Hallelujah. Raffle Nights 2014 begin.







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  1. Section 2 . . .

    This could be an interesting showdown.
    David Rowe sees off Sharon.
    MUST SEE!! Alan Moir nails Fraudband.

    Matt Campbell is back from holidays with a classic on the lifeboats.

  2. Robb was hobknobbing with movie stars at G’day Aus day in Los Angles and he said that the secret Pacific Free Trade deal is nearly a done deal. It does not look like it as the Democrats are complaining that the corporations know what in the deal but no one else does like here in Australia. If you have been read Choice campaign and this comes to pass corporations will own us. Any law that corps. don,t like they can take it to international court bypassing the High Court..


  3. Seems to me Abbott, Bernardi & Co.are misreading the Australian public, if they think a return to “Traditional Values” will be received well here.

    For one thing, Australia doesn’t have the religious tradition (particularly the Protestant religious tradition) and history that America has… something that is a precondition for a Tea Party-type revolution.

    In fact our tradition is more anti-religious; if not criminal then at least anti-Establishment. We’ve come to mock pomposity, not to celebrate it.

    The Great Fraud that Abbott has perpetrated on the Australian public – that he is all things to all men and women – will eventually be revealed for what it is. You just can’t fool all of the people, all of the time.

    My Holiday Barbecue Index is running solidly against Abbott. Despite some throwbacks (like my Global Warming/Scientists Caught In The Ice Ha-Ha interlocutor, reported elsewhere), the general gist of conversations around the steak and snags has been overwhelmingly negative for Abbott. Many who voted for him (or whom I assume voted for him) are openly disparaging. He’s made the classic business model mistake of touting a product that does not have much support from the punters, from a position of under-capitalization. People didn’t like him much beforehand, and they like him even less now. Sure, it can work sometimes, but you need someone more lappealing and charismatic than Tony Abbott to pull it off.

    Add to this the culture of whingeing that he used to bring the punters onside. It’s a Frankenstein’s monster which will ultimately tire of murdering villagers, and then turn on its creator. It already has.

    However, you have to give Abbott, his minders, and Murdoch points for getting over the finish line. On the other hand, the general Barbecue Index gist is that the race was nobbled. Many who voted for him will privately admit that, but are not yet ready to swap sides publicly. This will only become more apparent, not less. Pap pieces in the SMH on how he is St. Francis of Assisi reincarnated, flying Economy (the modern day equivalent of riding on the back of an ass) just will not cut it with the proles, as they struggle to fund their kids’ education or deal with the health of their families.

    I’m ambivalent about the fate of Fairfax. On the one hand they’re getting what they deserve. They allowed their political writers a free rein to indulge themselves and their employer in mindless Group Think, and (worse) to take sides. Now that their boy has got up, they’ve changed their tune, far too late. On the other hand, it’s a shame that hardly anyone reads their newspapers anymore. I don’t know exactly what their circulation is, but judging from the remainders left in my local supermarket, it can’t be encouraging. Looking at their web sites, The Age and the SMH are virtually identical, resorting even to duplicating stories here and there on there front page by the cheap option of changing headlines. A sure sign of too much space and too little content. Well, they would sack half their staff, wouldn’t they? Imagine you had a newspaper, and nobody to write stuff for it. That’s Fairfax’s “grand plan”, apparently. It surely can’t be sustained for long.

    Murdoch, on the other hand is still putting out the usual crap. There’s very little “Whither the media?” soul-searching going on in the pages of The Daily Telegraph. And what there is of it in The Australian is based on the crumbling misconception (and self-deception) that it’s a proper newspaper. Stamping “Exclusive” on anything within coo’ee of the front page doesn’t make it so. Eventually the dichotomy between the lawlessness of their management and the piousness of their editorial line will become too apparent. Actually charging readers for wanting to read their rubbish is the final insult.

    Murdoch has come here to make his last stand,and to show the Gnomes Of New York – the Jews, the Ivy League bankers and the privileged… the Establishment he has always hated so much – how to run a bootstrap news organization… just like he did in the old days.

