Fabulous Friday

Hello all and welcome to another edition of Friday Night

Ck Watt is standing by to take your numbers raffleThe Winner of last weeks poll was for the cash to go to a Animal refuge.


The Question is which one? National, International eg. wwf, rspca. Or a local smaller one.

Personally I will vote for a local one but completely up to you good people.

Now cheer up folks. Things are looking a bit grim with the idiot and some are feeling a bit down.

This_is_too_much_gifBut remember things change and we will survive along with the rest of the country.


So enjoy the night and have a good time.


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  1. Fiona
    I took the unzipped one to be defacto PM Credlin, seing as Bishop the Younger is also under the Cone of Silence, as explained in BK’s link this morning.

    During the week, Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop was a star speaker at the Australian Council for International Development conference in Canberra. The two-day event was open to the public, including the media – except for Bishop’s speech. It’s understood the media was barred at the request of the minister, who is tasked with enforcing the government’s $4.5 billion cut to foreign aid over the next four years.


  2. GL
    What an apt surname for that Rudd delusionist. As for this –

    Cr Dick said the people of the south Brisbane seat of Griffith had made their choice at the ballot box.

    ”I think Kevin Rudd has served the electorate of Griffith with distinction, and I think anyone who’s been elected and gone to the community to ask for their support should honour that commitment,” he said.

    Pfffft. Rudd came close to losing his seat, there was a 5.5% swing away from him. It shows how much ‘the community’ thought of Rudd.

  3. Just read PVO’s article. Hilarious stuff. He’s attributed a whole of of character flaws to Shorten, based on a personal interpretation of events stretching back to 2004. They can be summarised thus:

    1. He went to Beaconsfield in support of the trapped miners.
    2. He criticised Latham.
    3. He championed the NDIS.
    4. He thought the NDIS was a vote winner.
    5. He raised awareness of domestic violence.
    6. He had caucus on side in the leadership contest.

    Now, PVO thinks he knows why Shorten did all these things, and that makes all the difference. All I see is a political operative (granted) who’s on the right side of causes for the majority of the time.

    What’s more amusing than that is this:

    .When Tony Abbott was opposition leader Labor MPs liked to describe him as “unfit to be PM”. It was a silly thing to say. Disagree with his policies, his style even his moral world view. But someone of Abbott’s calibre and experience was always fit to become PM, even if he isn’t everyone’s first choice.

    I wouldn’t go quite so far as to suggest Shorten isn’t fit to become PM. But I believe he certainly isn’t suited to the top job.

    PVO lists three Abbott negatives, offers nothing positive in his defence except “calibre” (whatever he means by that) and experience (which Shorten has an abundance of), and then goes on to endorse Abbott and dismiss Shorten. And what on earth does PVO think the difference between “suited to” and “fit to” might be? Besides which, Abbott has positioned himself on all sides of nearly every policy area, has backflipped repeatedly, and his whole career as leader of the Coaltion has been predicated on short-term political advantage – and blatant self-promotion – over consistency of position. All criticisms PVO levels at Shorten.

    It’s easy to tell when a journalist’s argument is weak. You’ll see one of these:

    .Shorten’s action show isn’t a man of his word, his commitment means nothing. Former US President LBJ once said of one of his aides: “he has all the qualities of a dog except loyalty”. I wonder what Gillard (and perhaps Rudd and Latham) privately say about Shorten?

    Projection. PVO hasn’t the foggiest idea what Gillard or Rudd or Latham might think of Shorten. He hasn’t bothered to find out either. So he indulges in a little private fantasy, which he won’t even commit to. Dot-whistling, I’d call that.

    I think it was yesterday PVO got into another Twitter stoush, which resulted in him delating all his tweets for the afternoon. As Possum later commented, “Not being half as smart as he thinks he is probably does that ” And, “It doesn’t appear to be an irregular occurance. Makes you wonder – I’d be more embarassed about the columns”

  4. I bet the Prison Officers are pleased at this great idea by the Can Do government. I can just imagine a 10 stone Guard trying to handle an angry, 25 stone bikie suffering from severe, nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

    THE State Government will ban smoking in jails in its latest crackdown on criminals.

    The Sunday Mail can reveal the state’s 6000 prisoners will be banned from smoking in all parts of correctional facilities from May 5 next year.


  5. When Tony Abbott was opposition leader Labor MPs liked to describe him as “unfit to be PM”. It was a silly thing to say. Disagree with his policies, his style even his moral world view. But someone of Abbott’s calibre and experience was always fit to become PM, even if he isn’t everyone’s first choice.

