Half Birthday (illustrations to follow)

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In a few moments I will be 58.5 years old.

My half-birthday was an important feature of my life when a child: my father’s family was small, and for various reasons we didn’t have much to do with them, My mother came from a large Scots family, in whose company I endured many large Christmas / New Year celebrations, but mostly it was just the four of us: mum, dad, the dog, and me. More particularly because we lived in Canberra (I’m talking mid-late 50s and 1960s).

So I felt a bit cheated about birthday celebrations – there weren’t enough of them. Especially because my father and I were born on the same day.

Now, back then my mother wasn’t the greatest of cooks, but she adopted very early the concept of the Clock Cake (illustration to follow). When I was about 5 years old I had this wonderful idea: what about a half birthday celebration with the big hand pointing to the 6 instead of to the 12?

My darling mother duly obliged, so we had another small family celebration (and I have no doubt that she was mightily relieved when I became a teenager).

So far all this has been a personal indulgence.

What I would like Pubsters to do now (other than the usual Pubster thing, which is to comment upon whatever takes our fancy) is to suggest appropriate birthday presents for public (including Pubster) figures.

Yes, I know, totally frivolous – but It’s Too Darn Hot


429 thoughts on “Half Birthday (illustrations to follow)

  1. Got a bit of a fire going down south from us…moving in a sth-east dir’…they expect a southerly change later on…that could make things exciting!

  2. At this time I am happy with the silence from Labor. Leaves a big vacuum that Abbott cannot avoid. I suspect many on his side, feel the same way.

    We need to keep the focus on the government at all times

    I like , Labor isn’t biting back, everytime the government blames the previous government.

    To do so, only diverts the attention back to Labor. We know fro0m our visitors, deying the slurs leads one nowhere.

    I would have concerns, if one did not know, Labor is capable of hitting back, with passion.

    Labor does not need to be where Abbott wants them, busily defending the past.

    Labor needs to fight hard, which I believe it will. It needs to pick the battles they take on well. It does not need to say no no no It does not need to say every day how bad Abbott is. The public, left to their own devices will work that one out themselves.

    All attention needs to be focused on this government.

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