Mental Block Friday night raffles

I couldn’t come up with a name for this weeks Raffles so I went with the reason why.

It’s been a big week with

Melbourne Cup 2013

and plenty ofBooze

SO the brain is not all that it should be

download (14)Much like how this mob are all the timeLiberal policy bookletRaffles will begin whenever CK watt says he is ready

yippee_largeThe results of last weeks poll show that the preferred option for our xmas donation is a local animal refuge so put forward some suggestions and we will decide shortly.

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Have a good weekend everyone and next Friday I will try and make things a bit more interesting.


567 thoughts on “Mental Block Friday night raffles

  1. WOW! Mark Kenny gives Abbott and Morriscum a right royal serve!

    Has Cheer Leader Kenny realised some one’s stolen his knickers?

  2. Kenny is still upset because he was left off the guest list for Abbott’s Toadies and Suck-ups Soiree.

  3. Good morning all, Looks like PMBO has finally broken his silence on the Philippine disaster. A statement, read out by number 1 fanboi Fool Gilbert 48 hours after the event offering condolences and further aid IF & when needed. IF needed FFS! What has this country become under this ignorant heartless fool of a PM.

  4. Not sure I want to see QT at all this term. I have a feeling most of it will be taken up with Coalition front-benchers misrepresenting the previous term of Government in lieu of answering questions about anything even close to policy matters. I also expect liberal use of the word ‘mandate’.

    I suspect the ALP would be best served by asking very simple questions about very basic assumptions. For instance, asking first up for Abbott to define exactly what he meant pre-election by “no surprises and no excuses”. And then following it up with a supp something like, “And did you also mean no explanations?” I know from the previous Howard government that if there’s any chance they can weasel out of an answer they’ll take it, Their positions on nearly everything have been so contradictory that it’s easy to set them up with a gentle question and then follow it up with one forcing them to contradict their own answers.

    It might also be worth asking Hunt to detail the evidence available that Direct Action will be effective, seeing as the Coalition agreed last term that climate change is real and that something needs to be done to combat it. Hopefully somebody will quote Wikipedia to him in a question – I’d like that. I wouldn’t even bother asking Morrison anything – if he wants to rabbit on about his ‘operational matters’ let him do it in a dixer. It might be fun seeing Hockey sweat his way through an answer or two.

    It will be intensely frustrating, though. I know that.

  5. Laura Tingle has a go at Abbott and Morrison.

    Even Phil Coorey is into it.

    Both pieces are more like polite floggings with a stick of wilted celery, but better than nothing. It’s a start. Funny, isn’t it. Just a few months ago all these mainstream journalists were making us nauseous with their gushing praise of Abbott. Now they all want to put the boot – well, maybe just a soft velvet slipper – into him and his government. Depriving the media of information can have nasty side effects.

  6. Aguirre,
    I think you should send your last comment to whoever is Manager of Opposition Business (Albo??) by email. Your suggestions are excellent, and may be highly effective.

  7. Michelle Grattan went out into the garden and got the most wilted dandelion she could find to beat Abbott over the head with while she complained about the gov’t. Too little too late, scritch.

  8. After the bullsh#t the ‘reporters’ have written, fueled by the Termite and his acolytes, and by an Opposition that sucked them right in over the last few years, it’s fun watching them getting increasingly indignant now about ‘lack of transparency’ by Tones’ Govt.

    On Insiders yesterday one of them said WTTE “They should be available and answer questions because we’re asking them on behalf of ‘the people’”.

    What a load of crap. The ask questions on they’re own behalf hoping to gazump the turkey sitting next to them on the couch and nothing more.

    Fc#k them.

  9. Scorpio emailed me yesterday evening:

    I thought it might be appropriate to show on The PUB, a wonderful crotchet my Grandmother did of the ANZAC’s in 1915 when she was just 15 years old herself.

    She gave it to my mother many years ago and mum got it framed. I think it needs to be re-set, but is a far better example of this type of commendation of the ANZAC tradition than the few on display in the War Museum in Canberra.

    I hope it ends up there and have made my feelings known in this instance to my mother.

    A pleasure to do so, Scorps:

  10. @Leroy Lynch:

    Your link to the recording of yesterday’s Victorian Women’s Trust Tribute event is greatly appreciated – I’ve just finished listening to it all.

    I think I’ll stop referring to Julia Gillard as ‘FPMJG’. She’s more than that.
    As there doesn’t seem to be any feminine or gender neutral term for ‘elder stateman’, the best I can come up with is PMEJG: i.e. ‘Prime Minister Emeritus Julia Gillard’.
    Eloquent, intelligent, empathetic, generous in praise of others, a ‘creator’ not a ‘destroyer’.

    Such a contrast to the current incumbent, who is apparently unable to string more than 3 words together in any coherent fashion.

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