Alpha – II

Ian’s allegory continues …

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The Alpha female leaves the mountain having seen the conflict. Its beginnings, its aftermath. She moves toward the shadows. She seeks an understanding of what drives the darkness.

She has seen some of her own pack swallowed by darkness. From within. From without. They live in the dusky light of an uncertain future.

Those of the shadows emerge into the light. Their true ugliness not disguised by the aggressive stance and swagger. These are the ones who prey upon the sick, wounded and runt. Not for survival, but for sport. A cabal of the weak. A cluster of the impuissant.

The pack, her pack, retreat. Defeated?, yes. Vanquished? Never. They still belong to the territory, the territory still to them. An immutable bond forged by generations, of births, of deaths, of seasons of plenty and of naught. They are watchful. Ever wary of the surprise attack, the food denied. Not by those who hunger, but by those seek control over strengths they can never understand. Those that cower and cringe before the alpha male, then slink in his shadow, need the control. They seek a power denied them for too long. They seek it from the bloodied, the broken and the dead.

The Alpha female steps cautiously into the shadows. A foreboding grips her. An uneasiness borne of many battles fought. Both won and lost. She seeks the pack that controls the alpha male. The pack he cringes and cowers to. She seeks their leader. The supreme alpha and a dominant female.

That they exist is of no doubt.

Their spore permeates all around. The sour stench of their territory marking waters. Their scat willingly dispersed by the air scavengers. Once a clean, invigorating force for life, the air now hangs dead. Oppressive, stultifying and sour.

But there is life in this place … this darkness. Life that sees only the kill, that rejoices in the corpse. Never understanding that even the corpse, by its very decay, sustains life and helps give birth to the very innocence they seek to destroy.

This is the lair of the supreme alpha.

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Finding a tussock on the bank of a dry creek, a comfortable way from the lair, the Alpha female settles to watch, to wait, to learn. She observes and learns much about the supreme alphas’ pack – those she had seen coming out of the shadows and who had, once, annoyed her with their constant yapping and nipping. She now understood that they were many, each returning to the shadows only to be replaced by another. All cringed and cowered before the supreme alpha. All rolling in the scat dropped by the air scavengers, each revelling in the power of the supreme alpha. None notice that their toxic slavering eats at their strengths till none exists. They have become the worst of life. They live, as do all sycophants, but only just. When the supreme alpha passes so shall they. The irony of their deaths feeding new and exciting life is lost on them.

Having observed enough the Alpha female begins to leave. The supreme alpha emerges from his lair. She stays. Observes.

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He is frailer than she remembered. His sparse coat shows the inevitable mange that age bestows. His fangs worn, cracked, yellow. His puce-coloured tongue lolls out of his mouth as he gasps for breath. Young females gather around him. He accepts the regurgitated meat they spew at his feet and begins to eat. He looks shrivelled, dry, worn out. Then he turned, saw her, and she looked into his eyes.

Expecting hate, passion, fire, she saw only a cold malice fed by a malignancy too deep to ever be understood. They were the eyes of one who had died long ago. Then the Alpha female understood what she was seeing. Dry and shrivelled as he is, he needs the malice to keep alive. He needs to feed from the malignancy within even more than it needs to feed off him. Finally, she looked into the maw and began to know him. Why many of the weak and corrupt followed him. A nobility of purpose that gives strength to pack or individual scares them. To him, nobility of purpose is a weakness to be exploited, scorned, derided. He gives them an open cruelty; they repay with cowering obeisance. The weak and corrupt are his for as long as he has use of them.

Yet the supreme alpha didn’t wield true power. His was a power built on the willing subservience of the lesser. On those that surrender, to him, their chance to enjoy a pure sunlight, to drink of a sweet, clean creek, to taste the meat of an honourable kill. Those that sacrifice what they could have been for what they have become. A power built, not on what the heart is capable of, but of what it is denied. The power he used for so long has always been a mirage. Some take the mirage as truth or substance. Many more do not.

A rustle behind her forced the Alpha female to break eye contact.

A younger female, dominant, stood below in the dry creek bed. The Alpha female recognised her as the consort of the alpha male and confidante of the supreme alpha.

She leapt, wanting to rip, tear and shred a throat, vulnerable to her fangs and jaws. To feel the last of breathes expelled from dying lungs. The Alpha female did none of this. She swerved, landed and turned to the dominant one and studied her.

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What she saw gave her pause for reflection. Again seeing a lust for dangerous power – yet no understanding of the uncontrollable nature of what power can be. Power, in its true essence, is impartial: belongs only to itself; returns to itself. To believe that it can be subverted at will is the purest of folly. A dangerous folly.

