Calling a Meeting of the Canberra and District Chapter of The Pub

On Thursday morning this week I shall get into my

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and drive to

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to be with my mother for the sale of

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It would be delightful if denizens of The Pub in and around Canberra could meet up sometime while I’m in town. I have a marginal preference for daytime and south side, and presumably weekends would be better for many than weekdays. Next Sunday should be possible, as should the weekend of 14-15 December.

Possible participants, please comment here, and please include suggestions of time(s) and place(s).

35 thoughts on “Calling a Meeting of the Canberra and District Chapter of The Pub

  1. Ms Fiona

    I am on for a meeting but sadly I have to add some caveats, firstly as I am still chained to the wage machine during the daytime on a weekday is not on but evenings are okay, secondly weekends are much preferrable than an during the working week, and, well that is the end of my caveats. I am happy to travel to which ever side of the city the majority favour.

  2. HaveAchat,

    I think a weekend meeting will be easier for most of us; besides, I expect to be fairly busy with matters concerning the sale and the move to Melbourne. My preference for south of Lake BG is because I don’t want to be away from me mum for too long – but that gives a fair amount of scope for possible places.

    Really looking forward to meeting you, and – I hope – many others, as well as catching up with a couple of Pubsters encountered last year. How time flies …

  3. Sounds good, Fiona!

    I’m happy to defer to the local intelligentsia to choose a time/location (subject to availability.)

    The Wig & Pen is very good, but too small/noisy/popular at this time of year? (Rumours it might be shutdown, too.)

  4. I’m game, and prefer South-side. Anniversary dinner on Friday, dinner engagement on Saturday, Wiggles on Wednedsay 11 December, Peppered Prawn at Woden or Hellenic Club?

  5. Jaeger,
    I’d forgotten you were a local – my apologies!

    Let’s see which way the mood of the meeting is going. I’m sure we will be able to do something that suits most.

  6. Colombo,
    The Wiggles are unmissable – besides, the auction is at 6pm on Wednesday 11 December, so I shall be otherwise occupied.

    As I just responded to Jaeger, let’s see how people are placed. I’m getting the feeling, however, that the weekend after next (i.e., 14-15 December) is probably more likely.

  7. Ms Fiona,

    There will be many here who want to meet.

    For mine: Thursday 12 U3A is doing stuff an mas party (welcome to come!). Thursday to Sunday we are sittring grandkids in Wagga. The rest of the week is free.

  8. Glad I’m not the only one being dragged to the Wiggles.
    I promise nothing, if everyone else makes arrangements I will see what I can arrange (although it’s not totally fair on my wife having to handle the kids through the week if I’m running off on the weekend)

    • You can always look in for 1/2 an hour – and would making it somewhere round Woden be easier for you?

  9. I don’t think I could Wiggle for any length of time. Luckily, I don’t have to.

  10. We have to be at the AIS 75 minutes before the show so we can be introduced to The Wiggles beforehand. Hope the two year (almost three year) old can cope with the excitement, otherwise we’ll need to call on Captain Sam to hose him down..

  11. UPDATE:

    This weekend looks somewhat fraught for me. How many could attend something on Saturday 14th or Sunday 15th?

    If there are people who can only manage a weekday, I don’t see why we should be limited to one meeting!

  12. “We have to be at the AIS 75 minutes before the show so we can be introduced to The Wiggles beforehand.”

    Now, that I could go with!

  13. Ms Fiona,

    Saturday 14 is totally out of the question for us. Lunch Sunday is feasible.

    As you say, another meet … but it would be great to have as many as possible at the one.

  14. Ducky,
    I don’t have Boerwar’s, though I do have Rummel’s somewhere. If you would be so obliging as to contact them both, I would be v grateful.

  15. Unfortunately, Sunday lunch is out for me but will probably suit most people. I can do any late afternoons/early evenings during the week but this would be harder for those with young children. Difficult time of the year to suit all!

  16. Just about anytime from Sat 14/12 onwards will be OK for me. Anybody needing a lift should let me know, as a non drinker (mostly) I can be a handy standby.

  17. I still have fingers crossed for Sunday 15th, BUT the removalists may be with us sometime next weekend so matters are somewhat up in the air at the moment.

    By the end of Monday I hope to have some clarity, and by the end of Wednesday TOTAL clarity.


    Shady Lady, since the weekend is out for you, maybe a late afternooon Monday/Tuesday, or Thursday, might be on? While it would be nice to have one big get-together, one meets whom one can when one can …

    Must away – dinner to be cooked.

  18. UPDATE:

    Not only is dinner cooked, but the house sold this evening.

    The next three days will be busy with last-minute things; the removalists do the major uplift on Saturday.

    So, moi is “free” on Sunday for a Pub lunch, afternoon tea, but definitely not a soirée as we will start the trip to Melbourne on Monday morning.

    My mother and I will be staying in Forrest from Friday evening onward, so a mutually-agreed meeting place in Kingston, Manuka, or Woden would be fantastic. All suggestions will be given due consideration.

    I am really looking forward to meeting (again) as many of you as possible.

  19. Fiona,

    For me, we overnight in Wagga on Saturday. It’s a 2 1/2 hour drive to Canberra so we can do lunch or later on that day. I may not be able to respond to emails but you have my mobile number.

    Good news on the auction.

    I may not be able to respond to e-mails aft

  20. I have had no response from Boerwar or rummel. Anything you want me to follow up?

  21. My mouse is all over the place. Hope you get the gist of my posts.

    If I leave the mouse cursor within a reply field it sometimes does a random relocate.

  22. Ducky,
    You are pellucidly clear.

    Don’t worry about Boerwar or Rummel. I will text your mobile when we have a settled time and place.

  23. Unfortunately, I have a lunch on Sunday – so will be unable to make it. Hope you all enjoy catching up! Great news about the house sale – a relief to be moving on to the next exciting stage!

  24. The packers are here and should be done by mid afternoon.

    For tomorrow, I suggest the Holy Grail at Kingston. Maybe those who want food could arrive 1ish or thereafter (I will be there at 1pm); others who just want a beverage of some sort come whenever.

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