Famous Friday Raffles

images (28)Here we go again Patrons.


14-celebrationSO LETS CELEBRATE




After we have seen how Bishop elder is going to run things

295Lets all chill out and relax

On a more serious note I think this place


Sippy creek animal refuge could be be a worthy recipient of THE PUB’S $500 ( so far)

Raffle Kitty

They try and adopt out all they can, but if new owners can’t be found the animals are kept and looked after by them. None are put down.

If you want to put forward some other places please do.

Have a good night/weekend  and just remember


Xmas is only 5 weeks away


386 thoughts on “Famous Friday Raffles

  1. Right through 2001 and 2008, Johnnie Howard had a team of people working around the clock deleting and amending entries in Howard’s Wikipedia page.

    It was like a hare & hounds race. You could read some pretty witty take-downs there but they weren’t there long.

  2. [ British prime minister David Cameron has put Sri Lanka on notice to address allegations of war crimes within months or else he will lead a push for a United Nations investigation. ]

    I bet Abbott’s bestest ever friend, is impressed at Abbott giving them two Patrol Boats that they could considerably use against “rebel” Tamil fishing boats.

    One way of stopping the boats from there, even considering they have pretty well stopped now anyway!

  3. Guess there will be no free warships to the Sri Lankans from Cameron. Tony shows em what’s at the core of real leadership. I feel like giving up on politics sometimes. We are sinking.

  4. leonetwo,

    With his mouth agape like that, evil thoughts enter my head as regards his relationship with Tone.

    I wonder if he can “Deep Throat”? 😉

  5. Wonder if that noise, our illustrious PM is making in Sri Lanka has any worth. The true facts are, not many are now coming from that country. Many that have arrived, have gone back.

    It is worth selling out belief in human beings, to do so. Is it worth making other CHOGM leaders look fools.

    I suspect not.

  6. Everard Compton, head of the now-sacked Advisory Panel on Positive Ageing, on why he should have been allowed to complete his work.

    I think we had already worked this bit out for ourselves.

    The sole reason for the dismissal of the panel, as conveyed to me privately by Coalition MPs, is that it was established by former treasurer Wayne Swan and it has been decided that every vestige of Swan’s term as treasurer must be obliterated. Such is the waste that politics represents in our national life.


  7. Heh, Puffy has just left.

    Can well believe she is part dragon from the way she was rending rib from rib. Smoked wild boar ribs that is. But a kindly dragon, one tearing the membranes off to feed to my terrier Demi.

    If I say so myself as shouldn’t, the ribs were damn tasty, used a fair few hickory chips.

  8. Abbott’s efforts with Sri Lanka puts me in mind of this:

    “The only one of the Ten Commandments that I am confident that I have not broken is the one about killing, and that’s because I haven’t had the opportunity yet,” he adds with a grin.


    Well, he’s now had the opportunity, and by helping prevent refugees from fleeing Sri Lanka, where they’ll likely be put to death now, I guess he’s got the set.

  9. [ Interesting also that in the quote above he appears to be admitting to adultery. Did anyone ever follow that up? ]

    You’ve gotta be joking!

    This poor excuse for a media following anything up that could paint a negative picture of their beloved Tone?

    Not a chance. It’s not in their DNA!

  10. Wiki on Tone’s boats:

    The Bay class is a class of eight armed patrol boats, built by Austal Ships and used by the Customs Marine Unit of the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service. They entered service during the late 1990s and early 2000s, and are primarily used on border protection duties.

    The class was due to be replaced by 2010, but a request for tender was not issued until June of that year. The availability of the Bay class ships decreased during the later years of their service life.

  11. Unfortunately, I’ve had a Cockatoo with Psittacine beak and feather disease adopt our place for the past 5 or 6 days. He is one of but a number of them which have been depending on us to maintain their food & water requirements in their latter days.

    It makes me cry to see these beautiful birds suffer like they do and not to be able to do anything about it to help them.

    I’ve got one in an unused aviary at the moment and intend to ensure that he has enough food, water and is safe from predators, (of which there are many when birds are vulnerable like this one, until he eventually succumbs to whatever takes him out.

    At least he will die peacefully and not violently by being attacked by predator birds or the neighbour cats.


  12. Indonesian Vice President plays down disputes with Australia

    Indonesia’s Vice President has shrugged off suggestions that recent disputes with Australia regarding asylum seekers and espionage claims have damaged the relationship.

    “It’s normal for next-door neighbours to have problems,” Dr Boediono said in an interview with Newsline’s Jim Middleton.


    Showing a lot more taste than The Idiot. Note the iron hand in the velvet glove, though.

  13. [ I agree: Puffy is smokin’ hot! ]

    As some of you already know, I had the privilege of meeting up with Puff the Magic Dragon a couple of years ago and she kindly allowed me to take a picture of her. For the privilege of The Pub community, I present a picture of the lovely Puff!


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