Fabulous Friday

Hello all and welcome to another edition of Friday Night

Ck Watt is standing by to take your numbers raffleThe Winner of last weeks poll was for the cash to go to a Animal refuge.


The Question is which one? National, International eg. wwf, rspca. Or a local smaller one.

Personally I will vote for a local one but completely up to you good people.

Now cheer up folks. Things are looking a bit grim with the idiot and some are feeling a bit down.

This_is_too_much_gifBut remember things change and we will survive along with the rest of the country.


So enjoy the night and have a good time.


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  1. Janice,
    Thoughts with you and all your family. Do you have water yet?

    Bushfire Bill,
    He really is the Atomic Dog.

  2. Fiona,
    Yes the tank is almost full again – I went out and turned a sprinkler on and a couple of dozen little birds are out there cooling off and taking showers. Always feel sorry for the birds when the hot winds blow!

  3. Just in case any of you want to say something to the government, all submissions on the draft bills to repeal the carbon price have to be in by 5 tomorrow afternoon. You are supposed to give your real name and contact details, but if all you want to say is ‘Shove your repeal up your bony arske’ or something simiar then I suggest you use a nom de plume and fake details. Rupert Murdoch, c/- News Corp, 1211 Avenue of the Americas,
    New York, NY 10036, Phone:212.416.3400 might be appropriate.

    For details go here – page 4.

    Click to access consultation-paper.pdf

  4. Aguirre
    PVO had this to say in 2006
    Kevin Rudd should not have challenged Kim Beazley for the Labor leadership. Ahead in the polls for most of the year Beazley had the right mix of experience and profile to give John Howard a real run for his money at the next election. And Howard knew it, even if the team around him were complacent about Beazley’s chances.

  5. This, people, is what you get when you take Mesma and Bananaby to an Indian wedding – approval for the largest coal mine in Queensland.

    The federal government has approved a massive coal mining project in central Queensland that will be the largest in the country.

    Environment Minister Greg Hunt approved the 37,380 hectare Kevin’s Corner project on Friday.

    The mine, to be operated by a joint India-Australia consortium, GVK-Hancock, is the first to be approved since the introduction of a new water trigger rule by the previous federal government


    GVK is owned by the grandfather of the bride at that wedding. Mesma and Bananaby were taken along to have a little private chat to him about what an Abbott government could give him.

  6. [ Environment Minister Greg Hunt approved the 37,380 hectare Kevin’s Corner project on Friday. ]

    If ever something was better left in the ground and never subjected to exploitation, then this deposit in the Galilee Basin fits the bill completely! As does Clive Palmer’s prospect that’s been knocked back in preference to Gina’s one.

    These deposits are of extremely low grade coal (two thirds dirt) are mostly at greater depth than those more easily accessed in the Bowen basin which is much closer to the coast and ports.

    Treating this coal to export standard will take tremendous amounts of water, which is scarce out that way except in flood times when those open cut mines will overflow with water which will then flow through to the Burdekin Falls Dam and together with the water that will need to be pumped out of the pits every time it floods, will pollute the water supply for quite a number of towns that depend on that water.

    The water supply here is already badly polluted from the flooded Bowen Basin mines as well as heavy metal pollution from the Mt Morgan mines.

    A handful of already very rich people are going to get even richer at the expense of shortening the lives and poisoning masses of the ordinary people who will have no come-back once these decisions are put into action.

    An awful lot of quite excellent grazing and farming land will be rendered useless for all time also. The next generation will be wandering around with far more dangerous weapons than baseball bats looking to extract revenge on these greedy bastards and the enablers who allowed them to rape & pillage and pollute at the expense of future generations.

    That doesn’t account for the extra CO2 that will lead to even quicker global warming and catastrophic climate change.

  7. scorpio
    It’s all about short-term gain for the wealthy who can piss off to the Bahamas or wherever when Australia becomes little more than a polluted hole.

    Here’s another story about greedy mining companies. My kids, through their father, are direct descendants of the family that started the original Rosemount vineyard in the Hunter Valley. I’ve been doing some family research for them and in with all the history about the vineyard and what happened to it are frequent comments about the way mining companies have bought up good wine-growing land in the Hunter Valley for either mining or as buffer zones around mines. It’s appalling stuff. What hasn’t been bought is now subject to pollution from the mines.

  8. Meanwhile, as the planet burns, the greens are busy trying to get a meaningless SSM bill through and have just tried unsuccessfully to slightly moderate Abbott’s gold plated $75,000 parental leave scheme which they support rather than the existing, much more affordable scheme brought in by Labor.

  9. [ Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has called for a conscience vote on same-sex marriage, admitting that the matter is ”very likely” to come before Federal Parliament this term.

    The call, which accentuates the distance between the moderate Mr Turnbull and his boss, Prime Minister Tony Abbott, came as the Greens party prepares for the reintroduction of a previously unsuccessful private member’s bill.

    The Greens hope to bring on a debate before the end of the year, and to take the bill to a final vote by Valentine’s Day next February. ]


  10. As Abbott said, he and his ministers will only talk to us, when they have something worthwhile to say.
    It is obvious, as they are so silent, he has not anything worthwhile to say.

    Also said, parliament will only sit, when he has legislation to deal with.
    It appears, accordion to the suppository of all knowledge, Gillard called Parliament for photo shots, leading them to be left sitting around with nothing to do for most of the time.

    Funny how Labor managed to deal with nearly 600 pieces of legislation, if this was so,.

    I suspect, that there will be only a small number of bills from this government, as he is more interested in repealing, rather than building.

  11. Leone,
    Not only did the mining companies put paid to Rosemount vineyards, they have stuffed up the valley itself. Bob Oatley, together with a group of others, spent a heap of money to stop the Bengalla Mine going ahead – the case went all the way to the High Court and they won. (Here’s why I have no time for Bob Carr) Bob Carr simply moved the goalposts and approved the mine anyway and this resulted in adverse impacts on one of Rosemount’s best vineyards. Then the Mt.Arthur Mine was approved which impacted on Rosemount’s Roxburgh Vineyard. Consequently, the Oatley’s sold Rosemount and it is no more.

  12. Thanks Jason.

    I’d imagine PVO has said a lot of stupid things over the course. And I’ve long been of the opinion that the ALP should do the opposite of whatever the Murdoch press are advising. They see themselves as a bit Brer Rabbit in that way – all this, “Oh the best way the ALP can neutralise/defeat the Coalition is to do this, hope they don’t…” – and then the ALP do it, and then all the News Ltd crones get their baseball bats out. Sure as shit. We can all see what a gigantic success bringing back Rudd was – all those splendiferous predictions that he’d wipe the floor with Abbott and then… and then… oh dear, must have been wrong with all those polls, oh well, live and learn, my aren’t the ALP in a mess with all those leadership changes, what they really needed was stability. Etc, etc. Don’t listen to Murdoch, ALP. Don’t ever.

    There aren’t many reliable maxims in politics, but that’s one of them. Another is that, whenever the Murdoch press are predicting that something bad will happen to the ALP, what they mean is that they’re working to make that thing happen.

  13. [ Comments will close here in about 15 minutes. ]

    Blimey! Is that because of this?????????????

    [ An Indonesian hacking group claims to have infiltrated hundreds of Australian websites in apparent revenge over reports that Australia is intercepting Indonesian communications. ]

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