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  1. I remember during the Howard era how sinister it all was. Politically, I’d be in fear of an outbreak of competence from them, because it would prolong the damage they were doing to the social fabric of the country. Howard would always be able to pull some crowd-pleaser out to keep the punters on-side. The first of these was his Ministerial Code of Conduct. That he abandoned it after a while wasn’t the point; the point was that he expressed a willingness to act on the behaviour of MPs in Parliament, and gave us something to indicate his commitment to it. That little gesture masked his lack of competence in the policy area. And you can dot-to-dot these little gestures that kept the electorate on-side – while he went about selling things off, and changing the national mood to one of selfishness, bigotry and short-sightedness.

    That was what freaked me out about Howard. I could feel him pulling the strings,prolonging his shelf-life as he went about doing horrible things in the background.

    I can tell you now, the last thing I’d be expecting from the current mob is an outbreak of competence. It’s not even at the back of my mind. They’ll just carry on blundering as they’re doing now; every week a new horror, a new major gaffe, a new way to get everyone off-side. I don’t think there’s any strategy behind it, unless they’ve got some vague idea of getting the bad news out of the way early. And even that seems unlikely, because they’re not managing to explain what they’re doing and why, and they’re flip-flopping all over the place.

    If you look back over what Hockey used to say as Shadow Treasurer, you’ll see there’s no pattern to it, and most of the time he barely had any comprehension of what he was talking about. Most of his ‘ideas’ fell apart in his first presser. There’s no ulterior motive there, no grand plan being put together. He spent most of his energy trying to hide his paperwork from Treasury. And that was only because it allowed him to blather on about whatever he wanted without people pointing at papers and saying “but what about this?” He’s brought that style to his new position, so there’s lots to look forward to there.

    With Holden, he just called their bluff, and then realised they weren’t threatening to pull out, they were saying it was their only option. It’s arrogance and stupidity from Hockey and the entire Coalition front bench. But they’re winning the little battles on the floor of Parliament in QT – the uni student slanging matches – and that’s all they care about at the moment.

    They’ll come to their senses eventually. But when they do, they’ll realise they don’t have any way of getting out of the mess they’ve put the country in. They’ve got a slim chance of raising their mental age from 12 to 18, but that won’t be nearly enough for them to provide competent governance. They’ll probably go all emo on us.

  2. The reason the people are cutting spending and buying cheap and nasty in everything from cars to bling is because the Howard govt’ set about to destroy job security and wage certainty. When you don’t have capacity to maintain credit over the long run. or even to GET credit in the first place, your options are limited…the tradie subcontractor in my day had the devil’s own job convincing the bank manager that he had a regular income sufficient to pay back an overdraft.
    The upshot of all this economic rationalism will result in the rise of the cash economy…..there’s no stopping it…the building trade is full of it…any labour intensive job can be massaged with cash-in-hand bargaining…….the Italian method..: “and per mei?”…

  3. I will be out today so sent this this morning:

    Sent in my Petition today. Only 205 signatories 😦 Guess most misread my petition as being about 4K TV, that I wanted to watch 4K TV. As if! BUT 4K TV sets will be affordable and the latest status symbol by 2016—but no way of receiving any 4K content! It requires way too many megabits, 4 times 1080p video, to be other than streamed via FTTH. I rely on politicians wish to be elected and to be in government—their self interest in other words. Anyway, sent it off this morning:

    To: Malcolm.Turnbull.MP@aph.gov.au
    CC: Bill.Shorten.MP@aph.gov.au

    Title: Petition to keep FTTH so 4K and 3D TV and games and game patches can be streamed

    Dear Minister,

    Your preferred option of FTTN will not be able to offer a minimum of 25mbps and will struggle to offer a maximum of 25mbps. As such it will be insufficient for:

    1. 4K TV which requires streaming of 4 x 1080p video and requires in the order of 100mbps.

    2. Same for 3D TV and the distribution of games and patches to games. 4K and 3D TV sets will be affordable and getting popular by 2016.

    3. Telehealth requires high definition TV so medical practitioners, nurses can see sores, complexions of elderly people using telehealth which is a boon to elderly, frail people which we will have tens of thousands off as Baby Boomers are retiring and, obviously, will be aging, some now nearing 70 years of age

    4. Business use such as telepresence, updating HO and using the cloud for backup. The real use of which is expanding rapidly and which FTTN is insufficient for.

    5. Many other uses which will become reality as superfast broadband, not FTTN, becomes reality overseas, like in France and Spain!

    FTTN will see the erection of large cabinets on the footpaths of the councils and shires all around the country which, with their valuable batteries, will become magnets for vandalism and graffiti. The councils and shires will need to remove the graffiti, an unwanted, unnecessary expense to ratepayers.

    So your petitioners beseech you to forget about FTTN, hopeless with corroded and too–narrow Telstra copper.

    205 signatures attached

    (signed with name and street address)

    Nothing stopping any of you from sending in an email to the above addresses and to your local council. Your local council will not be keen on having the responsibility, without funds from Canberra, of course, to remove graffiti from the huge cabinets housing the Nodes. These would need to be made very strong as they contain valuable batteries. This will boost the cost of the whole useless FTTN shebang!

    I made a big deal of 4K TV because it will be biting them on the bum (with many other things, like car makers closing etc) and THAT may resonate with politicians! Unfortunately too many saw it as me wanting 4K TV and self righteously pointed out there were many much worthier reasons for getting FTTH. As if I don’t know this, with my busy Facebook page long thread on my board!

    The big Petition with 270K signatures IMHO achieved nothing as it sought to pressure a newly elected government who had just won a HUGE majority in the HoR! I tried to be more subtle with mine. Ah well.

  4. Timely pieces on Hockey, BB, and backed up by Aguirre. Over at IA, Michael Galvin sees Hockey as the star of the new Question Time.
    None of the posters agree with him, nor do I. But I think it was his overwhelming arrogance that drove me away from QT. It was not that he was scoring points, though perhaps in morale he was with Pyne and Bronny allowing him to get away with anything. But to my mind, it’s all wind-baggery. He’s not making any serious points about economics or government financial management, or, even more important, WTF he’s going to do. All he’s doing is moaning about how terrible Labor was and what a mess they’ve left him. It’s almost as if he can’t move beyond opposition mode, even though he’s enjoying his nya-nya to Swan.

    He might find it a bit tougher from here. The media never gave him quite the same free pass they gave Abbott in opposition. Partly, I think, this was because a lot of his media audience are financial and economics reporters who feel they have some responsibilities to investors. If he got out of his depth he’d resort to sweating, shouting and bluster. In the long run that’s not going to impress the business journals.

  5. PA
    You did your bit, as did those of us who signed. Who knows, someone intelligent might see the petiton and join a few dots.

    That big petition isn’t worth a crumpet. The fool who started it voted Liberal, FFS.

  6. The absurdity is that we have a working infrustructure in-situ, a trained workforce socially settled and trained in-situ…suppliers in-situ and performing well…the only problem was product…and THAT would have been altered to better suit the market IF the factory was left a functioning unit…..all these cheap-labour economies are short lived anyhow!…give or take a revolution or two!..Holden has been here undisturbed radically for sixty years..you tell me of many other countries that can claim social cohesion enough to allow such continuety of production for so long?
    Now….we got zilch, save a “Abbott promise” (and THAT is as good as a Judas kiss!) that he will look after the workers….well!…bend me over and pass the sauce bottle for what THAT’s worth!

  7. Yes, social engineering is indeed under way. It is the left that is always accused of this, but it is the right, that always carries out the engineering,

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