    There are also elements in Murdoch’s return to Australia of the Mafia buying up Las Vegas. Like Las Vegas became a “Mob town”, Murdoch has visions of Australia becoming a “Murdoch nation”. He’s rigged the elections. He’s bought the local legislators. Now he’s about to start running The Skim under their benevolent eye… or so he thinks. The one thing he forgot was The Punters. They like an honest game, and Murdoch’s is a crooked as a dog’s hind leg.

    Some of the pathetic efforts to talk-up Abbott have been laughable. If this is the best they can do, it wouldn’t surprise me if Abbott goes much sooner than anyone expected. The Coalition is riven by rivalries and diametrically opposed views. This is just starting to come out, with the sniping surrounding the Bernardi Musings. There will be more. You can’t keep all that intra-party hatred confined for long. You’d think they’d have at least learned that lesson.

    We need to be patient as the Coalition eats away at itself. It had – and has – no policy base, no ideals to peddle, only anger and dissatisfaction, and feeding their mates.

    The Abbott-Murdoch mafia made us an offer we can’t refuse. They forced themselves upon us, virtually mandating that we made them partners in the business or else they’d wreck the joint. It’s a protection racket…”Nice little country you got here. Pity if sumpin’ was to happen to it”. Things can only get worse until we (the national “We”) twig that we’ve been had; that the phoney dramas and ultimatums, the false tensions and brinkmanship were just invented mechanisms to get them elected. It seems, from the polls, that privately the punters have already acknowledged it. Public recanting and retribution can’t be far behind. Bring on the WA Senate election!

    Ultimately we ARE a democracy and we DO have elections. Despite what some have said, Abbott’s is more the gang that couldn’t shoot straight than a disciplined quasi-Nazi party that is prepared to start a real war just to stay in power.

    This isn’t 1936. It’s 2014. There will be a day of reckoning, and – I think – sooner rather than later.

    Patience, precious.

  4. The Victorian Speaker, much hated by the balance-of-power rogue ex-lib MP Geoff Shaw, won’t be sticking around. No word yet if he’s staying in his Speaker job until the elelction.

  5. But…but….Mesma ALWAYS goes to the G’day Australia thing, always. Why wasn’t she there with Robb?
    For years Jules has made an annual holiday trip to the US and she always gets to G’day Australia. She usually paid for her trips herself, but last year was different, she claimed her attendance as part of a ‘study tour’ and as ‘offical overseas business’.
    Her report –

    Click to access P32_OST_BISHOP_Julie.pdf

    Her entitlements claim – $12,087.17

    Click to access P32_BISHOP_Julie.pdf

    This is Jules at last year’s gala (or should that be galah) black tie event, showing off her weird fondness for draping herself with dead crows.

    She didn’t get her trip this year. Today she’s representing Ausatralia at the memorial service for Sharon, even though she’d much rather have been hobnobbing with the stars in the US. I hope she left the black feathers at home this time.

  6. http://www.canberratimes.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/gps-oppose-insurers-covering-cost-of-visits-for-fear-of-switching-20140112-30osv.html


  7. ” I think – sooner rather than later.”

    I believed that Abbott would be quickly kicked out at the first opportunity, but now I am not so sure.

    When one looks at how big business has been handed the role in running this government. Business appears to be saying, this has to happen, and it does.

    They spend a short time, going through all government regulations with business, and presto, they have 8000 ready to be repealed.

    They have far right business men or their reps on every advisory body they have set up.

    One can only hope, that there are some decent Coalition members that are as scared as we are, and say enough is enough.

    Trouble is, there does not appear to be any.

    We can hope that small business wakes up to the fact, they are being strafed along with workers.

  8. It is a shame, that the new pope did not establish his authority, by picking some laity, even a woman among those new cardinals. He does not have to appoint cardinals from the priesthood. Gender does not matter.

  9. There are no representatives of workers appointed on any of the Advisery Boards set up by this Abbott Govt,

  10. Clerical celibacy in the church could lead to the sexual abuse of children, and even women that has arisen, What is more likely is the fact that women are denied any authority roles within the church.

    If the Pope cannot bring himself to allow women to enter the priesthood, he can give women equal roles to that of the men, to bring women into the decision making process of the church.

    The days are gone, that women are happy to be ruled by men, whether it is in the church, family or in governments.

