Final Friday Raffles

final_fridayFor 2103 

Hello all. This will be the final frday night raffles for 2013.

Next week will be the final friday before xmas and many people will be busy, so I have decided to give the wonderful CK Watt the night off next week.

Cheers CK here a drink to start you off.

cuba libreAs it stands I will be making a donation ,on behalf of all the patrons of “THE PUB” of $600 to here

sippycreekanimalrefugebannerUnless the winner tonight wins big and then the total will go up.

I hope you have all enjoyed the raffle nights this year.

A bit of fun after a sometimes disturbing week helps to cheer everyone up and sometimes remind ourselves that not everything is rotten in the Country of Australia.

Have a good evening and weekend


763 thoughts on “Final Friday Raffles

  1. Rowe is drawing Abbott with the same crazy man look that Steve Bell used for Tony Blah from his days as opposition leader . Steve Bell said he noticed that whilst Tony was projecting his statesman look every now and again he noticed Blair would show a flash of the look of a zealot. Turns out he was right.

  2. Kelly – hmmmm – maybe a spin-off series.

    and Josh – this old bloke really gets around –

  3. There could be several lorry loads of shit headed Morriscum’s way . The bastard.

    Two women being held in immigration detention have lost their babies after repeatedly being turned away from medical care, a leading obstetrician says.

    James Cook University professor of obstetrics and gynaecology Caroline de Costa said there is an “urgent need” for more doctors and nurses with obstetric qualifications in Darwin’s detention centres and for improved care on Christmas Island.

    Remembering of course

    This week the government’s decision to disband the Immigrant Health Advisory Group caused outrage among the nation’s top doctors, including the Australian Medical Association and the Royal Australasian College of Physicians.

  4. Chris Bowen did well with Hasntshebeensoldyet. Would prefer Andrew Leigh: way better at demolishing specious arguments.

  5. For those on Twitter, Jonathon Swan is prosecuting a word-splitting argument over Abbott’s comments re “liberating” Holden workers. Apparently, because Keating used the same word, There’s been a bit of to-ing and fro-ing, but the upshot of it is that anyone defending Keating’s words and attacking Abbott’s is a hyopcrite.

    Here’s the context, though: Keating said this:

    I mean, did we ever hurt anybody liberating them from the car assembly line?

    – in 2000. In other words, long after he’d proven his credentials by creating 2.5 million jobs. He had a perfect right to talk about ‘liberating’ workers, because he had created a new working environment to accommodate them and was talking after the fact. The full quote:

    What do I say— to people who lost their jobs— What is your new job like? One of the 2.5 million created since the early 1980s. People have found better jobs. I mean, did we ever hurt anybody liberating them from the car assembly line?

    You can see the difference. But Jonathon Swan can’t. He thinks the situations are identical. So if you care to, get on there and have a go at him. I did.

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