Tony’s Raffle Night

In Keeping with the new atmosphere created by our Diplomatic geniuses In govt. here is Friday nights raffle.

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Get your tickets from ck watt. He has been put on notice as raffle master as he was appointed during the period of Gillards Govt. so as such his position is being reviewed.

The winner will only be confirmed after I decide if they are worthy enough

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Get your drinks from the saucy shelia behind the bar. A bit of slap and tickle is ok, She loves it really.

artworks-000018290592-fxkfct-cropThe kitty money has been frozen until I find the address of the Liberal party animal refuge where they obviously don’t put down old,senile people like these examples.

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Everything is is now a operational matter so I won’t tell you about them.

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Don,t vote for me next shifty

I going for a ride have a good night. But only if you are white Christians. (Catholic Preferably)


Otherwise  get stuffed.

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  1. Watched insiders. Mike Sutchbury was running point for Abbott. Tanya Plibersek did an excellent job of avoiding barry’s obvious hooks, and of not interrupting the enemy while Abbott was making a humungous clusterfeck.

  2. I always start mine in cold water with good results so all should be well Joe. Corned beef/silverside is very forgiving and is almost unkillable as low as you cook at a low simmer and don’t overdo it too much. These days I buy salt reduced because I have a low tolerance for salt and it still comes out ok.

  3. I always start mine in cold water too, it’s what my granny taught me. Bring to the boil and then turn right down so the water is barely simmering. I’ve been doing this for longer than I want to think about and always had great results.

  4. Tony “peeping tom” Abbott has emulated his dad when it comes to front page cartoons in Indonesia.

    ..a cartoon depicting the prime minister and foreign minister as fornicating dingoes.

    Headlined “The adventure of two dingo” (sic), the drawing shows the prime minister as the dominant dog, shaking as he tells the foreign minister: “I want Papua!! Alex! Try to make it happen!”
    The cartoon of John Howard and Alexander Downer dominated the front page of one of Indonesia’s biggest-selling newspapers, the Islamic-leaning Rakyat Merdeka (People’s Freedom).


    Murdoch’s feud with Blair over wife Wendi: ‘Terminal’ end of friendship over claims of ‘multiple encounters’ between ex-PM and tycoon’s wife

    Sources claim that Mr Blair and Ms Deng had ‘multiple encounters’ of which Mr Murdoch was unaware
    The former Prime Minister has always maintained his friendship with Ms Deng is platonic
    The Blair camp insists the claims are ‘ridiculous and untrue’

    By Simon Walters
    PUBLISHED: 21:58 GMT, 23 November 2013 | UPDATED: 22:01 GMT, 23 November 2013

    Relations between Rupert Murdoch and Tony Blair have collapsed over reports of Mr Blair’s friendship with the media mogul’s ex-wife, Wendi Deng.

    The former Prime Minister has always maintained his friendship with Ms Deng is platonic.

    But Mr Murdoch is said to regard the rift with Mr Blair as ‘terminal’ and has refused to speak to him since he filed for divorce from Ms Deng in June. Mr Blair has tried to contact Mr Murdoch but has been rebuffed.

  6. There is some bewilderment around the blogs as to why Abbott and his fans arem’t blaming the previous Govt. (in a big way) for the Indonesian fiasco he is now involved in. I think there are very good reasons as to why he can’t pass the buck, as much as he would love to be able to.

    Firstly, any spying conducted in Indonesia would have been done on behalf of and in cohorts with the USA. The bogans like to think of their country being powerful and independent so they wouldn’t want to deflate that balloon, especially because conservatives suck up to Uncle Sam to a much greater extent than progressives. Secondly, because in theory a change of Government can occur at any time, significant people in the Opposition are regularly briefed by public servants so they have a broad feel for what is going on. Spying in Indonesia would have been going on during the Howard era and probably well before that. It is inconcievable that Mesma wouldn’t have been given a brief outline as to what was going on and key members of the current Opposition will know that she knew. If Abbott’s crowd break the convention of not commenting on operational intelligence matters and blame the ALP it will then be possible for the ALP to say that Mesma and by extension Abbott were a part of it and as usual they are lying about it.


    Warsaw climate talks: Principles of global deal agreed on after deadlock over ‘contributions’
    Updated 10 minutes ago

    Negotiators from about 195 countries have reached consensus on some of the cornerstones of an ambitious climate pact to combat global warming.

    Governments agreed at talks in Poland that a new deal would consist of a patchwork of national contributions to curb emissions that could blur a 20-year-old distinction between the obligations of rich and poor nations.

    They are aiming for a new global deal to be signed in Paris in 2015 to replace the 1997 Kyoto Protocol, which set targets for developed countries to cut their greenhouse gas emissions.

  8. Stutchbury did an excellent filibuster job again on Insiders, joining Piers Akerman and Gerard Henderson in not being able to STFU for more than 30 seconds.

    What is it with these wingnuts?

    The can’t let anything go. The slightest criticism of their side is immediately pounced upon and wrung through the wringer endlessly. They must lead very stressful lives, feeling the need to correct every wrong (in their minds) and argue every, single debilitating point, lest a lefty gets something out that may have traction, or make sense.