The Alpha female broke from her study of the dominant female. It was time to head back to the mountain. There was much to think about, much to consider.

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  1. I’ve not seen anything about it online yet, but one of the stories on the news here was that in a local town today with temperatures around 44degC, fruit bats were falling out of the sky, dead, due to the extreme heat.
    Dead bats were shown in back yards, and in and around a local pond where they were flying around and dipping in the water in a desperate attempt to keep cool.
    Response shown from local residents in the story?
    Wtte: “It’s disgusting. The government should just cull the whole lot of them.”
    The current Qld Government has reinforced this type of attitude by removing fruit bat protections put in place by Labor.
    Sometimes, I just don’t get people at all.

    Sadly, this is something we’re likely to see a lot more of. From a bit of reading here and there, it seems that once the temperature reaches around 42degC, fruit bats are unable to adequately regulate their body heat, and die from heat stress.
    Young bats are particularly vulnerable.

  2. Prime Minister Tony Abbott was busy yesterday, fronting up on two shows, Wake Up and Nine’s coverage of the Ashes.

    First he was ‘surprised’ by Natarsha Belling in an unscheduled and shirtless interview while surfing at Queenscliff beach.

    surprised? yeah right, do they really want us to believe that Peta would allow an interviewer to have an unscheduled interview???

  3. First he was ‘surprised’ by Natarsha Belling

    No matter how prepared our Tones could be ‘surprised’.

  4. And from the Land of the Free –

    Some cartoons on the Russian Winter Olympics.
    North Carolina No thanks!
    Someone’s got the right idea. FoxNews will be on his case, I bet.
    Here is the full line up for the “Best of 2013 FoxNews Tournament”.
    Penn and Teller call “bullshit” on anti-vaccination.

  5. “Does the Coalition understand the difference between price and cost?”

    And “value” is an unknown concept.

  6. In that story about government upsetting australian manufacturers, why does the gov need $100million worth of tissue paper, what do they use tissue paper for?

  7. I feel like I’m in an alternate reality this morning…. Watching Sunrise, which I normally never do, saw an interview with Tim Flannery that asked intelligent Q’s, asked Tim to explain climate myths like the recent comments about warming Vs ships stuck in Ice, & the work of the IPCC and they didn’t interrupt with rude or negative Q’s/comments. and later, when someone emailed in saying Tim is just a Palaeontologist, what does he know about climate – Andrew (?) defended him by explaining his qualification to review the science and defended the scientific method. Then went on to ask why people would believe 97/100 doctors who said they had cancer, but not 97/100 climate scientists… If the interview goes up on Utube or on the 7 website, worth a look and putting on Twitter.

  8. Hi Every-one
    Just popped in to introduce you to my new gravatar. Her name is Kira. She is a great little dog & my constant companion. Yep she does her very best to keep me off the streets & out of trouble which she manages about 90% of the time. I do how ever to get myself into trouble the other 10% just to keep her on her toes.
    She is 12, full of arthritis & was just diagnosed with “Cushings Disease” but she battles on regardless. Like me she is about 2 years old mentally but physically, we are both more like a couple of ships which have hit a big rock or 3…. “Wrecked” but we haven’t gone under yet. 🙂
    Anyway I just wanted you to meet Kira.
    We both want to thank Gravel for making this introduction possible as we are both a bit nerdish when it comes to computers & probably a lot more but hey that’s life 😉

    Cheers & Happy New Year

  9. The Australian has gone troppo lately. Rupert’s in town, so that may be the reason, but their editorial, not questioning, not debating, not arguing with, but outright mocking the hapless voyagers caught in the ice was right up there with Fox News.

    Indeed, Fox News ran a segment on it too. I have little doubt that BSkyB would have done an item as well.

    I wonder whether Julie Bishop will be sending an invoice for the time and trouble taken to ensure their safety? If they split the bill they might just be able to pay off their respective shares before they retire.

    Parenthetically, ditto for the family of the mother and daughter found dead in Bali overnight. When I heard on ABC News this morning that “the Australian consulate-general in Bali was liaising with local authorities”, my first reaction – apart from sympathy for those left behind – was that this could be a nice little earner for Joe Hockey, something to help him pay off the $600 million for the new VIP planes, purchased so the media and Tony Abbott can cosy up to each other all the more snugly. Given the hacks have already agreed not to criticise the purchase, a la “Fat Cats On Junket Tour Of World Pleasure Spots”, can passing the hat around our far-flung consulates be far behind?

