Zippity Do Da Its Raffle Night

Yes Friends It,s Friday Night and we all Know what that means

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lets be positive.  Abbott  and his mates


vd-abbottwomenpuff1-408x264Will be


As Tony Said

But at least we can say


So lets enjoy the next 3 years as best we can

download (22)Xmas time is here

christmas-animated-gifs-06And the festive spirit will soon be upon “The Pub”

dancingsanta_e0Enjoy your weekend and don.t forget to get your raffle tickets

images (30)Have Fun.

511 thoughts on “Zippity Do Da Its Raffle Night

  1. What a mess – seriously, the Government has had just about every position on this imaginable.

    Funny what happens when you don’t do the policy hard work before you get the levers of power.

    How many humiliating backdowns are Abbott’s Ministers going to endure?

  2. bbbf

    Funny what happens when you don’t do the policy hard work before you get the levers of power.

    There seems no plan, no 200 policies, just nothing or anything ..


    We aren’t like members opposite who make solemn pledges before the election, them break them afterwards.”

  4. Told youse. The Gonski thing was a unicorn, meant to get attention away from the debacle with Indonesia. You will, naturally, have nopticed that hasn’t been mentioned for days. Geez our media are easy to distract. They have an attention span that makes a 6 month old boxer puppy look focused.

  5. Seems that Abbott and Pyne have caved in on Gonski for the signature states. The non-signed ones will be OK.

    Now QT. Shorten straight into the education backflip. Abbott claiming the guarantee is because they are not Labor and keep their promises.

    Vasta with a dixer about the “financial challenges”. Abbott tkes it and still on “cleaning up the mess” meme. Still really dealing with how bad the previous government was. Long list of bullshit items. His hair is thinning with the lies, I believe.

  6. Announcing the Gonski backflip on a backflip ten minutes before QT was cute – such an obvious ploy to ruin what the government assumed would be Labor’s QT attack. If this is what they have to do to get through Question Time – already – what else will they be doing further down the track? Announcing we are at war with Indonesia and then calling it off at 1.55?

  7. Shorten tries again with assurances that no school will be worse off. Abbott tries a distraction. Burke objects that it is debate, Broinnie reckons his POO is debate, so there. Abbott tries to say it’s only Labor that was cutting via MYEFO.

    Dear Alex Hawke exercising his concern about the Philippine community to Mesma. She starts off with a summary of the damage in the Philippines, and how good and prompt they were with aid and funding. Looks like they underwent a transformation from the original $400,000 offer.

    Tanya seeks indulgence to reiterate Labor support. Her question to the PM, also on education. Abbott thinks he’s done all this with his backflip today. Tries to claim O’Farrell reckons he’s better.

    Hockey gets one from O’Bigmouth credit and troubled financial times. Bronnie trying to quieten noise. He goes into a litany of Labor extensions of the debt limits. Still trying to blame it all on Labor three months after coming to office. Pretends that Labor doesn’t understand the difference between net and gross debt. Maybe it is a hard concept since Hockey misunderstood it for three years. Hockey reckons it’s all Labor’s fault he has to borrow more.

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