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  1. With Ziggy Whataclownski in charge of NBNCo anything can happen. All you know that it’ll be bad, really bad.

  2. What many are dreading—that TPG, iiNet, Telstra etc be allowed to cherry pick MDUs and other profitable areas leaving Gimp Co to connect high cost, low return areas. The Bush would suffer for this but you won’t hear a peep out of Truss, Bananaby etc. We would NEVER have a real national network that way, just a mess hemorrhaging money from the Budget in subsidies, covering Gimp Co losses etc.

  3. Australia’s reputation will be well and truly dead buried and cremated by the time the slogan bogan is finished.

    Abbott’s historic CHOGM rider

    TONY Abbott made history at the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting in Colombo at the weekend by forcing a statement of dissent on climate change into the leaders’ communique.

    The Prime Minister refused to back language in the communique supporting the establishment of an international Green Fund, which would have required industrialised countries to fund carbon reduction initiatives in developing countries


  4. The Idiot is just making everything worse. Someone should belt him around the ears a few times and make him see sense. He has to apologise.
    SBY attacks Abbott over spying response

    Prime Minister Tony Abbott has insisted Australia has a strong friendship with Indonesia but admitted “today may not be the best day in that relationship”, as the diplomatic fallout from revelations Australia tapped the phone of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono deepened.

    But President Yudhoyono has lashed Australia over the wiretapping revelations, flagging Indonesia will review its bilateral cooperation with Australia in light of the revelations.

    The Indonesian president used his personal twitter account on Tuesday to address the spying revelations, declaring they were damaging to the bilateral relationship and the Indonesian government was seeking an official response from Australia.

    President Yudhoyono said he deplored the statement of the Australian prime minister, which had underestimated the severity of the wiretapping of Indonesia and suggested Mr Abbott not been sufficiently contrite.


  5. For any who have even the slightest doubt Slogan Bogan is THE problem. Ah, remember all those fawning msm articles after Tone’s triumphal procession through Indonesia ?

    [Abbott treating spy issue ‘too lightly’, Indonesian President Yudhoyono says –

    “I deeply regretted Australia’s PM statement which took lightly the tapping issue towards Indonesia, without feeling guilty,” the President tweeted this morning, suggesting the Prime Minister had inflamed the diplomatic fallout from the scandal. – ]


  6. I believe our illustrious FM is busy selling uranium ion India.

    Yes, serving this governments masters.

  7. Penny Wong got in a nice little zinger.

    … Cormann: “I’m going to assist you, Senator Wong”
    Wong: “You don’t assist anyone when you speak”.

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