Alpha – I

Ian makes a welcome return as Guest Author with the first part of an allegory. Many thanks, Ian.

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The alpha was uneasy.

Every day he sensed the main pack retreating from him. He still had his lesser pack. The collection of the betrayers, the weak of mind, the insipid and cruel who had helped him prevail in the contest with the Alpha female.

She still lives, high up in a mountain overlooking what was once her territory.

He paid no heed to the slinking cur who replaced her. He was despatched with neither trouble nor emotion. Curs such as him always are ….. always will be. They help in the kill and wear the blood as a badge. Yet when their courage and pride are rewarded they find themselves snarling, snapping and scrabbling with others of the lesser pack over the discarded entrails and orifices. Others, the main pack, understand sacrifice of the ego is the essential strength of the leader. The cur, like the alpha, understands only the feeding of the ego. The blood as a badge. Empty, but fitting reward for the cowed. Such will always be the fate for some of the lesser pack.

Alpha looked around, his vantage point the hill once used by the Alpha female. The main pack spreadeagled below him, seeking any available shade from the sparse shrub surrounding the murky, stagnant waterhole. A place once remembered as fresh, vibrant, with clean refreshing waters and game enough to fill empty bellies and strengthen whelping pups.

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The oldest female, her withered dugs scraping along the ground as she approached with the cringing deference he demanded, sought to comfort his unease. As did the others of the lesser pack. The other two competing alphas, eyes averted, took up a watching station at his back. The alpha paying them cautious, watchful heed, detected no threat from either as long as they continued to circle, probing the weakness each sought in the other, neither seeing that the weakness they sought could be found in themselves and by knowing and understanding one could defeat the other. The two, along with the alpha and others of the lesser pack, also kept close watch on the coming and going of the alpha female. Her bitterness, hidden under a cloak of obeisance but directed at the Alpha female, starts to show more and more. Her coat, once glowing, now faded. Her seasons becoming shorter and attracting scant attention from males who once chased and fought ….. believing her to be a prize worth parading and defending. She ranges far from her home territory and is begrudgingly afforded a place at other packs’ kills, but rages that the Alpha female was always given the choicest meat while she fights for the scraps left for the lesser in any pack. She fails to see the subtlety of the insult directed at her. It is easier to believe that the Alpha female coerced the clear-sighted into blindness. The alpha, the lesser pack, all can see the bitterness eating her from within. None offers comfort or advice. None ever will. She is on her own.

Still uneasy, the alpha looks around. Annoyed by the incessant empty yapping and slavering of the neutered cur that slinks along in his shadow he snaps at its neck, picking up a mouthful of mange for his trouble. He cannot be angry. The lesser pack is of his making. They reflect the face of his power, not the truth of it. They are useful and can be discarded without thought.

(Image Credit: Riian Wolhuter )

The truth of his power lay elsewhere. In the shadows. In the darkness. It lay not in what he is, but in what he has become. It lay not in what he gave, but to whom it was given. It lay not in the questions he asks, but in those he doesn’t. The shadows, becoming more insistent by the day, are beginning to demand more and more of every kill. Yet every kill diminishes the long term survival of all the packs. Lesser, main, neighbour and shadow. The alpha sees nothing of this.

The shadows, as always, have awakened and fed his bloodlust. His pack, the lesser ones, senses his arousal. The females, both the mated and unmated, vie for his attention. The subservient males cower in front of him and the two lower alphas, once again, avert their eyes. The alpha, blood surging, moves toward the main pack.

(Image Credit: Martin Harvey )

The attack is swift, brutal and many, too many, of the main pack are caught unawares. The elderly, sick, wounded. The pups. The defenceless. Not all escaped the attack. Bloodlust demands blood. Only quantity slakes the thirst. Quality is of no import. The seething rage of a deeply hidden impotence overtakes the alpha and his lesser pack. Fueled by the blood, a cruelty, once secretly nurtured, is now unleashed.

The battle rages. Most of the main pack avoid the fray. They take their pups, their elderly, the infirm with them. Others fight on. Ill-equipped. In disarray. Still they fight. The survival of the main pack depends upon them. This attack is stopped, for now. They prepare for the next. If they fail they know the attacks will become more frequent and more vicious. Debt, when owed to the shadows, demands ongoing payment in blood and meat. The defenders of the main pack, also Alphas, fight to deny the shadows payment. Fight hard enough and light will manifest itself out of the darkness. The shadows will be seen for what they are ……. the worst of what is in our hearts.

Having seen the conflict, its beginnings, its aftermath, the Alpha female leaves the mountain. She moves toward the shadows.

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  1. LL

    In 1986, during the confused final stages of the controversy involving Labor politician and high court judge Lionel Murphy, the Hawke cabinet opened a new inquiry into him, resolved to defend it despite its apparent zeal, then prematurely closed the inquiry and decided a fortnight before Murphy’s death to pay his considerable legal costs.

    This I remember well.