    Today we had Stutchbury the Diplomat, and Stutchbury the Economist. I looked at the clock on the wall, after listening to his interminable rantings and it was 9.45 already. Kerri-Ann Walsh had hardly said a word, and even Mike Seccombe onlt got a few utterings in while Stutchbury sipped his water.

    Stutchbury the diplomat went with the incredibly asinine line that the Indonesians are upset only about a particular incident at a particular time, which (happily for him) involved Kevin Rudd’s tenure as Prime Minister.

    He doesn’t seem to be able to countenance the probable fact that ALL Australian governments have been spying on Indonesian Presidential phone calls on the “because we can” basis. This would include the Howard government and (does anyone doubt it?) the Abbott government.

    Not one word of complaint about Kevin Rudd or Julia Gillard has been uttered by the Indonesians. Not one word.

    Their complaints have been levelled with surgical precision at Tony Abbott.

    Stutchbury is showing incredible naivety in proposing that this is all some kind of indirect, wily oriental way of getting at Rudd, through Abbott, with Abbott as the hapless fall guy.

    He doesn’t understand that both Rudd and Gillard are out of office, so it’s not much point for the Indonesians to go after them. Abbott is the point man. He wanted the job (as did Stutchbury want him in the job). Abbott promised “No excuses”. So here is Stutchbury making the weakest of them for his hero.

    The truth is that the Indonesians dislike Abbott, and have been looking for a hook to hang their disdain upon ever since he got up in Parliament years ago and started slagging them and the country off as irrelevant to his ambitions of invading their sovereignty.

    It looks like there’s going to have to be some even more bitter medicine handed out pretty soon, if the Textors, the shock jocks, the Stutchburys and the Morrisons don’t stop being recalcitrant in admitting their own buffoonery.

    Stutchbury was not alone when he played The Economist… they all got in on the act… except that there wasn’t anything said about economics. It was all politics. The only reason given for increasing the debt limit was “politics”. So, the panel seemed to agree that Labor’s opposition to the increase in the debt limit was silly, without at any time criticising Joe Hockey for raving on about how bad it was, how it was going to ruin us etc., for the previous three years.

    Cassidy’s interview with Plibersek was an endless series of attempted gotchas, so transparent that it left Plibersek with little to say, except to deflect them.

    If this is the state of political commentary – “The Politics” and only The Politics, in isolation, without context (by the way, what did happen to “context”?) – then well may we say “God help us all”, because nothing will save the Fourth Estate.

  9. Listening to Meet the Pres. New headline. Budget emergency is now on again.

    Just one point. Even if debt limit is not raised, there no emergency. The treasury has many different potions to deal with the fact that it will be three days at the most, then it comes back under the limit.

    We are NOT the USA.

    Yes, pensions will be paid.

    Mr. Hockey now owns the debt and the budget.

    One cannot blame Labor, for the fact that Hockey has not been able to find all those necessary PS to fire and waste.

    Hockey’s trouble is that the believe their own spin. This I find frightening. If they cannot identify the problems, how can they fix them.

  10. BB

    If this is the state of political commentary – “The Politics” and only The Politics, in isolation, without context (by the way, what did happen to “context”?) – then well may we say “God help us all”, because nothing will save the Fourth Estate.

    There was a panel discussion on Sky earlier this week and what you describe is exactly what hit me. After a quick mention that Labor was “right” on the issue it was all discussing, approvingly, how the Coalition had “got the politics right” .

  11. What amazes me, is the Indonesian press are dealing with Abbott, using all the methods that was used against Gillard in this country.

    It appears that they do indeed know the man, and what he has been doing over the last few years.

    Journalist in that country, seem to still have the ability to do their job.

    Pickering must be jealous of the viewing, that cartoonist are getting in that country.

    As I said, Abbott will be judged and given the respect, he gave the last two PMs.

  12. Yeah, BB, I agree with all you said – though I’d go even harder on this point:

    If this is the state of political commentary – “The Politics” and only The Politics, in isolation, without context (by the way, what did happen to “context”?) – then well may we say “God help us all”, because nothing will save the Fourth Estate.

    The Domestic Politics, I’d say. It’s really all about local-scale jockeying. The attitude to international politics is appallingly blasé. They’re running a defensive line at the moment, which is a little akin to what King Canute did. I guess they think that if they can still hold the domestic base, at least they’ll still be there come the next election, no matter what state the country is in.

    It all still comes down to the Murdoch/Liberal coalition still not having a clue what their political agenda is supposed to be. They only know what they’re fighting against, but they also need to know what they’re fighting for. They have a vague idea that the future they’re striving for has News Ltd and a bunch of major industries in a powerful position, but beyond that they don’t really know what they’re up against.

    They’re taking a hard – let’s be honest here, stupid – line on AS because they believe that’s the best way to keep punters on-side while they prosecute the rest of their ‘capitulate to big business’ agenda. But they’re still unaware of the consequences of that on the international stage.

    I assume people will wake up to it some time. It’ll take a while, but the current government are so inept at everything they undertake that I’m confident it will happen.