    Blimey! I’ll have some of whatever he’s on. It’s pretty powerful stuff. 😉

  6. I did wonder, Aguirre, but given your usual precision with language I wasn’t game to change it.

  7. PVO is just writing a job application. Probably wanting to work for Tones again or at least a seat at the next Kirribilli knees up.

  8. Leone,
    In contrast to Truzzzzz wanting an new election ASAP if that’s what is to happen, Tanya Plibersek says Labor will await the investigation result before lodging a protest.

  9. You are all being so mean to PvO. Look, the poor boke is still in shock because he wasn’t invited to Abbott’s Toadies and Suck-ups Soiree. He’s now trying to prove he’s worthy of being asked to the next one.

  10. I suspect PVO doesn’t believe a word of what he wrote. He was just doing it on spec for the Telegraph editors. That’s their slant, so that’s the way he’s expected to write for them. It gives you a little window into what a den of prostitution journalism is in this country. I just find it amusing that he’ll bother to attempt defending it on social media. He probably read the Kenny article and thought to himself, “Yeah, it’s just a hotbed of leftist ranting, I’ll sort them out.”

    With all the deliberate distortion of facts that goes on inside the media empire, it’s amazing how much they actually believe their own publicity about how ‘smart’ they are. They think they operate at a level above logic. That being the case, they ought to realise that they’re never going to win an argument outside of their own bubble. But time and again the PVOs venture out into the real world, and time and again they get their wings singed. And they get shitty about it because it’s not supposed to be that way.

  11. PVO is just writing a job application. Probably wanting to work for Tones again or at least a seat at the next Kirribilli knees up.

    If that’s the case he’s even stupider than I thought. The Cassidy experience ought to have taught him that if you’re not already deep inside the cabal you’re always going to be treated with suspicion. They don’t need PVO. They’ve got a dozen hacks on board who are all willing to go in harder than him. They can use him, of course. Why not, if he wants to throw himself at them? But he’ll never be one of them. He’s just embarrassing himself.

  12. leonetwo

    A hint of what might be in the wind was given by Henderson on the Insiders. He explained that we are not ” a high wage country” it is the “conditions” that are the problem.

  13. It’s a horrible day out there today – hot wind blowing and 35 degrees. Paddy has been sprawled out in here since 9.30 am and to add to the discomfort, No.1 son has been running all his sprinklers and emptied the tank so up here there’s no water to be had. Just phoned him to complain and ask him nicely if he’d get the pump going – he apologised and said the automatic timer on the pump died and he forgot to go down to the well and manually flick the switch on.

  14. foreverjanice

    If Tones had his way they would not be working but at home embroidering “kirche kuchen kinder” on cushion covers.

  15. Kaffeeklatscher,
    Only if they are blue-eyed blondes. The rest will be busy waiting upon their betters, scrubbing the floors, digging the potatoes …

  16. Fiona

    Although associated these days with the Herr Toothbrush mustachioed one it is actually from Kaiser Bill days.

  17. Kaffeeklatscher,
    As my late MIL would have said, it is a wise person who learns something every day.

  18. Had printer problems then network problems after I realised I had no security on wireless modem with 76 close neighbours, with 2 that can be piggybacked off, so currently pack on the prepaid dongle.

    When Truzz refered to trimming working conditions does that mean the rolled gold Paid Parental Leave

  19. Dear BB – re: Bobwatch
    I’ve got a small aging terrier who had her first ‘squirt’ episode a few months back. Poor thing! What a mess…etc. Anyway, after a 24-hour fast I fed her small, frequent meals of boiled rice and – the miracle ingredient – cooked sweet potato. The sweet potato (or pumpkin) helps harden the stools. Worked wonders!

  20. It seems to be part of the retail managers handbook to attack vulnerable employees at their point of vulnerability like making pregnant works do the heavy work or watching their toilet breaks to make them resign rather than pay them their entitlements.

    Coles Myer pulled the same crap when they retrenched their IT workforce

  21. billie11
    The Nats don’t like Abbott’s PPL, they believe it disadvantages rural women and there has been a lot of mumbling about crossing the floor to vote against it. So Truss is probably keen to see it ‘trimmed’.

  22. http://ausopinion.com/2013/11/03/theshorteningbegins/
    This entry was posted on November 3, 2013 by prestontowers
    And The Shortening Begins

    Shortening. (n) The process undertaken by Australian media outlets and political opponents whereby they seek to undermine and discredit the Federal Leader of the Opposition, William Richard “Bill” Shorten.