    Elsewhere in the Abbott-lovin’ media, Ray Hadley has gone a little too far in the defamation stakes and been caught but, so far, Maurice Newman has been left to let his pen soar, waxing lyrical over the bounders and charlatans running the Climate Change protection racket (otherwise known as 97% of the world’s climate science establishment). Maurice, in writing that “people have woken up” to the Warming scam, seems to have cottoned onto the well known scientific principle that if opinion polls show people are skeptical about Climate Science, then Global Warming MUST be a crock.

    Woe betide a lefty issue that takes on the Mighty Newspoll.

    If only we could have opinion polls on… what about plutonium? Couldn’t Murdoch organize a campaign in the Daily Telegraph to make nuclear power stations more “people friendly”? He could have Ziggy on Sky News to tell us that the criticisms of the operators of Fukushima are overblown, Greg Hunt waxing lyrical on the green credentials of nuclear power reactors, and Ron Walker could dust off his very own Australian Atomic Energy Corp., have a private chat with the PM (just like the old days), and get stuck into smashing atoms. Maybe even Marn Ferguson could make the Rat Act official and pen an op ed in The Australian.

    Run a Newspoll on nuclear energy after that and you’d have little old ladies stirring plutonium crystals into their morning tea.

  10. billie11

    So it seems I haven’t taken to the americanisation propaganda, otherwise right now I’d be feeling pretty stupid. Does $100million sound like a lot for toilet paper? I guess it depends on how many people are using it.

  11. Hi Razz2

    Thank you for introducing Kira to us. She looks like a very happy dog and welcome to the little circle of animal gravatars here at the Pub.

  12. So windy today it’s blowin’ holes in the wire netting (as they say!)…..Been doin’ a tad historical study in this area…seems the aquifers are all going saline..have been for a long time..slowly moving from east of the Goyder line west to the hills and probably beyond…(sorry, I never wander too far below the “Mason -Dixie Line” )….trouble is….because of their inherent suspicion and jealousy in the entire area amongst the old heirarchy, no-ones been admitting THEIR bore is saline…and it is only through the unmistakable action of water carting and envious-observation that the secret gets out!…I’d say at a “reckoned” guess, all the land east of Half-way House Rd. to the Murray is now more a burden than a asset for farming.
    Not lookin’ good.

  13. Razz
    Your thanks should go to Fiona who said yesterday how to do it. I couldn’t believe how easy it was, I hope whomever it was that asked yesterday follows Fiona’s advice.

    Bushfire Bill

    I have to protest. Will you please stop telling us in advance what is going to happen. You have been proven right it nearly all your predictions since 2007. I am trying to ignore the future and you are not helping. (huge smile here, not very good at satire).

  14. So the government wants Australians who get into trouble overseas to pay their own costs. It’s all too easy to break the law in a foreign country. Even PMBO has done that. He committed a crime during his trip to Indonesia last October. Whether or not he knew he was breaking Indonesian law has never been explained. Maybe he was just too stupid to do a bit of study before he left home. Maybe he’s just an arrogant fool. But it does prove that committing a serious offence and getting into trouble with the law while overseas is something that can happen to anyone. Abbott was saved by his status as a visiting dignitary.

    Abbott’s crime? He excluded local journalists from his press conference. This angered the local media, they spent a lot of time discussing it.

    ….Umar Idris, the head of the Jakarta chapter of the Alliance for Independent Journalists, said the actions of Mr Abbott — himself a former journalist — were not just discourteous, but criminal.

    “The press law in Indonesia says it is a crime to limit journalists to get access to information. The penalty for that is two years' imprisonment,” Mr Umar said.

    “We cannot accept whatever reason Australia gave for limiting access to information for Indonesian journalists.”

    However, travelling dignitaries, like diplomats, are usually given immunity from domestic laws in countries they are visiting.

    Mr Abbott's office did not respond to requests for an explanation.

  15. check this out, looks like PMBO and Canada’s PM are in lockstep…

    What’s Driving Chaotic Dismantling of Canada’s Science Libraries?

    Scientists say the closure of some of the world’s finest fishery, ocean and environmental libraries by the Harper government has been so chaotic that irreplaceable collections of intellectual capital built by Canadian taxpayers for future generations has been lost forever.

  16. Welcome Razz2, and the beautiful Kira. I am so happy to see you commenting here. Please become a regular at our Pub.
    Your first drink is on the house, remember.

  17. There’s something decidedly wierd..and I mean “WEIRD” in the factual telling of history of this district… the case that the ‘recorded history’ doesn’t match the ‘anecdotal history’..and neither seem to connect accurately with the ‘on-ground’ existing history !
    IE. ….In the early settlement of SA. mallee area…literally thousands of small holdings were sold “on Credit” to thousands of poorer people..who then called themselves “farmers”…a great lot of these folk were of Germanic descent….Now, if you are going to “farm a small holding (we’re talking 200-400ac.)you’d think there would have to be a supply of water or at least a good rainfall…..Goyder spent quite a few years drawing his Line of viability for agriculture…but these small holdings don’t seem to show any consideration for that line.
    So either those “farmers” were so desperate that they would try anything (in some cases true) or they were “sold a pup” by George Fife Angas and co…….consider!

