It Be Friday

It Be Friday ya scurvy landlubbers

And as we sail these stormy seasimages (31)Remember that smooth seas are ahead

download (23)Now there be a Lottery tonight

download (24)And the  lucky tar that wins

 Be they lad

images (32)Or lass


Wins This



Or you can have the usual Lotto/Bet prize. Completely up to you.

Have a good time and as it is our birthday this week something may happen on the


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  1. Holden make such nice cars: the Cruze is quite popular.

    There are countless Cruzes on the roads. In bright, attractive colours. You wonder why Holden has to close down.

  2. To play Devil’s Advocate, Holden and Ford have been playing the “she’ll be right, mate” card for decades. The few vehicles they actually make here aren’t the ones that I’d choose in the first instance.

    If the free trade agreement with Korea means cheaper Hyundais and Kias, I’m all for it. (That said, Kia has had to import vehicles from the Czech republic, as Korea can’t keep up with demand.)

  3. Jaeger

    The few vehicles they actually make here aren’t the ones that I’d choose in the first instance.

    Sounds like a replay of what I saw in a doco in the 1990’s on the US car industry. After the oil shocks of the 1970’s they kept making shit that people no longer wanted and were “WTF ?” when people bought Japanese cars instead. If it were not a legal loophole re trucks and taxes that allowed the SUV to be classed as a truck they would be extinct by now.

    In a salute to BK’s great avatar the US television makers died a similar death. Deming was listened to in Japan. There was an ad in the 60’s showing how if your TV broke down GE (I think) guaranteed a serviceman there within 12 hours. Great customer service but what people really wanted were sets that did not break down. So in a couple of decades what were dozens became zip.

  4. The story I heard about the number 87 being bad luck by Australians was that it originated with all-rounder Ken “Slasher” McKay who was both a statistics obsessive and highly superstitious. He was said to have come up with,
    “Oh, no! Thirteen short of a hundred. That’s terribly bad luck!”
    McKay became a regular in Richie Benaud’s teams and it was said to have passed to team-mates, including Benaud himself. Of course, it could have originated before then but that is my knowledge of it.

    I thought of it when Joe Root was dismissed for 87, which according to the commentators was also on the 387th ball. Why England should get bad luck from an Australian superstition I don’t know. Their ‘bad luck’ number is 111, and it proved that in the first innings when they were stuck on 111 for 33 balls before Carberry got out to a freak catch.

  5. The Cruze isn’t bad – but it could be a lot better. (I’ve driven the local version as a hire car.)

    In Chevy form, it was the best hire car we had in Hawaii – which isn’t saying much. It was what I had in mind as an “Intermediate” class vehicle (in hindsight, “Compact” would be better.) The other two cars (on different islands) were from memory a Dodge Charger (looks good, but low clearance and feeble V6 was thirsty), and Ford Fusion (similar to a Mondeo – without the nice bits.)

    Ford holds some promise with locally tuning (or building!) the Focus and Kuga; but not Holden.

  6. gigilene, I should have worded that different. I do not mean that one changes to a leader that spends three years undermining the one in place.

    I do mean, when it is obvious that one has done all that they are capable of, and caucus feels they have loss confidence, they should go with good grace.

    Should support the new leader, as they were supported when replacing the one before them.

    Yes, Rudd should have acted as the one he replaces.

  7. Sky News just advertised for a special program on Corgi Bernardi tonight about his “Calling for a conservative revolution based on : Faith, Family, Flag, Free enterprise, Federation and Freedom ” . I do hope this is the music playing in the background as Corgi explains his ” Kinder, Küche, Kirche” vision.

    Pink Floyd – The Wall Movie – In The Flesh

    Are there any queers in the theater tonight?
    Get them up against the wall!
    There’s one in the spotlight, he don’t look right to me,
    Get him up against the wall!
    That one looks Jewish!
    And that one’s a coon!
    Who let all of this riff-raff into the room?
    There’s one smoking a joint,
    And another with spots!
    If I had my way,
    I’d have all of you shot!

  8. puffy
    I saw that, but I don’t think it’s true. I haven’t been able to find any mention anywhere of Abbott playing rugby in South Africa. The ‘terrorist’ comment I’d be inclined to believe, but someone needs to find that old uni paper and prove it. Until someone does it’s just hearsay.

  9. Leone & Puffy,
    One problem regarding PMBO’s time at university is, I understand, that most of the masters of Honi Soit of that period have been destroyed …

  10. I’ve rummaged around in Trove, the NLA site (Pandora is part of it). There are archives of Honi Soit, but you’d have to go to certain places to view a micro-copy or whatever. There doesn’t seem to be anything accessible online.

  11. Ducky, Leone, Pol Animal,
    Mid to late 1970s so presumably pre-Pandora – though Leone’s link looks interesting.

    I must stress, however, that it was a rumour, though the suggestion was that “active measures” had been taken to obliterate certain aspects of someone’s past …

    Meanwhile, I need to publicise the latest thread, and then go to bed after another busy day, the climax to which was the flooding of the laundry and part of the kitchen when the washing machine hose went feral.

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