Australia Day Raffles

art-353-kangaroo-20pie-200x0It’s Australia Day weekend and I am going to celebrate it.

Yes we have an embarrassing Dickhead as our PM.

And there are some problems in our country atm. but that is not going to stop me celebrating what a great place  it is that we live in, generally in peace and with a much better life than most.

Who is your pick for Australian of the Year .

austoftheyear I for one hope it isn’t a entertainment/sporting recipient, but The Idiot will probably push for one of his mates like Hadley or Jones, or even worse

murdochNot being  a Australian Citizen won,t make any difference to Tony

I’m nominating Neddy  because he Never upsets anyone and is good with kids big and small.

Drink up,smoke em if you got em and want to,pat your pets, give your OH a kiss and a cuddle, walk around the house in your undies with a beer or a glass of wine .

Enjoy what we have .


It could be a lot worse

Have Fun

271 thoughts on “Australia Day Raffles

  1. Let’s sort out Abbott’s alleged boxing skills.

    Abbott’s boxing is a huge lie. He was a rugby player at Sydney Uni. These days he loves boasting about ‘when I played rugby at uni…..’ as if it had been a great achievement. It wasn’t. He didn’t take up boxing until he was at Oxford and he did it after a dare during a night of heavy drinking. His entire boxing career lasted for just four bouts, with a total of just five rounds.

    In his first bout, against Cambridge, he knocked his opponent out cold in 45 seconds. His second, against a cadet officer from Sandhurst Royal Military College, was also over in the first round. His third bout, against a marine who had fought in the Falklands War and “a much bigger man”, was won by Abbott on a TKO when his opponent took his fifth standing count in the second round.

    In the fourth and final fight of his career, he triumphed for the second time over a Cambridge man – the bout again being stopped in the first round–not-the-greatest-but-a-fighter-20091204-kb20.html

    His few rounds were enough to win him a blue in boxing because his opponents were even worse boxers than he was. There was no ability or sporting skill involved, just a bit of luck. Sorry to bust the idea that Abbott’s weird speech is due to too many hits in the head while boxing – he was never given a knock-out blow.

  2. leonetwo, as usual, most is fake about this man, except for his ability to lie. Sadly, that is real.

    Is the missus with Abbott?

  3. How about that – The Idiot having to shake hands with an anti-racist activist indigenous Australian of the Year.

  4. Has Margie given up her job. Where are they to live. He obviously has not moved into the house, we the taxpayers are paying for.

    Is there something suspect, about a PM is dossing down with young police. What about the separation of power. One would think it would be better if the twain did not meet.

  5. Fed up
    Last I heard the Abbotts were moving into Kirribilli House and a lot of money was being spent on normal maintenance and some new furnishings, like a $13,000 rug for the family room. The house we were renting in Canberra was about to be leased to a new tenant, I’m not sure if that has happened yet.

    Margie is still working at the childcare centre – she signed their January newsletter. Follow the link at the side of the page –
    Heaven knows what the security for that job is costing us – there’s be an escort to and from work, a few bodyguards lurking around the place and probably a lot more. Then there will be Abbott’s flights to Canberra and back . He and Margie have to maintain that happy family image. We are expected to believe this bastard and his greedy family are trying to save us money by having him stay in a hostel when he’s in Canberra. How dumb does he think we are?

  6. From Wixxy

    Nifty_26 says:

    January 25, 2014 at 5:26 pm

    Did you not meet up with Smith? Do you still have the same high regard for this bloke? on another note – If anyone lives in Adelaide and going to the cricket tomorrow you could make up a banner

    – We will give you back the Ashes if you agree to take back Tony Abbott.

    We should start organising protests at the footy, open air concerts, etc by displaying the truth about these people, Abbott, Abetz, Brandis, Bishop, Murdoch, Rienhart IPA, and others. Get the information out there rather than banners that support unions and other things make banners with facts about the people that are calling unions and other protesters thugs, dole bludgers, greenies, etc. Lets put the truth about them right back in their face and then watch the reporting, conversations and questions being talked about.

    My response
    I love the idea of the poms taking the idiot back to England.
    Go for it Adelaide!

  7. Well that’s weird. St Ives Occasional Care has vanished from the interwebs. Their website is out of date although that might be fixed next week when they return to work. To make things even more mysterious it is not listed on the MyChild website. It should be. A veil of secrecy seems to have been drawn around the place.

  8. “Sorry to bust the idea that Abbott’s weird speech is due to too many hits in the head while boxing – he was never given a knock-out blow.”
    You mean to say he was born stupid?!

  9. Andrew,
    My congratulations to Mr 5 on his impending anniversary, and to you for your first Guardian article.

    Very nice (in the proper sense) work.

  10. TLB,
    Did you see the idiot talking to the senior Chaney while the lady was singing.
    Totally rude and ignorant.
    total pig

  11. Janice…When one is born into a catholic house, one is born into ignorance….it takes knowledge to leave religion behind with one’s childhood!

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