  18. Razz2 is Razz, who has been here for ages. Sorry about the confusion, I just fixed her gravatar of her gorgeous dog, Kira, so she could show her off with all the other great dog, cat and dinosaur gravatars.

  19. Another interesting snippet is told by a member of a fifth gen’ farmer here who says that there were fewer kangaroos in the “old days” as the early settlers had to eat such native quarry just to stay alive…that would explain the predominance of Germanic “black kitchens”, where the smoking of meats for preservation was carried out (no refrigeration).
    Could also explain the skill of those early Barossan Valley settlers with their metwursts and such!

  20. Good Lord! This is from the Herald Sun on Friday! I hope no-one showed it to Rupert.

    A SWELTERING 2013, Australia’s hottest year on record, is the product of climate change and the warming trend is set to continue, experts say.
    Labor and the Greens have also seized on the record-setting weather to accuse Prime Minister Tony Abbott of ignoring the science and listening to the “tinfoil hat brigade” about climate change………………………….
    Acting Greens leader Richard di Natale said it went against all evidence for the government to unwind the carbon tax.
    “Tony Abbott’s a reckless ideologue who ignores the science and is intent on listening to people who are part of the tinfoil hat brigade,” he told reporters in Melbourne.
    “The experts right around the world are telling him loudly and clearly that we’ve got a big problem on our hands and we’ve got to start taking action to fix it.”
    Acting opposition leader Penny Wong said the only people in Australia who didn’t believe in climate change were Mr Abbott and his cabinet.

    There’s more, all of it, apart from one little quote from Mesma, supporting climate change science.

  21. Cubans have reacted with shock after foreign-made cars went on sale for the first time since the 1959 revolution at what some termed “crazy” prices.

    The state has a monopoly on new car sales and has set massive mark-ups.

    A Peugeot 508 is listed at $262,000. Peugeot’s UK website puts prices from $29,000. State salaries in Cuba average about $20 a month.

  22. Hello Razz – Kira is a good lookin’ little doggie and I believe you when you say she keeps you in order. Do hope you can get her “cushings” under control without ending up in the poorhouse!

  23. OK, now I’m sure I’ve woken up in an alternate reality today.
    Proof I’m not where I thought I was No 1 –
    I see that Herald Sun piece I linked earlier actually criticising – in the Murdoch press of all places – Abbott’s climate change position.

    Proof I’m not where I thought I was No 2 –
    I see Fairfax pushing this piece of denialist garbage.

    In true Murdochian style Fairfax gives the writer a nice little bio about his ‘qualifications’ without one mention that the International Climate Science Coalition is a hot-bed of denialist garbage. ‘Expert reviewer for the latest IPCC report’ my arse, he’s just another nutter. If you really want to go there, here they are –

    What next? If any journalist pops out a piece today saying Julia Gillard was an outstanding leader who should have won the last election in a landslide but didn’t because the media blatantly supported Abbott then I’ll know for sure I’m stuck in an alternate reality.

  24. Just listening topless tell us how the camera they have in their cards work.

    I was aware they were capable of picking up unregistered number plates.

    I see little wrong in that.

    What is of more concern, is the fact that they registered number plates of every car in the vicinity while they are on the road.

    They record the number, time, place sate of each car.

    I include new laws in relation to bikies,, unions and the right to protest in my concern.

    Do these practices interfere with ones right to privacy.

  25. fed up

    The AFP were the first to have the stuff in Australia.

    Theyir first use of it was at dawn on a Thursday.

    The sides of the major roads were just a car park for tradies utes!

  26. Over the footpath conversation has turned to rising sea levels. One of zoids comments reminded me of this:



    We used to have a local pub that was prone to flooding (caused by an across the road railway line).

    I have a delightful memory of standing in the Bar with my brother with water above our knees.

    The barman – ‘Tex’ – equipped with a SCUBA mask hunting down kegs in the cellar!

  27. Fed up says…: “Just listening topless tell us how the camera they have in their cards work.”
    A rather enigmatic statement, Fed up !!

  28. BK
    5 zip
    A well executed plan for the whole series.
    The brains behind the ” Rotation Scheme” must in hiding.
    England may well adopt the same tactics and get rid of the ” I can increase team performance by %1″ group.

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