Calling a Meeting of the Canberra and District Chapter of The Pub

On Thursday morning this week I shall get into my

(Credit: Old Picture of the Day)

and drive to

(Credit: National Library of Australia Trove)

to be with my mother for the sale of

(Credit: LJ Hooker Manuka)

It would be delightful if denizens of The Pub in and around Canberra could meet up sometime while I’m in town. I have a marginal preference for daytime and south side, and presumably weekends would be better for many than weekdays. Next Sunday should be possible, as should the weekend of 14-15 December.

Possible participants, please comment here, and please include suggestions of time(s) and place(s).


35 thoughts on “Calling a Meeting of the Canberra and District Chapter of The Pub

  1. Fiona,

    For me, we overnight in Wagga on Saturday. It’s a 2 1/2 hour drive to Canberra so we can do lunch or later on that day. I may not be able to respond to emails but you have my mobile number.

    Good news on the auction.

    I may not be able to respond to e-mails aft

  2. My mouse is all over the place. Hope you get the gist of my posts.

    If I leave the mouse cursor within a reply field it sometimes does a random relocate.

  3. Ducky,
    You are pellucidly clear.

    Don’t worry about Boerwar or Rummel. I will text your mobile when we have a settled time and place.

  4. Unfortunately, I have a lunch on Sunday – so will be unable to make it. Hope you all enjoy catching up! Great news about the house sale – a relief to be moving on to the next exciting stage!

  5. The packers are here and should be done by mid afternoon.

    For tomorrow, I suggest the Holy Grail at Kingston. Maybe those who want food could arrive 1ish or thereafter (I will be there at 1pm); others who just want a beverage of some sort come whenever.

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