  11. Julia got rid of this rort but Sindones has brought it back in. It is called trailing commissions and it was used in the insurance industry. Besides getting an upfront commission the agent gets a decreasing commission every time you paid a premium. Financial agents got it until Julia put a stop to it and now it has been brought back in as it reduces red tape.


  12. No workers and no community representatives. Just those from right wing think tanks and big business.

    I also believe no-one from the PS itself.,

    All advisory bodies have been dismantled by Abbott. Some that were ready to deliver papers, and coming to the end of their role. All thrown out. The same seems to be happening with regulations. Whether they are of value, or are needed does not seem to count.

    It seems to be about giving big and I suspect global business a free go., That statement that Australia is open for business, does not ring so pleasing now.,

  13. To become a cardinal you must first be a priest. In 1962 Pope John XXIII ordained that only bishops can become cardinals, with some dispensations for very old priests. The Pope most definitely cannot choose anyone he likes, certainly no-one from the laity and most definitely not women. It’s all enshrined in Canon Law. Here –

  14. I read somewhere recently, that one does not have to be a priest to become a cardinal. It is true that they always have been a priest.

    I assume, that one had to be a priest.

    I afraid I cannot remember where I read that, but the article did seem to carry authority.

  15. UK & Australian front pages in these links



  16. “And God Created Woman”: Roger Vadim.

    Wish the Pope would fully realise this truth and make full use of woman’s countless abilities.

  17. Fed up
    So it was just a bit of gossip based on ‘unconfirmed’ rumours about who the Pope might appoint. Well, whoever wrote that was wrong. The appointments have been announced and there are, of course, no women. A simple bit of fact checking by whatever twit wrote that piece would have been a good idea. The Guardian let itself down by running with it.

    The rank of Cardinal is the highest you can go in the Catholic Church unless you make it to Pope. It’s an honour, you work your way up to that position over many years. As there are no women priests – yet – there cannot be any female cardinals.

    I’d like to see the Pope announce the excommunication of one particular cardinal. There are good grounds, Pell has been preaching the opposite of the Vatican’s teachings on climate change and a few other faith-related things and he has a shady past with allegations of sexual assault that have never been disproved. Priests have been kicked out for less.

  18. gigilene

    It seems that Abbott relies too much on older men.

    A journo noted a while back that a feature of Abbott’s life has since his high school days he has had a series of older men who have taken on a mentoring role.

  19. gigi

    “And God Created Woman”: Roger Vadim.

    I think his thing was that he did not pretend to understand but realised that women are the majority of the population.

  20. A journo noted a while back that a feature of Abbott’s life has since his high school days he has had a series of older men who have taken on a mentoring role.
    Grooming him?

  21. Well, if women are not buying into the church hierarchy, I suspect it will have a bleak future. What one Pope does, the next can reverse.

    The church is not the priests and the Pope. It is made up of the congregation. Without that, it is nothing.

  22. Bushfire Bill,

    … you need someone more lappealing and charismatic than Tony Abbott to pull it off

    (my emphasis)

    I’m not poking fun at your typo, BB. I just wanted to say that the addition to our lexicon immediately conjured up images of a post-Parliamentary career for PMBO …

    Unfortunately, while appropriate images abound, none is suitable for publication at a family-friendly Pub.

  23. http://www.crikey.com.au/2014/01/13/the-big-oil-backed-climate-denier-who-hoodwinked-fairfax/
    free article
    The Big Oil-backed climate denier who hoodwinked Fairfax
    Elaine McKewon | Jan 13, 2014 12:43PM

    “Expert reviewer” John McLean wrote a climate denialist opinion piece in the Fairfax media — despite its papers vowing not to. Researcher Elaine McKewon asks: just who is John McLean, anyway?

  24. free article

    SA election preview: Labor could hold on, but does it matter?
    Tom Richardson | Jan 13, 2014 9:43AM

    Neither Labor nor the Liberals are particularly inspiring in South Australia, writes InDaily commentator and Channel Nine political reporter Tom Richardson.

    There is always much accompanying hyperbole and platitudes in the interminable lead-up to any given electoral contest. We will be told the March 15 South Australian poll is the most important in a generation. It’s not, of course. In fact, on balance, it’s among the least important in a generation.