  2. Ptmd

    No birth certificates issued to parents of babies born in detention Instead tagged with boat ID number on which their mums arrived

    This is getting very disgusting.

    Tattoo numbers next.

    Come on down, happy clapper Scott Morrison.

  3. Puffy

    Poor Rangers. What a shame for an historic team.”

    I agree. I’m sure they have learned from their mistakes and will take their rightful place again in the Scottish Premiership.

  4. Left right out,

    “Celtic don’t seem to be missing them”.

    I’m not so sure. To keep Celtic on their toes, they need a team like Rangers to play against regularly. Though, if both Celtic and Rangers were playing in the English Premiership (like the Welsh teams, Swansea and Cardiff) it would be a lot better.

    Also, I’m sure Celtic miss the massive gate returns from a Glasgow derby!

  5. Oh boy!…those denier nutters are going balistic on that site!….some other leftie joker has joined in and he’s having a go too….I’ve displayed “mock disgust” that he is “working my side of the street” and trying to mine their vein of “stupid ore” ….they’re going crazy!..I can see how this trolling thing could get to be fun!
    There’s some Andrew Bolt fans there.

  6. Acerbic Conehead

    Great to see you are still around, are you working up another great piece of satire, or has this ‘government’ put you out of a job?

  7. Puffy I have asked to tweeter for the source of the information re the birth certificates.

    Happy New Year to all Pubsters, Lurker and supporters.

    Welcome to the world to BK’s little grandchild.

  8. 2Gravel,

    Acerbic Conehead

    Great to see you are still around, are you working up another great piece of satire, or has this ‘government’ put you out of a job?

    Great to hear from you again. I hope you behaved yourself last night and aren’t suffering too much today! After the second tumbler of whiskey last night I started to nod off, which I suppose is the old body’s way of saying, “you aren’t as young as you used to be, mate!”

    And, yes, I feel like I might be out of business the way this government is going. Their shenanigans are turning, unfortunately, satire into reality. However, I’ll continue to nudge them along the road to ridicule!

    All the best for 2014 to you and yours.


  9. BK,
    Just to let you know that I was able to get a 6 pack of Coopers Pale Ale at my local bottleo and am working hard on wetting your grand son’s head.

    Hope everything is still going well. It could lead to a long head wetting as it is bloody hot up here at the moment and the beer is lovely and cold.

    I think you know the rest! 😉

  10. AC, there was an illfated attempt a fair few years ago to get the Gers and Celtic into the EPL, but he Scots put the kerbosh on it. Also there was talk of a European premier league, but nationalists of all types and persuasions ditto. Anyway, I am a fan of the UCL [Gunners are there every year]. I love your work.

  11. jaycee,

    [ Oh boy!…those denier nutters are going balistic on that site!….some other leftie joker has joined in and he’s having a go too….I’ve displayed “mock disgust” that he is “working my side of the street” and trying to mine their vein of “stupid ore” ….they’re going crazy!..I can see how this trolling thing could get to be fun! ]

    Noorty, Noorty Jaycee! Have lots & lots of fun with your on-line pick & shovel! 😉

  12. Blimey, that first stubby of Coopers must have had a hole in it. I wonder if I can get a refund? 😉

  13. This little black duck,

    Hey, Ducky, did you knock a hole in your wine cellar over the X-Mass / New Year celebrations?

    I tried to put together a wine cellar once but had to give up as I drank the bottles quicker than I could lay them down.

    Of course, I was worried about them going off and couldn’t take the chance! 😉

    Happy New Year to you & yours and everybody else. The Coopers is starting to work!

  14. Jason,
    What a champion you are to sacrifice yourself like that! 😉

    Don’t forget to strap yourself in when you get to the twelth one! Falling off the sofa can be hazardous on occasions.

    OK when the carpet is thick or you fall on the dog! 😉

  15. puffytmd,

    The first one went down so fast, it had to have a hole in it somewhere! 😉

  16. BK,

    Thanks – make sure it’s a Coopers sparkling Ale!

    Blimey! I got a 6pack of Pale Ale. Now I gotta go back down & get the proper stuff.

    The things I do for you BK! 😉

  17. Jaycee,

    out in the full sun, I should have known it wasn’t around 52/3deg’ was only 49 /8 deg’s…dumbo me!!…done it again!..bloody silly farmers…hang on a tick!…

    Shouldn’t be anything a carton or two of Coopers wouldn’t fix. Won’t matter if they are a little pale or are in sparkling form. Just make sure they are ice cold!

    Both should do the trick! 😉

  18. jaycee
    I see ‘jennifer’ is now accusing you of having a split personality and is deleting your posts. Typical nutter tactics when they are confronted with too many facts and can’t argue back. Good work! You are a lot braver than I am.