    Those who are looking at the Australian media landscape will be unsurprised that News Limited papers are continuing their work of helping to ensure that Australian voters continue not to trust the ALP. We can expect a continuation of the meme that Labor is “riven”, shambolic and the rest whilst the Liberal Government is unified and getting on with the job of government, even if there’s scandals already much larger and more costly than the Gillard / AWU and Slipper’s cabcharge “scandals”.

    One expects Simon Benson, Samantha Maiden and the rest to continue to position Labor and now Bill Shorten in such a way. I expected the Shortening to begin in earnest at about now and continue rising in volume, pitch and tone as soon as he does politically popular things. Today’s attack, however, comes from Peter Van Onselen, a man who liked to position himself before the election as a balanced critic of both sides. Today’s piece in the Sunday Telegraph, however, throws that artifice into question. Here we go.

    Tony Abbott’s plans for paid parental leave could be capped at $50,000 for wealthy if PM wants Greens’ backing
    November 02, 2013
    Samantha Maiden

    PRIME Minister Tony Abbott will have to slash his “Rolls Royce” paid parental leave scheme and cap payouts for wealthy women to $50,000 if hopes the Greens to back it.

    Greens leader Christine Milne has confirmed she has signalled her willingness to negotiate in her first face-to-face talks with Mr Abbott. Her support is crucial because the ALP is likely to oppose the plan.

    But she has warned the Greens support would come at a price – Mr Abbott must junk a key election promise to offer women earning $150,000 payouts of up to $75,000.

    “It definitely needs to be pegged back a bit. And I think it is the first real test of Tony Abbott’s prime ministership in terms of whether he will work with the Greens to deliver a paid parental leave scheme,” Senator Milne said.

    “I have raised this with him personally and indicated to him that I am prepared to work with the government to deliver paid parental leave. That is as far as it has gone. He just smiled and took it on board.”

  23. http://www.theguardian.com/environment/2013/nov/03/bhp-scraps-coal-port-abbot
    BHP Billiton scraps plans for new coal port at Abbot Point in Queensland
    Company is also abandoning a proposed rail line that would have taken coal from the mines
    Oliver Milman
    theguardian.com, Sunday 3 November 2013 12.43 AEST

    BHP Billiton has scrapped plans to build a major new coal port on the Queensland coast, as a new report warns that the state’s haste to expand existing ports is misguided and could result in job losses.

    BHP said it has pulled out as developer of terminal two at the Abbot Point port, near the Queensland town of Bowen, as well as an accompanying rail line that would have taken coal from mines to be exported.

    The $5bn plan, which would have transferred up to 60m tonnes of coal a year to Abbot Point for export, was expected to begin in 2015. But BHP put the development on ice in September and has now abandoned the idea.

    “Formal relinquishment of the right to develop T2 has now been agreed with North Queensland Bulk and the company will formally withdraw from related regulatory applications,” a BHP spokeswoman said.

    The decision was taken against a backdrop of falling global coal prices and existing port capacity at Hay Point.

  24. Leroy Lynch

    Think the song

    “Mordor’s little babies hate Shorten , Shorten
    Mordor’s little babies hate Shorten’s head.”

  25. Cyndicat… good idea, and thanks for taking the trouble, but Bob has conservative views on what constitutes “Food”. He nearly passed on Cooked Chicken Mince & Rice, until HI added some soy sauce (and I secretly doped it with a little My Dog Beef n’Liver – but don’t tell HI).

    He’s had a drink, and eaten something. He’s not so frantic this afternoon (the cool change helped, I believe). He has the anti-biotics working inside his tummy and right now he’s asleep.

    It’s a dog’s life.

  26. These organisations had better watch out:

    Support for the Festival [of Democracy] is generously provided by:
    The Australian Research Council;
    China Democracy Forum; the China Studies Centre;
    Greenpeace Australia Pacific;
    The Media and Democracy in Central and Eastern Europe (MDCEE) project at the University of Oxford;
    The Refugee Art Project;
    The School of Social and Political Sciences (SSPS) at the University of Sydney;
    The Taiwan Foundation for Democracy;
    Thesis Eleven at La Trobe University;
    The University of Western Sydney;
    The Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin (WZB);
    And democracy researchers at the Institute for Democracy and Human Rights (IDHR) at the University of Sydney.

  27. BB.
    Fingers crossed for Bob. No cool change here yet – Paddy, Witchety and I have been doing a slow cook today, and I see the smoke rising above the mountains at the back of us so the wind has got the fire going again.

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