Famous Friday Raffles

images (28)Here we go again Patrons.


14-celebrationSO LETS CELEBRATE




After we have seen how Bishop elder is going to run things

295Lets all chill out and relax

On a more serious note I think this place


Sippy creek animal refuge could be be a worthy recipient of THE PUB’S $500 ( so far)

Raffle Kitty

They try and adopt out all they can, but if new owners can’t be found the animals are kept and looked after by them. None are put down.

If you want to put forward some other places please do.

Have a good night/weekend  and just remember


Xmas is only 5 weeks away


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  1. And from the Land of the Free –

    Some cartoons on the early arrival of Christmas.
    Bill Maher on Sarah Palin and the Pope. Very funny.
    Martin Bashir piles into Plain.
    This is a worrying situation that has been developing in recent years.

  2. Section 2 . . .

    Stephen Colbert rips the racial comments of WaPo columnist.
    And Jon Stewart has a crack at the disgraced Toronto mayor.
    This week’s decision from Bush’s stacked SCOTUS will create much interest.
    Bill Maher’s New Rules.

  3. Can the angry & extreme left wing trolls who have many more tweets than followers please UNFOLLOW me. You are boring uninformed & repetitive—
    Joe Hockey (@JoeHockey) November 16, 2013

    Projection. He no doubt doesn’t realise it, but the qualities he despises in them are the ones he refuses to recognise in himself. It’s a common failing in people.

  4. Poor Mr Eleventy. His ‘trolls’ comment was aimed at just one person who dared make a critical tweet – this one –

    @JoeHockey U & I sat on an IR Policy Committee for NSW Libs in 90's. You have turned out to be a fascist prick. Nazism is cool in the LNP.— MyBloodyOpinion (@MyBloodyOpinion) November 16, 2013

    This person made exactly three more tweets, including this one –

    @JoeHockey Joined as member of Nepean Young Liberals. Initials were DPC. I'm greatly disappointed in you mate.— MyBloodyOpinion (@MyBloodyOpinion) November 16, 2013

    That’s it. ‘Angry and extreme left wing trolls’? Hardly.

    Sloppy dosn’t tweet much and can block anyone he doesn’t like. So why didn’t he just block this person? Is this little outburst smply because it’s so much more politically effective to have a big sook and make sure it gets publicity, than to simply block?

    Hockey seems unable to deal with any form of criticism, no matter how mild it might be. Say one word he doesn’t like and you are in for a torrent of abuse. Labor could exploit this. It wouldn’t take much goading to have Joe explode on camera in QT.

  5. 6 Pack

    No hail here. Further south

    Good. I’m a bit sensitive on this. Ms Germany has Aluminum guards, bonnet and boot.

    So kept close.

  6. Boatwatch
    Something is going on at Christmas Island . HMAS Childers, HMAS Launceston and customs vessel Ocean Protector are all close to the island and their tracking looks like search patterns.

  7. The welfare-bashing begins, and of course, people on DSP are the first target, once again accused of rorting the system, being criminals, malingering and more. Shades of the Howard era, when Howard had Amanda Vanstone make remarks very similar to those Kevin Andrews and his staff are making now. Demonising the most disadvataged – what a Liberal thing to do.

  8. leonetwo

    Say one word he doesn’t like and you are in for a torrent of abuse.

    I remember how quickly HoJo the jolly green giant used to turn in to Surly Joe if a journo challenged anything he said. Been on better behaviour lately so either the journos are cowed or Madam Peta Lash has worked on him.

  9. I don’t know where the myth of Hockey being affable and jolly came from, I don’t really remember him being anything other than an angry bloviating lying hypocrite who can’t say a single sentence without bitching about Labor.

  10. A bit late to the discussions here (much to organize work-wize and socially in he last few days), but can I make the following points:

    1. I’d be wary about going into bat for bikies. They are scum who are ruining lives with their drug dealing and violent methods.

    2. Joe Hockey IS a sook. HE is in charge of our economy, and seems to be doing his best to talk it down. It’s an old habit from Opposition and he should let it go, pronto. He is effectively trying to explain his own inability to provide the Magic Pudding solutions he promised during the last three years, by blaming everyone but himself. It is HIS job. He wanted it. And now he should do it and stoop whingeing.

    3. If a Labor Speaker was behaving like the Liberal Speaker in Victoria there would be riots in the streets and “J’Accuse” headlines in the newspapers. When Labor was in power federally, almost every day you could be guaranteed to see an article on the precariousness of power in a hung parliament, and how – somehow – it was all Labor’s fault that they were in that situation. The Opposition had nothing to do with it, according to the scribes. Now that the boot is on the other foot the trashing of the parliament – in Victoria and Canberra – is being treated as if it is and was a minor, if curious, “inside the beltway” technical problem that no-one in the “Real world” cares about. Jacquilene Maley’s comments on Insiders this morning were a case in point, when she referred to the Debt Ceiling debate as a kind of arcane piece of trivia that could only do Labor harm (and this, after all the railing and ranting from Joe Hockey when he was in Opposition, on the precise evils of raising the debt limit). Suddenly… it doesn’t matter to Maley. Her excuse? “It’s The Politics.”

    4. All this talk of Madame Kerosene’s “encyclopaedic knowledge” of the Standing Orders seems to have been derived from her frequent, condescending Points Of Order quoting “Page xxx of The Practice.”My belief is that she’s only ever read ONE page, thousands of times, and that she doesn’t have much of a clue about the rest of the book.

