It Be Friday

It Be Friday ya scurvy landlubbers

And as we sail these stormy seasimages (31)Remember that smooth seas are ahead

download (23)Now there be a Lottery tonight

download (24)And the  lucky tar that wins

 Be they lad

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Have a good time and as it is our birthday this week something may happen on the


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  1. puffytmd,

    I will never forget, George was indeed very norty. 😆

    Should I check back and see if I have any records of that naughtiness to forward on to you!

    Just for your records, mind you! 😉

  2. Puff,
    I read your link to your blog and the outlining of your ordeal. It must have been harrowing and took great courage to write about it, just as it has to get on with your life and find new enthusiasms as you have done with your woodworking. All of us are destined to know great sorrow and loss at some point. Coping is never easily done, especially when it is such a love as you shared with your dear husband. Getting through to the other side is important, and I’m so glad you’ve accomplished that. You have so much positive to give and are still doing so.

    Like PJF I was privileged to join the SA contingent for lunch and most especially to meet you, BK, Political Animal, Danny Lewis and a few others. To get back there a year later was excellent. To be among fellow bloggers in June just before Julia fell was special. At that time she was still there, but so many had turned against her, right down to The Age front page editorial. Still we hoped, but in our hearts we feared the worst. I still remember hugging you at our departure. At the back of our minds, though not openly expressed, is what this would do to our nation.

    With more people like you, however, we can be hopeful for the future.

  3. And from the Land of the Free –

    Looks at this ripper of an ad for Dyson vacuum cleaners!
    Some cartoons on Christmas.
    How to peel and present a mandarin.
    Bill Nye, the Science Guy, says creationism is not suitable for children.

  4. Sounds like a luncheon calls!
    A critical dissections of Abbott’s first months as PM may well ensue.

  5. To our special Magic Dragon Woman, thank you so much for sharing the story of your ordeal and how you dealt with those dark nights.

    It’s a really good mob we have here at the Pub, Thanks Joe and all of you – for we are jolly good fellows, and so say all of us.

  6. Found a bit of family history yesterday from my mother, who’s been down the Clyde to see my grandfather recently.
    My grandparents emigrated here from the UK in the late 60s, along with my mum and my uncle, but apparently my grandfather should have been here much earlier.
    My great-grandparents had applied to emigrate to Australia in 1947, along with a close friend of my great-grandfather’s. This friend was a West Indian bloke.
    Of course, my great-grandparents were accepted, but, in the days of the White Australia Policy, their friend was not.
    Upon hearing this, my great-grandfather absolutely went off, and so they stayed in the UK.

  7. Piers Akerman manages to weave evil unions, the ABC, the ALP and the hated Julia Gillard all into one mighty conspiracy.

    According to Piers, the ABC hasn’t been covering the Slater & Gordon story, so its viewers and listeners will be shocked to hear that Julia Gillard had a fancy-man twenty years ago, and that they went on a Bonny and Clyde-type crime spree at the time, buying and selling houses and otherwise (and this is where it might get sticky for Piers) indulging in “misappropriation of union funds”.

    Piers is pretty sure Abbott is going to go ahead with the threatened judicial commission of inquiry into this 20 year old matter. It shows just how much pure hatred there is for the ALP, and Julia Gillard in particular. It was she, after all, who so humiliated Tony Abbott, over such a long time. He will get his revenge, according to Piers…who also seems to have an amazingly broad and shameful conduit into the heart of the Victorian police investigation. He is very clearly the recipient of a flood of leaks and inside information from the cops that reminds me of how comprehensively corrupted the UK police were, under the influence and payola of the Murdoch Organization.

    Early last week, The Australian newspaper revealed that Fair Work Commissioner and former AWU boss Ian Cambridge has given sworn evidence of “gross irregularities” in the union slush fund that Ms Gillard advised on.

    Wilson, who was in a long-term relationship with Ms Gillard in the 1990s is the target of a police investigation and Victorian fraud squad detectives have already seized files from Slater & Gordon, files which Wilson claims should be subject to client-lawyer privilege.