    It’s certainly excited far less interest than any that have preceded it this century. There remains little clue about the Liberals’ plan for government, and the Opposition Leader himself remains a largely unknown proposition, both as a politician and an ideologue. And, while there is a vague sense that Labor has run its course after 12 years in power, the departure of much of the Rann-era cabinet coupled with the demise of the ALP federally appears to have dissipated the rabid mood for change that had government heads bowed with foreboding for much of this third term. Indeed, of Mike Rann’s initial 13-member cabinet, only Premier Jay Weatherill himself remains, and there are signs there is life yet in his leadership after a year of turmoil.

  25. The word ‘senior’ here needs to be taken with a tonne of salt, the offending Mr Gear is barely old enough to be allowed out alone after dark.

    Senior Gold Coast LNP member Tim Gear admits to trolling online

    According to his LinkedIn account little Tim is a uni student. Until two years ago he worked in Woolworths, probably as a part-time after-school job, although in typical LNP fashion he has a different spin on that. If this is what is chairing an LNP branch them the bottom of the barrel must have been well and truly scraped a long time ago.

  26. http://blogs.crikey.com.au/planetalking/2014/01/12/london-airports-hint-at-capital-strike-as-charges-are-cut/

    London airports hint at capital strike as charges are cut
    Ben Sandilands | Jan 12, 2014 3:09PM

    Some light Sunday reading for those who wonder about the wisdom of Australian governments selling natural monopolies like airports to private shareholders is to be found in the UK media over a crackdown on some London airport charges.

    As stories like this suggest, the issue has put the public and the airlines on the same side of the ‘barricades’ in this long running British brawl. Finance sector media, like Bloomberg, deal more fully with the in-your-face threat of a capital strike by the owners of London Heathrow and London Gatwick.

    And it is an issue that may flare up again in Sydney for example, where the Abbott Government is due to ‘soon’ announce a decision on a go ahead with an in-principle approval of the private development of a second airport at the Badgerys Creek site.

  27. From Crikey’s tips and Rumours today – sorry, it’s locked, but this is all it says on this anyway.

    Turn back the boats? Not on my watch. There’s a rumour doing the rounds in Perth, we’re told, that a current Australian naval captain is willing to defy orders to turn the boats back to Indonesia. “Basically, he sees it as a contravention of international law and therefore it is justifiable to disobey orders,” one mole says. Now that could get interesting …


  28. Re that news article I posted above, see these two good AFR blog posts. One from today & one earlier, both free.


    Morgan appointment another win for ‘too-big-to-fail’ banks
    Christopher Joye

    Chalk up the mooted appointment of former Westpac CEO and specialist bank investor, David Morgan, to advise Joe Hockey’s financial inquiry as another win for the “too-big-to-fail” major banks that are meant to be the prime target of the review.

    The sector’s powerful lobby group, the Australian Bankers Association, will be happy that its ex-chairman will join the 39-year veteran and boss of CBA, David Murray, a decade-long director of Westpac, Carolyn Hewson, and the outgoing head of AMP and its banking subsidiary, Craig Dunn.


    Why the big banks will still rule
    PUBLISHED: 10 Jan 2014 15:19:00 | UPDATED: 13 Jan 2014 08:04:21
    Christopher Joye

    Joe Hockey’s “Son of Wallis” financial system inquiry, which will deliver its interim report by mid-2014, could have enduring ramifications for the banks that make up one-third of Australia’s sharemarket.

    The question is, will it flatten the competitive playing field and offer smaller players a return on equity boost, as the bosses of Bendigo & Adelaide Bank and Bank of Queensland hope? Or could it entrench the regulated advantages of the four oligopolists?

    Anyone with exposure to Australia’s $450 billion banking sector should understand the threshold policy issues the inquiry will traverse, and start formulating probabilities on the outcomes. A careful analysis suggests it is unlikely to champion radical changes that will disrupt the status quo. This would be good news for investors in the majors, and bad news for everybody else – including their competitors and, more significantly, taxpayers.

  29. Mungo MacCallum writing for The Drum on the situation with Indonesia, asylum seekers and war –

    The head of the Indonesian parliament’s foreign affairs committee, Mahfudz Siddiq, has said that the lifeboat ploy means that he Australian government plans to become a people smuggler itself, despatching boat loads of unauthorised immigrants into another country’s territorial waters. And, as the Australian Navy has been used to repel boats from Indonesia, so the Indonesian navy may have to repel the boats from Australia. The situation could escalate quickly and very dangerously. Suddenly Kevin Rudd’s pre-election warnings of a possible military confrontation between to the two countries look a lot less fanciful.