  11. So we are approaching a deal with Sri Lanka- BUT the LIbs would not approve the Malaysian deal due to ‘human rights concerns’ i.e. not being signatories to the UN human rights convention. I don’t think Sri Lanka are either.

  12. Boatwatch
    Something is going on at Christmas Island . HMAS Childers, HMAS Launceston and customs vessel Ocean Protector are all close to the island and their tracking looks like search patterns.

    Might be looking for the two patrol boats the Idiot just gave Sri Lanka

  13. BK

    Just the old “jolly fat man” phrase.

    Very much aided by his Shrek and fairy godmother period.

  14. The two patrol boats The Idiot gave Sri Lanka are clapped out Bay Class ones which should have been retired by now. They are worn out and need a lot of down time for repairs. I’d be surprised if they even make it to Sri Lanka. What happens to them when they get there is anyone’s guess.

    Let’s hope their brand spanking new replacements – our new Cape class, are ready for service, otherwise Herr ÜberGrossenFührer Morrison is going to have to get a tinny and do patrols himself.

  15. That fairy godmother stunty was such a cop-out. Hockey was supposed to appear on TV wearing a tutu. He didn’t wear it, he clutched a bit of pink tulle to his front. It could have been anything, his mum’s old shower curtain, a reject costume from Les Girls, anything at all. We have no idea what it was because he never put it on. Then he carried on about it afterwards, saying ‘I was not going to put that tutu on and I don’t know how I was persuaded to do this. ” Hockey wimped out and lied about it, as he always does.

    I like this picture of Mr Eleventy, it tells us so much about Sloppy and his abilities.

  16. There’s a cargo shp in the vicinity of Xmas Island, too:

    Draught 5m
    Destination CHRISTMAS ISLAND
    ETA 2013-11-17 07:00 UTC
    Info Received 2013-11-17 02:37 (4 min ago)

    Moving at 2.3 knots heading for Xmas Island. General cargo ship. Has it picked up survivors?

  17. I’m totally convinced now that this beggar is a total idiot. This is certainly in the interests of those he professes to represent.

    Once Medibank Private is sold off for a pittance, then Medical Insurance Premiums from all the providers will go through the roof.

    UNION heavyweight Paul Howes has urged Labor to back the sale of Medibank Private, saying the party must slay sacred cows such as its stance on selling public assets.


  18. CTar1,

    I was trying to be kind and didn’t wish to shock any Pubsters by saying what I really think! 😉

  19. Scorps, in the body of the article re Levin it states 2010 was when he was employed therefore not Newman.

    “A statement from the Queensland Department of Education, Training and Employment (DETE) said Prof Levin was hired by the department in 2010 to provide advice and feedback on its plans to improve school performance and student outcomes.”

  20. Blimey, Howes is getting a deal of media cover at the moment. I wonder what he is aiming for by increasing his public profile now that Kevvie is gone?

    UNION leader and so-called “faceless man” Paul Howes has described Kevin Rudd as an extraordinary and talented individual but still says it was the right decision for Julia Gillard to replace him as prime minister.

    In his first comments since Mr Rudd announced he was leaving parliament, the Australian Workers Union boss said it was appropriate to be generous about the former prime minister’s achievements.

    “I agree that Kevin Rudd is an extraordinary individual and there is no doubt that his legacy will be felt for a long period of time,” he told Sky News on Sunday.

    “Like a lot of unique individuals that you see in our national parliament, you never see their replacements.


  21. msadventure2,

    Yeah, I noticed that after I posted it, but it doesn’t seem right to me. I can’t remember anything about him at the time. I can’t remember Anna starting any enquiry into the Qld education system then either.

  22. Throughout 2011, Levin and Fullan have undertaken a range of interviews and
    workshops with key educational leaders from across our system.
    Fullan and Levin have provided feedback to Education Queensland during 2011 and have provided a report.
    The report has specified some foundational strengths of our state education system, as well as some key areas for improvement in order to achieve further successful whole system reform.

    This paper provides an overview of the final report and recommendations provided by Professor Fullan and Professor Levin, and outlines the Department of Education and Training’s response to their report

  23. ……………..HANDOUTS will be slashed and eligibility tightened as the Abbott Government eyes off welfare wastelands draining the budget of billions of dollars.

    Social Services Minister Kevin Andrews has given his strongest indication that a crackdown on welfare is coming – and in his crosshairs are the 822,000 Australians receiving the disability support pension.

    Mr Andrews has begun a review of the system with government agencies and the not-for-profit sector in a bid to curb a welfare blowout. The review will help guide the extensive reforms, which could be rolled out as a matter of urgency.

    Those on a disability pension – now one in 20 working-aged Australians – face being booted off the entitlement and moved on to Newstart, which is less money and requires people to more actively look for employment.

    Some doctors could also be stripped of their ability to assess patients as concerns grow about some overworked or lazy medicos not properly scrutinising claims.

    It comes as the Government and the Human Services Department have been tipped off about people claiming the disability pension while being involved in physical criminal activity.



    Yes, the attacks are now beginning. All on welfare, are as we know, cheats.
    I am more interested in those who rort their travel and work related entitlements, like MPs and those who claim their car expenses on FBT, not obeying the guidelines.

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