    The detectives are seeking to establish whether the documents were created in furtherance of a fraud, which would render void the privilege claim and make them available as evidence.

    The court heard Mr Cambridge had provided “substantial evidence” in his affidavit about misappropriation of union funds by Ms Gillard.

    There’s a general bit at the end about nasty unions and their slush finds (although Piers doesn’t say why re-election slush funds are so bad… they just sound bad, I guess), and some more ABC-bashing (why in the f–k do they have him on Insiders?), before Piers concludes…

    Next year, the ALP must be given the opportunity to demonstrate it truly has the workers’ interests at heart.

    It will send a disgraceful message if it doesn’t champion the broadest inquiry into the operation of slush funds and the union movement’s handling of members’ money more generally.

    Surely it has nothing to hide?

    How a malignant windbag like Piers, so full of hatred and vitriol, for so much of the time, for so many institutions and people, can bear to live on this Earth with all its vile Leftist associations and conspiracies, beats me.

    However, while it is a sterling effort, I can only give this column a mark of 9.

    It would have made a perfect 10, except Piers forgot to mention his old favourite, the Heiner Affair. Perhaps he was in a rush to make the deadline?

    Tut, tut, Piers. Work smarter next time.

  8. I met Pia Ackerman when she was covering the Craig Thomson trial. Her default demeanor is closed and suspicious. For such a successful journalist I expected a more open confident personality. I was very impressed at how quickly she could file copy complete with accompanying photos of named establishments.

    In other words I would hate to live in the same house as Piers

  9. From BK’s second link about Ms Control; Freak Credlin –

    But the rumblings against Ms Credlin have left Mr Abbott unmoved. On Saturday he issued a staunch defence of his top staffer……

    Oh FFS, just how gullible does this mob think we are? Who issued that statement? C’mon, we aren’t dumb, we can work it out. Who writes and issues all Abbott’s ‘statements’? Yep, that’s right……………

  10. Puffy, I cried with you then and I cry with you now.
    The time passes so fast, it is nearly 3 years and yet it seems like yesterday you were telling us about your life with Arthur. Also I remember clearly when you came out and said he was your beloved husband. Then the hospitalisation and his passing. Fortunately the love never dies and will be with you always.

  11. Totally off-topic, but geez….. the US government is still using floppy discs.

    WASHINGTON — The technology troubles that plagued the website rollout may not have come as a shock to people who work for certain agencies of the government — especially those who still use floppy disks, the cutting-edge technology of the 1980s.

    Every day, The Federal Register, the daily journal of the United States government, publishes on its website and in a thick booklet around 100 executive orders, proclamations, proposed rule changes and other government notices that federal agencies are mandated to submit for public inspection.

    So far, so good.

    It turns out, however, that the Federal Register employees who take in the information for publication from across the government still receive some of it on the 3.5-inch plastic storage squares that have become all but obsolete in the United States.

  12. Gee, up until I sold my L’Unica customer lists some of my land agent customers were still using floppy disks. . .so I had to buy USB floppy drives and floppy disks, in the last few years the quality of the floppy disks was dreadful! So that Federal Register place must have a heap of problems!

  13. This story resonates with me that we have all this bilious fawning of the right wing on the passing of Nelson Mandela. I can remember Joh declaring a state of emergency and having all his fascists police ensure South Africa white rugby players could play Australia and seeing that rugby was played by the kindergarden of LNP the private schools. George Bush is going to the funeral for god sake. Cameron speech was a beauty, he went to SA when he worked for a firm that campaigned hard against sanctions.
    Hypocrites all and sundry.

  14. Credlin’s control freak style is lead story in the Canberra Times

    Actually I’m with her on ticking off Morrison. However, I’m a bit concerned that Boxhead and Prissy are her main public supporters. But frankly, I doubt if this lot have got the gumption to stand up to her anyway.

