Springtime … and they’re racing!

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Late spring in Melbourne is a delightful time of year. True, the weather is fickle (we are talking about Melbourne, after all) – yesterday was balmy and clear, with a maximum of 25C and gentle breezes, today the maximum was just over 17C, with showers and strong, westerly to southerly winds. Tomorrow looks as though it will be like today, and Tuesday – Cup Day – will be more like yesterday.

The gardens are looking magnificent: deciduous trees are well on their way to full foliage – especially Melbourne’s famed elms – the wisteria and jasmine may be over, but the roses and irises are sensational.

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Spirits are lifting with the warmer weather. The outdoor areas of restaurants and cafes are full, people are out early and late walking dogs (and I’m getting the feeling that dachshunds are now the fashionable accessory), the Tan and Yarra Boulevarde are crowded with joggers and walkers, and more and more bikes are about – many commuters, many recreational riders, some even more splendidly Lycra-clad than Our Prime Minister.

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Then there’s the Spring Racing Carnival. Now, my knowledge of racing is almost zero, but at this time of year it is almost impossible to ignore the atmosphere, especially on Tuesday when first thing in the morning the trams, trains and buses are crowded with people wearing everything from the highest of haute couture to the most *ahem* unusual outfits.

So, because we need a new thread, and it’s sort of my turn, and the serious piece I’m working on will take a few more days’ research, I thought a photo-essay of Melbourne in spring, and the Spring Racing Carnival, might make for pleasant viewing.

2013 Caulfield Cup:

(Image credit: Sydney Morning Herald)

2013 Cox Plate:

(Image credit: Adelaide Now)

2013 Victoria Derby:

(Image credit: ABC)

Melbourne Cup fashions:

(Image credit: Daily Telegraph)

(Image credit: Sportsbet)

My all-time favourite, Makybe Diva (and son):

(Image credit: HeraldSun)

… and her sensational third Melbourne Cup in 2005:

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  1. THREE bushfire alerts in Sydney: TWO in Lane Cove National Park (at either end, Pennant Hills and Epping) and one at Penrith.

  2. I wonder who will play The Whiteant?

    hopefully someone with a knack for playing the part of a slimy arsehole.

  3. Daily Telegraph circulation down 15% in the last quarter. I wouodn’t be surprised to hear that other newspapers are in the same boat.

    With regards to the Tele, there may be a little bit of revulsion at their political stance, but I always thought there’d a a downturn after the election anyway.

    With Abbott’s “Cone Of Silence” strategy re. the media one wonders whether there is even LESS political news than anticipated.

    Wouldn’t it be funny if Tony was cruelling the ground for his mate Rupert’s jewel in the crown?

  4. Here is an Indonesian account of the boat stand-off. It’s a bit different to what Morrison is saying. For example, we were told last night that the asylum seeker boat was picked up in Indonesian waters. The Indonesians say it wasn’t. Morrison says there is no stand-off. The Indonesians say there is.

    For anyone who can be bothered – Morrison gave another briefing today, notable only for one thing. Our Stepford robot three-star seemed to malfunction and kept repeating the same line over and over until Morrison stepped in, no doubt to distract the media pack, such as it was, while someone surreptitiously flicked a switch on the three-star’s back. It’s worth watching the video just for the comedy.

  5. leonetwo

    Julia Gillard once said she’s likeTida Swinton to play her in a movie. An excellent choice, Ms Swinton would be perfect.

    NZ’s young new singing star Lorde is also a fan and a couple of days ago sang at Swinton’s birthday party. Lorde had described Tilda as hero of hers. Check out who the lucky duck got photographed with at the party. Not bad for a lass two days short of being 17. I wonder if she realises just how envious it would have made millions of baby boomers around the world ?

    The Museum Of Modern Art threw a birthday party for Tilda Swinton’s 53rd alongside their film benefit this week. Behold this amazing photograph of Tilda Swinton and Lorde with David Bowie, who made a rare appearance at the New York event.


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