It is moi’s pleasure and privilege to present The Pub’s patrons with the latest …

The Boss is – in his words – “unavoidably and unexpectedly stuck …” so he asked me to be

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*mrowww – THAT’s better …*

So, meine Damen und Herren, on – or off (depending on the temperature in your neck of the woods) with the motley, and let our fantastic Fryday festivities flourish.

CK Watt is our Rafflemeister extraordinaire, though he too will be a little late this afternoon.

And remember how lucky we are to live in such a wonderful country (despite the present Government) in such a wonderful world …

(Special hat-tip to my dear friend Mari from over the road, who sent me the link just as I was about to start the presses.)


391 thoughts on “It is moi’s pleasure and privilege to present The Pub’s patrons with the latest …

  1. I’m trying to get through to someone on Twitter right now. She can’t understand why Quentin Bryce won’t ‘help Australia’ by kicking out the government.

    I’ve heard this line from one of my relatives. Unfortunately there are a lot of people out there who don’t realise that when you elect a government, you’re stuck with them for the term and you can’t just get rid of them arbitrarily when you’ve decided you don’t like them anymore.

  2. GL
    That thought was doing the rounds before the election – people saying they would vote for Abbott and if they didn’t like him they’d just get rid of him. They could never eplain how they would do that. Too much listening to Alan Jones and his ilk ranting about getting rid of the government must have rotted what little brains they had. Ignorant fools. I hope they are enjoying what they inflicted on us all.

  3. leonetwo
    That was the trouble with the 2GB protests at parliament house! Most (if not all) of the protesters and the “shock jocks” had no idea about the constitution the system of government or even a basic understanding of how it worked, they thought you turn up demand the GG sack the government he/she will call a new election and the senate will just do as they are told! And the right call us crazy!

  4. Jason
    Exactly. Our media didn’t bother presenting the facts, they ran with the garbage too.

    Apparently ‘grounds’ for the GG to sack the government include “Human rights, lack of any direction, inflaming Indonesia, Debt Ceiling”, to quote my tweeter. All of it is bad news, none of it is grounds for dismissing the government, especially not when half the voters think it’s all OK. That’s where all this demanding the GG ‘do something’ comes unstuck. This is a democracy. The government we have now, like the one before it, was legitimately elected.

  5. Technically there is nothing stopping the GG from sacking Abbott, commissioning Shorten as PM and dissolving the Reps for an early election.
    Of course this won’t happen, and would be completely idiotic. As much as I despise Abbott and his lunatics, I do not want to see this happen either.

  6. The cricket tonight has been a doddle for the Australian team.

    Assorted reports is about denigrating assorted cricketers and the various managements.

    Can’t we just enjoy watching experts?

  7. We are dirty on Channel Nine is this househould. The Tour Down Under started today and my Mum, who watches EVERY tour, could not find the coverage on TV,
    A quick google found Ch9 highlights at 11[m each night of the Tour, and that is for all the states, not just Adelaide.

    The TDU site sys we can watch it lived streamed to the Ch9 WWS website, but as for TV> Nada, nix, verboten.

    Ferk Ch9 and all who sail in it, twice over with a barbed wire dildo.

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