  15. Things must be bad for the government if the chief unicorn wrangler has now, herself, become a unicorn. What on earth will they use for the next distraction? We’ve had funding cuts miraculously restored, time and time again, so that unicorn is long overdue to be put out to pasture. We’ve had Abbott’s threat to put MPs on Christmas detention. And now we have ‘look at Peta, she’s such a botch’. What next? All that’s left is a wedding/engagement/pregnancy for Fradget or Brinces.

  16. Thnaks for that Guardian link, Cliff. Your comments are apt. Joh launched his career on standing up for the Springboks, and you can bet your bottom dollar that a certain J W Howard did not miss the impact it made. Ratty never forgot anything of that sort – barbeque stoppers he liked to call them – and applied variations of it through the culture wars and then Hansonism and Tampa through his career.

    While at The Guardian, I followed the link to Maya Angelou’s poem to Nelson Mandela. It is beautiful

  17. cliff

    Cameron speech was a beauty, he went to SA when he worked for a firm that campaigned hard against sanctions.

    ‘Dave’ has proven to be flexible.

  18. Cliff

    Abbott and his DLP cronies would have been pretty virulent anti Mandela types. The major plank in support for the apartheid regime was the saw that S.A. was the last bulwark/bastion against communism in Africa. Mandela of course being painted as a commie.

  19. kaffee

    Mandela of course being painted as a commie.

    Even though none other than the CIA said he wasn’t.

  20. Most do not under stand that there is a big difference between Marxism and communism. A bigger gap when one comes to socialism.

    It appears that if one believes in a fair society, one has to be a communist.

    Thankfully there are also many difference on the other side of the fence, with free market and capitalism. Thankfully we have never has pure capitalism, though many are trying hard at this time to bring it about.

    By the way, capitalism does not have to compete with democracy.

    On that plane that flies out tomorrow should be carrying the GG, along with Fraser and Hawke.

    Abbott should turn up in QT. Not needed in SA.

  21. fed up.

    out tomorrow should be carrying the GG, along with Fraser and Hawke.

    Very good suggestion.

  22. CTar1

    A 1950’s apartheid era judge basically said as much . The judge had no choice about the membership conviction and jail sentence but showed what he really thought by immediately suspending the sentence and releasing him.

  23. Well Joh did stop Howard in his tracks the first time around. An election that most seem to have erased from history. Yes, Howard ran twice. Badly beaten the first time.

  24. Hunt on ABC 24. Talking strong on that uranium leak of Rio. Did not answer the question, of the rumour, that Rio was not maintaining its aging mine.

    Looks like the dries have won over MacFarlane in the government. Yes, ministers are now leaking to the media. Does it remind one of the Rudd years.

    I suspect that the dries are not now moving, to clean out the influences of the few decent moderates left in the government. I do not put Turnbull in that camp, as he has sold out to the dries.

    The Child Sexual abuse inquiry is moving onto the Catholics Church and Beyond Healing, Pell’s baby, tomorrow.

    I just seen a video of Bishop’s meeting with the Chinese FM. Made her walk across the stage to greet her. I think I will give Bishops’ comment a miss, and listen to what the Chinese themselves said, not Bishop’s interpretation.

  25. Fed u

    Hunt on ABC 24. Talking strong on that uranium leak of Rio

    Ranger another ‘Timor Gap’ like thing.

    The C’wlth was seriously challenged on ‘Dealing from a position of Power’ in the late 80’s.

  26. CTar1

    The Inkatha Freedom party didn’t seem to have much doubt. This is from an article by a young bloke who looks at young South Africans who were too young to remember apartheid and the release of Mandela.

    Nelson Mandela’s meaning for young South Africans

    My first memory of Mandela was around 1993, when a South African defence force helicopter rumbled overhead and poured forth a cloud of voter education pamphlets (which had Mandela’s face on them) into the hazy KwaZulu Natal afternoon air. My friends and I were a few months away from our 5th birthdays, what did we know of such things? Nevertheless, we were conscripted into collecting and destroying the pamphlets by angry adults, who exhorted us not to read the “communist propaganda”.

