Tony’s Raffle Night

In Keeping with the new atmosphere created by our Diplomatic geniuses In govt. here is Friday nights raffle.

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Get your tickets from ck watt. He has been put on notice as raffle master as he was appointed during the period of Gillards Govt. so as such his position is being reviewed.

The winner will only be confirmed after I decide if they are worthy enough

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Get your drinks from the saucy shelia behind the bar. A bit of slap and tickle is ok, She loves it really.

artworks-000018290592-fxkfct-cropThe kitty money has been frozen until I find the address of the Liberal party animal refuge where they obviously don’t put down old,senile people like these examples.

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Everything is is now a operational matter so I won’t tell you about them.

download (18)If you don,t like it


Don,t vote for me next shifty

I going for a ride have a good night. But only if you are white Christians. (Catholic Preferably)


Otherwise  get stuffed.

463 thoughts on “Tony’s Raffle Night

  1. Thanks all for your summary of the news over the past week, when I have been unable to post, now waiting for a very sore red eye to heal.

    I saw Insiders this morning and thought the Stutchbury’s bias is the major reason for the start up on line news like
    Global Mail
    The Guardian
    New Daily

    The AFR used to be full of sound economic analysis but is now full of political analysis of economic views and thus is no longer a reliable source of information on which to base long term business decisions.

    Tanya Plibersek clearly didn’t want to prescribe how Abbott should apologise to Indonesia. The major reason as I see it is that Abbott is such an egotist he won’t do what he is told. A more fruitful line of questioning might have been climate change

    Insiders concentrated so much on Indonesia that only Mike Seccombe mentioned the elephant in the room at the end of the program ie Australian delegations behaviour at the Warsaw Climate Change talks and what the convention managed to ratify despite Australian interference

  2. Visitors arriving soon

    The silverside disaster has been analyzed.
    Apparently you are only suppose to put in 1 bay leaf not the whole packet. Also 1 garlic clove little triangle thinghy not whole bunch or whatever its called.
    Learn something new everyday.

  3. Joe,
    The next time you try cooking silverside cook it in ginger beer! no onion cloves bay leaf just the meat and the ginger beer.

  4. Joe6pack,
    An entire garlic bulb would have been fine. The packet of bay leaves would have been the killer.

  5. j6p
    what the hell is garlic doing in corned silverside? never heard the like of it in me life!
    Why everything has to be drowned in bluddy garlic for, I do not know. I never saw a garlic clove until I was 24.

  6. Puffy,
    We had a local delicatessen whose owner did the most superb rare roast beef, sold cold. He would insert cloves of garlic into the meat, then roll the entire piece in crushed whole black peppercorns. Heaven!

  7. I once came across a real tragedy involving not-corned silverside. Some twit on a forum I used to hang around bought a chunk of meat labelled ‘silverside’ from the supermarket and being a complete and utter idiot assumed it was corned silverside. Anyway, this woman went online to get cooking times and stuff and boiled the meat for the recommended time. Only when she carved the thing did she realise that something was wrong. She had boiled the bejesus out of what had once been a lovely roast.

  8. Boatwatch
    After spending hours trundling back and forth on Ocean Protector has just anchored at West White Beach not far from the detention centre. There seems to be no access to the centre from the beach. Perhaps TIBM wants asylum seekers (if there are any on board) to swim ashore and use their bare hands to force their way through the bush to the centre. Wouldn’t put it past him.

  9. I was lucky enough to spend some time on Christmas Island back in the mid 1980s, when my mother was Teacher-in-Charge of the Island’s preschool (and my father delighted in telling everyone that he was a kept man).

    With the exception of Flying Fish Cove and three or so almost inaccessible beaches, the shores of Christmas Island are either cliffs or razor-sharp rocks.

  10. If you are going to be a victim of a major disaster you’d better hope it happens when there are Labor governments in charge. Otherwise this is what you get –

    Note the last sentence – that’s what’s behind this whole mess. The Abbott and O’Farrell governments want disaster relief funded by the community, exactly as Abbott wanted in Queensland. Sausage sizzles and meat tray raffles to rake in billions? I don’t think so.

  11. leonetwo

    disaster relief funded by the community, exactly as Abbott wanted in Queensland. Sausage sizzles and meat tray raffles to rake in billions? I don’t think so.

    Same old same old Tory crap. Abbottabad regularly visited the UK and tugged forelock with the UK Tories.
    Dave was all about “Big society” . No need for gubbermint all these volunteer groups were going to do the business.

  12. Fiona,
    Your mother seems to have led a remarkable life with her teaching. I suspect she had the passion of Robbie Williams character in Dead Poets Society – one of the best films ever made.

  13. Greetings also to Dan Gulberry (yesterday evening) and Granny Anny (this morning).

    Good to see you again.

  14. It is, Paddy. I think the end of year thing is beginning to happen, so lots of people are socialising. I’m pretty busy with end of academic year stuff, but fingers crossed that will be finished by the end of the week. Meanwhile I have a visitor from Sydney arriving tomorrow and staying until Friday, so the last few days I’ve also been putting stuff away, generally tidying up (as far as is possible in a house infested with OH’s idiosyncratic collections of various things) and – today – cleaning.

    How is everything going with you?

  15. Well Fiona,
    it is quite busy atm. Working long days then an hour or so on the laptop at night doing admin and emails. I don’t like all the paperwork stuff.

    This is for a good purpose though, we hope to have all of our river and creek restoration projects fully planted by Christmas.
    It will be a hard push but I am confident that we will succeed. Then we can all have 10 days break over Christmas.

    I hope you have a nice time with your friend

  16. it’s a bit quite here tonigjht

    I’m sitting in the middle of a thunderstorm. Shouldn’t be using my “smarter than me phone”
    Check Bom for a clue.l

  17. I won’t rub it in for those dumbaskes who voted L NP, never, well maybe a bit. a little bit.
    hahahahahhahahahhahahahhahahhahahahhahahahhahahhahahhahaha SUCKERS!

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