Tony’s Raffle Night

In Keeping with the new atmosphere created by our Diplomatic geniuses In govt. here is Friday nights raffle.

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Get your tickets from ck watt. He has been put on notice as raffle master as he was appointed during the period of Gillards Govt. so as such his position is being reviewed.

The winner will only be confirmed after I decide if they are worthy enough

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Get your drinks from the saucy shelia behind the bar. A bit of slap and tickle is ok, She loves it really.

artworks-000018290592-fxkfct-cropThe kitty money has been frozen until I find the address of the Liberal party animal refuge where they obviously don’t put down old,senile people like these examples.

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Everything is is now a operational matter so I won’t tell you about them.

download (18)If you don,t like it


Don,t vote for me next shifty

I going for a ride have a good night. But only if you are white Christians. (Catholic Preferably)


Otherwise  get stuffed.

463 thoughts on “Tony’s Raffle Night

  1. Well, who knows what it is? But that’s what it says, so I’m itching to see how the MSM handle it. Will they ignore it? Will they talk about ‘margin of error’? Will they say it’s “out of step” with Newspoll? Will they blame the ‘media’ for putting this wonderful government in a bad light? Will they blame Indonesia for fostering discontent, and say the poll is an expression of the public’s demand that Abbott ‘stand firm’ for Australia’s honour? Will they simply say an election is still a long way off and ‘anything could happen’? Will they maybe go scrabbling about in the PV or PPM or approval figures to find something that places Abbott in a good light?

    My guess is that Fairfax will play it up, and ABC will ignore it. I already know it’ll get no airplay on commercial stations.

  2. I should also note that all the Rudd/Gillard dirt that was fit to shovel has been shovelled already. Along with a whole lot of unnecessary mulch. It had to be at the time, otherwise there would never have been a change of government in the first place. So if they’re looking for a unicorn to point to, forget about that. Nobody cares any more. In fact, if they’re reminded of it too much they’re going to start to figure out they’ve been sold a donkey with this government. Dissect the Rudd/Gillard era at your peril, News Corp.

  3. Excellent poll result. Nielsen has long struck me as the least ‘friendly’ poll to Labor. So a 52-point result is doubleplusgood

  4. I’m with Bushfire, that you can’t put too much credence on it as this point, especially when we see from the regular tracking at Essential that there hasn’t been much movement. The later Ghost tweets also add to the confusion. How can Abbott possibly go up as PPM after the week or two he’s had while the party crashes? Doesn’t make any sense. Abbott should probably be about 30 at this point if the LNP is 41, certainly not 49.

    It would be nice if it was right. If they’re sinking, and Abbott is the only thing holding it together for them, they’re seriously up the creek without a paddle. Aguirre makes some sense of it all, but I doubt if people have yet got to the stage of thinking rationally.

  5. All Nielsen figures are relative to the last one taken before the election, when Abbott’s PPM figures were poorer vs Rudd. That bit is more a measure of Bill being pretty unknown or even not really liked.

    Despite good PPMs pre election, we still lost the election, which is the sort of result which confirms my distrust of PPM figures as anything to take too seriously. People will either vote for you for real or they won’t, even if they say elsewhere they kinda like you in some pop quiz section of the poll.

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