  19. Going by the recent posts, there were no new year resolutions regarding alcohol!

  20. So did anyone see the ABC’s fireworks coverage last night and if so, was it as bad as the media are saying?
    This is the mild version –

    The Murdoch press have a much more lurid version that includes outrage from 2GB listeners and Daily Telegraph readers. I won’t bother giving a link because it’s just blatant ‘kill the ABC’ propaganda.

  21. Leone…I didn’t bother going back after the “Turnbull / LNP. slag-off”…I wonder I lasted so long!…..screw ’em!……deadbeats!

  22. Acerbic Conehead

    Glad you to hear you have that keyboard working on something, looking forward to it. I did my usual New Year thing, went to bed and had a good snore, woke up and found it was just another day. 🙂

  23. I was doing a bit of “digging” yesterday on the rise of Murdoch…..that bit of filth has not only inherited his old man’s bastardry and trunk-full of “nasty evidence”..he has gone even further to complete his Faustian deal with a host of demons!……That bastard has to be the most evil prick that has ever drawn breath!
    He trusts nothing and no-one..and there, in his deepest suspicions and paranoia is the key to his undoing…..brave soul that will enter that “spider’s parlour”…..he’s a real redback!

  24. But hey!… might be a good lurk to go back and accuse them of denying me “freedom of speech” !

  25. jaycee
    I didn’t bother at all, I didn’t even know they were doing it. Not that it mattered, I would have avoided it like the plague if I had known.

    Speaking of crap – Sydney, on the north side, the morning after the fireworks. Charming!

  26. The fireworks were sort of OK. The accompanying “music” was dreadful. The eye elicited a WTF.


    “The Vienna Philharmonic has invited Daniel Barenboim to conduct the orchestra’s 2014 New Year’s Concert, held annually in Salzburg, Austria.”

    on the other hand should be as good as ever. SBS 1 9:15 tonight.

  27. I only watched the fireworks which was impressive.
    News24 showed the New York countdown and it looked more like an advertisment for all the sponsers which were hardly discrete. Right in your face revolting.
    Capitalism out of control.
    Don’t know why people would bother going.

  28. I didn’t watch the fireworks last night, so have no comment to make as to the quality of coverage.
    Not for the first time in my life, I feel my inner wowser emerging over the question of fireworks.
    Yesterday a colleague rang me and asked me to help him in assisting a “client” of the charity we both volunteer for. The guy had rung a day or so before Christmas advising us that he had no food and wanted urgent help. My colleague and I had separately tried in vain to contact the guy right through Christmas until finally he was able to be caught up with yesterday morning. We put a basic hamper together plus a couple of shopping vouchers for fresh foods and delivered it to him.
    The situation of the poor guy is appalling and unlikely to improve in the short term. After he rang for assistance on Christmas eve, he suffered a nervous breakdown and was taken by the Police to the Mental Health Clinic at Canberra Hospital. He was turned out yesterday morning because, he claims, it’s overcrowded. The poor guy insists he is much improved compared to how he presented originally, but to us he seemed to be very ill both physically and mentally and seemed in desperate need of care.
    The accommodation the poor guy has returned to is a “caravan” at the side of a house belonging to a large group gathered around the kids of a fellow mental health sufferer the guy met on a previous stint in care when he was homeless. (Does that make sense??) The caravan is in fact just the shell of a very old van with no lining and several openings to the elements, and in yesterdays weather was stifleing. The caravan has no facilities inside such as running water so he washes under a tap outside and has an extension cord to run his bar fridge and fan.
    In the new year we will assist the guy in applying for a Government flat and get him on the waiting list. The ACT has by far the best resourced Housing Branch judged on a per capita basis, but even so he can expect to wait for at least three years for a basic flat. In his particular case the wait will be even longer in all probability because his mental health problems are likely to cause him to forget or be unable to attend the usual series of interviews required to rise to the top of the queue.
    Just down the road in Goulburn there is a residential program for homeless men with addictions and or mental health problems. Money to help carry on the program was promised promiscuously by the incoming Government prior to the last State election, especially by the local candidate who is now the relevant Minister. Now the program has been left high and dry to the tune of about $700k p/a amid whispers within the local community that the Minister has been “got at” by local and Sydney developers.
    I couldn’t help wondering during the several bouts of fireworks both local and in Sydney just how many years worth of support for the residential program were being pissed up against the wall in a colourfull fashion.
    Perhaps I’m just a spoilsport.

  29. mick,

    Thanks for the timely reminder that many are doing it tough and that many pollies couldn’t care less.

    More power to your arm!

  30. Jaycee,

    I read through your jousts with the climate deniers. Great stuff, mate! Your imitation of farmer lingo was terrific, and I laughed out loud reading it. No hope for those drongos.

  31. Kambah Mick,
    Not a spoilsport. Not in any way.

    On a related subject, I wonder if Kevin and Therese helped out serving a Christmas meal to the homeless / needy this year?

    If not, why not?

  32. The Idiot is back in town. The news showed him with the Australian cricket team. I wonder how they felt about having to be nice to him and Marge.

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