybe when Abbott went to Uni, he did not get pass the union rooms. Maybe he did not find the lecture halls, or seminar rooms. Same for Oxford. The boxing ring, and I believe or so he says. Seems to have got the rules mixed up with boxing. Was not wanted near cricket.

  27. “It is only my opinion but I think Shorten and Labor are doing the right thing keeping a low profile re Indonesia. A forceful stance at this stage would only have the media slapping them down for “scare mongering”, and the public would believe it to be so and mark Labor down.”

    I agree, also I believe that if Labor try to go too hard on this they would be accused of treachery and supporting illegals. There must be a Newspoll around the corner, considering the amount of news time given to the “Turning the boats Back”.

  28. Good find Leone, I flicked it out there on twitter, its getting a few retweets.
    good article

  29. Fred Chaney is not a bad pick for senior Australia of the Year. Might give Abbott a little headache. One of the better ones, when it comes to indigenous people. Especially so for a politician, a liberal one at that.

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