    Funny, isn’t it, how those pre-election warnings from Julia Gillard on abortion and Kevin Rudd on Abbott’s asylum seeker policies – the ones our media mocked as ‘playing the gender card’ and ‘reckless’ – have turned out to be spot on.

    Rudd’s words on a possible conflict with Indonesia –

  30. Leone2

    Furthermore, I understand Abbot mouthpiece, Greg Sheridan, is now boasting how Abbot has engineered a situation where the Indonesians are lying to their own people. This will be noted abroad.

    There was a good opinion on the John Menadue blog, pointing out the opinion of the expert panel saying the situation did not exist for safe boat turnarounds. Presumably this was confirmed by Defence and Hurley at the time. Still, the Libs preferred to go with the opinion of some retired general, if I remember rightly. Fools rush in…

  31. Five book stores today, not one stocks The Conservative Revolution. Fun fact though – Cory's book is distributed by Rainbow Press.— Rob Stott (@Rob_Stott) January 13, 2014

    Two more follow-on tweets from Rob Stott –
    “Two book shops openly mocked me for even asking the question”
    “I guess no one stocking Cory’s book is the free market in action”

    To be fair……. I did a quick search at three online Aussie booksellers I buy stuff from, they all had Corgi’s book. If you want it (I can’t imagine why anyone would) then forget traipsing around book shops and buy online. For a perfectly good reason one search came up with three books, Corgi’s latest, an older book of his and this –
    Here’s the reason – two of the many contributors are named ‘Cory’ something and ‘Flavia De Bernardis’. Search engines can be so wildly enthusiatic sometimes. It looks a whole lot more interesting than Corgi’s tome. I can’t wait to get stuck into ‘Innate and Adaptive Immunity against Candida species infections in the Gastrointestinal Tract’. It might help me overcome the pain in the gastrointestinal tract I get whenever I see PMBO or Corgi on TV.

  32. 1st poll, only Morgan…

    “Finding No. 5371 – This multi-mode Morgan Poll on Federal voting intention was conducted via SMS and face-to-face interviewing on the weekends of January 4/5 & 11/12, 2014 with an Australia-wide cross-section of 2,527 Australian electors aged 18+, of all electors surveyed 1.5% (up 0.5%) did not name a party.” No on-line or phone portion,so I put less weight on the SMS & especially face to face. But interesting that it hasn’t shifted.


    Click to access 5371-Fed-Vote-January-13-2014.pdf

    Note respondant pref vs allocated pref. Allocated = ALP 53 / LNP 47 TPP

    I expect we will get an Essential Poll tomorrow, and maybe even a Newspoll (which is mainly on Tuesdays post election), although no one at NewsCorp has hinted at it on twitter, and they sometimes start later in January anyway.

  33. Abbott has spent all his political capital, which was just spare coins anyway, raided his piggy bank for a left over 10c piece and has nothing left. The only thing keeping him from being turfed out on the streets is the largesse of Unca Roop, and if Roopey loses interest, Tones will never live in the refurbished Lodge. Now that would be delicious.

  34. Greg Hunt has issued a statement on the first flight of his special whaling patrol plane in which he claims it was a great success.

    Grunt forgot a bit of vital information –

    Sea Shepherd captain Peter Hammarstedt said the aircraft circled his ship, the Bob Barker, for about eight minutes on Sunday morning and came close enough to be clearly identified. No contact was made.


    Eight freaking minutes. Wow! And, I suppose, another eight minutes hovering over the Yushin Maru No 3, the only Japanese vessel they could find. And then back to base before the fuel ran out.

    Here’s a message for Grunt and his weasel of a boss. You are trying to stop the wrong boats.

  35. Hard to get excited about a poll. Until an election is called we are stuck with these idiots. Too late now to vote the right way, they’ll have to wait probably another two and a half years, by then all the damage that can possibly be done, will be done.

  36. We now know why Abbott broke into his holiday to stir up hate against asylum seekers on commercial radio and Channel 10

    Yes, it could be he fears the polls..

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