    For the next couple of weeks, we were made to attend a series of meetings hosted by the Zulu nationalist Inkatha Freedom party, which spooked us into fearing the African National Congress, which was coming to take away our homes and force us into communist slave camps.

    A taut thread of fear ran through our preschool daily existences.

  27. kaffee

    A friend recently told me that civilised life in Durban is again now possible.

    Things over there more stabilised despite the last two presidents being duds.

  28. CTar1

    Indeed they were duds. It is a real shame Mandela was not five years younger and could have managed one more term.

  29. As Catholics around Australia are warned to prepare themselves for shock and shame from now until Christmas, one of Sydney’s biggest congregations may be better prepared than most.

    It is understood hearings starting in Sydney on Monday into the church’s controversial Towards Healing protocol for dealing with victims will explore some of the most harrowing stories yet before the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

    A group of parishioners at St Mary Magdalene church in Rose Bay have been meeting since the commission was announced a year ago to share what parish priest Monsignor Tony Doherty describes as their confusion, horror and disgust.

    “The trust people put in priests, Catholic schools and parishes is deeply bruised. Lots of people say that their churches are empty,” said Monsignor Doherty, who estimates 700 to 800 people attend his Sunday Mass and who marked 50 years as a priest in August.

    About a year ago, when the NSW government inquiry into the Catholic Church in the Hunter and the royal commission were announced, he realised he could no longer think of child sex abuse in the church as a few isolated cases. He felt “profound shame” that something so “absolutely heinous” could have happened.

    Read more:

  30. Once this funeral is over, it might be time to walk on from the Mandela days. Time for the people of South Africa to find new solutions for the problems they still face.

    Mandela was not the answer to everything. He sure bought about great change and reform.He gave them a strong platform to work from.

    Yes, he was a great man, but I do believe that even he thought himself to be a saint or god.

    I believe that Mandela realised that no matter great ones plans, or how great, as leader, there is always a shelf life. Time to move over and let those who come after, carry on the god work.

    That is one thing the Yanks have right with their system, that a President can only stand for two terms.

    We seem to see changing leaders in this country, as a weakness. The opposite is true. Each only has so much to give. New leaders bring new vitality and ideas to the country.

    With limited shelf life, staying in power is no longer the driving force. NO, getting your dreams in place is. Yes, should be all about policy.

  31. This is what put MacFarlane offside with his cabinet mates. So much so, that they leaked to the media.

    ..he ABC can now reveal an internal brawl was sparked in the early weeks of the new Government, when in an interview with News Corp, Mr Macfarlane flagged “arm wrestling” the Treasurer over more money for the industry.

    “I’ve won a few, I’ve lost a few. Let’s have that arm wrestle, I’m happy to do it. I’m sure Joe (Hockey) will be clean,” he said.

    It outraged Cabinet colleagues who said he had turned the heat off Holden and back on the Government.

    Holden statement to staff and public, December 6

    Most of you will be aware of the media speculation today regarding Holden’s future.

    The ABC’s report is speculative – our discussions with the government and General Motors are ongoing.

    Holden will also appear in the Productivity Commission next Tuesday and is engaged in the process.

    We understand how difficult this constant speculation is for employees. As always, any official developments or decisions will be communicated directly to employees first and foremost.

    Richard Phillips, executive director of manufacturing…..

    My emphasis.

  32. Who would have thought – while Abbott and Co are busy leaking, slashing, lying and pissing off the neighbours one MP is actually acting like a serious politican. You’ll never guess who – Clive Palmer! I’d never heard of Club de Madrid before, if I had I’d have assumed it was a soccer club or a Club Med style resort. But no, it’s a serious organisation with a membership of former leaders and government officials. Palmer has invited them all to hs resort for a meeting. Abbott wasn’t invited.

  33. “We seem to see changing leaders in this country, as a weakness”

    In the case of Julia Gillard, it would have been good to keep her; not switch to Rudd and then to Abbott. The change of leaders didn’t work well.

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