  13. Oh damn, i was so chuffed at figuring out how to get an accent over the e in blasé that I forgot to close the quote properly after the first paragraph. Could somebody fix that for me please?

  14. Leroy Lynch

    A 😆 from Andrew Elder’s description of Textor.

    The intervention by a Filipino porn aficionado was considered to be proof of his great savvy, as though he were spokesperson for bogans

  15. Mum just told me she does the silverside from cold water. Something to do with getting some of the salt out. Her silverside used to be the real thing, farm-done dry salted beef done . She said when salted it looked like an old dried up boot but when cooked it was so tender and delicious. You can’t get it anymore.

  16. puffytmd

    Perhaps the boiling water start dates back from the time before good refrigeration ? The bugs are most likely on the surface so a bit of boiling water will help knock them off.

  17. Well the silverside was a disaster. Tastes funny . off to the butchers for steaks which was my preferred option anyway.
    I bet this is the last time I am trusted with these duties again.

  18. The Indonesian governmant is going after Abbott because he caused such grave offence during his visit. He was late for an APEC meeting and missed the surprise birthday tribute to Putin by SBY. He barred the Indonesian media from a presser. His smarmy sucking-up to SBY was an embarassment to everyone concerned. Then he came back home and lied about everything that was said and done. And to make matters even worse. he then kept a vice-presidential delegation waiting in his office for 45 minutes while he hung around in parliament hoping to see Bill Shorten embarassed when he didn’t need to be there. He obviously thought an Indonesian delegation was not as important as his own ego. He’s also kept on inisting that Indonesia is happy to co-operate with his boats plans, even after Indonesia won that stand-off. Abbott has dug himself a huge pit and is still digging away, supported by his Aussie media lackeys.

    Had we still had Labor in power none of this would have happened. The relationship with Indonesia would not have been irreparably damaged by the arrogant actions of a fool. The spying scandal would still have broken but the government would have done the proper thing, apologised, sent the PM or the FM for talks, it all would have been sorted out quickly. But as Abbott has already proved to Indonesia that he is a liar and an offensive, self-important, preening idiot they seized on the chance to get some revenge. Kudos to Indonesia for being so astute. They knew exactly how Abbott would react, coming over stubborn arrogant and, again, very offensive. The Indonesians have played their man well. I hope they keep it going and extract every last gram of revenge they possibly can. If it destroys Abbott so much the better. His international reputation is already in shreds. no-one is going to take him or any member of his government seriously. And he’s done it all to himself, he has no-one else to blame.

  19. Leone,
    We all see it. You write it with crystal clarity, as do many here. Why the hell can’t / won’t the MSM?

  20. ….all I wanted was a nice silverside meal. Perhaps with some boiled new potatoes and baby carrots done in the pot. Some white sauce and maybe a bit of cabbage on the side. A nice warm comfort meal.

    leave it to me you said,

    I’ll look after it you said.

    Not a worry in the world you said…..sit, relax, have another coffee. I got this.


  21. Tlbd


    And looking trim I notice.

    Children invasion shortly so Bananas , ice creams and lollies rallied.

    So I may disappear for a while.

  22. Nigella leaves me cold. I find her immensely anbnoying. All that finger-licking is yuck. Ditto the hair flopping all over the place. Her food is very ordinary and totally uninspiring. But if you are male you probably aren’t watching for the recipes and the cooking technique, such as it is.

  23. Corned silverside with white onion sauce was my mum’s birthday treat. We never had it at home, I suppose Dad didn’t like it. So every year on Mum’s birthday we’d all go to Nan’s place for a special birthday lunch. It was always corned silverside with all the trimming and Christmas pudding boiled in a cloth for dessert because Mum’s birthday was just a week before Christmas Day and she loved pudding. I have very fond memories of those lunches.

  24. leonetwo

    As a kid there was only one occasion I would ever touch mustard. Smeared across a slab of corned silverside on a nice bit of fresh bread. I’d even brave English mustard 🙂 .loved it. Fresh bread, freshly boiled corned silverside and mustard just worked for me.

  25. I like Nigella. She’s coquettish and sensuous. She presents her cooking, of which I’m no fan, in a warm and engaging manner. Unlike many cooks, she has a natural style and treats food softly, gently and lovingly as if the ingredients were her pets.

  26. An interesting piece by Lizzie from over the road!

    “In total, Mark Textor has been the beneficiary of Federal Government contracts to the tune of over $540,000 in the past 12 months. Every dollar of taxpayers’ funds he misappropriates, every polling exercise he conducts, every focus group he and his company select and dissect, means that opinion is drawn out by Mark Textor and entrenched in Liberal Party policy. And we know how selectively he draws opinion out and actively shapes the opinion of the research participants, with the notorious Textor tapes from the Northern Territory where he lied to justify his ends.

    “Sections of the Liberal Party, starting with the Prime Minister, are transfixed with the polling that Textor produces. Mr Howard thinks it is gold, but it is fool’s gold. This Prime Minister has degraded his high office by actively encouraging the influence of this ‘Textorisation’ of polling research on the direction of Australian public policy. Sound public policy development has never been John Howard’s forte, and in Mark Textor he has his perfect weathervane …”

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