Phantasmagorical Friday Raffles

Maybe we are living in a dream existence.

124765And it’s all just a Bad Dream

bad-dream_editedThat this idiot is our PM.

Abbott NSW BurnsAlas not. He is. So time for a kick along

download (13)Raffles are on again as usual

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And there is  a poll below to start deciding who we will donate the the proceeds to. Thanks to all pubsters that generously donated their winnings to the pool.

After we decide the general idea then we will get down to specifics.

Have a great night and good luck.

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  1. Fiona,
    I’m confused . When Scorpio first asked you to woofledust his post, was there a link under the photo of the attendant putting out the chimps bedding? I clicked on a link that took me to Timeline photos of the zoo. Now I can’t find the same link or am I losing it?

  2. I went to Bunnings, could not stop myself picking up this nice little coping saw. It even has spare blades. It is for delicate little removal jobs. 👿

  3. BTW
    I have a lot of time for Germaine Greer. Like I do with most people, I do not agree with everything she says or does, but on the whole she is worth listening to.

  4. Scorpio6to2,
    Thanks. The original link I clicked opened in full size slide show with text description and some comments. I went through about 50 and had to leave for a while. The link Fiona put up is for registered Facebook users. The one you have provided opens in thumbnail mode and if I click Timeline Photos it also opens in thumbnail format. I’m disappointed I can’t get the first version. If I ever get back up to Rocky I will certainly seek it out.

  5. Barry J.

    [ If I ever get back up to Rocky I will certainly seek it out. ]

    It’s actually situated in Rockhampton’s Botanic Gardens. Arguably the best Botanic Gardens outside any Capital City in the country. and probably at least equal to some.

    This area has some fantastic features that should make other regional areas extremely jealous, and yet they don’t seem to know how to promote them effectively.

    Within a half hour drive from here there are 10 terrific Golf Courses, possibly the same number of Bowling Clubs and all charge extremely moderate fees to play there.

    We have wonderful Resorts, Motels & Caravan Parks that don’;t cost the earth to stay at, a great climate and it really amazes me why the local powers to be, can’t get off their fat arses and promote the region the way that others do for theirs.

    This region, coupled with it’s wonderful historic hinterland, should be one of the premier tourist destinations for Aussies in all Australia.

    It’s got the lot.

  6. Scorps. I agree wholeheartedly with you! The Rocky Botanical Gardens is one of the very best and my OH always insists on visiting every time we pass through Rocky. My OH is a real garden geek with a degree in Horticulture and several diplomas in allied areas, and last time we were there we were discussing some plants and their probable origin when a nice gentleman joined us and started discussing things and gave us a real insiders view of the whole area. It was only when he left us we found out he was the Director or CEo or whatever. A great bloke running a great place.

  7. Re Cockatoos. Not so much the white ones, but Black Cockies have a very distinctive way of flying, and look like they are perpetually on the brink of falling out of the sky. We see them here fairly regularly as they feed on the casuarina nuts along the Murrumbidgee.
    I always imagine that their flying style is what Pterodactyls must have looked like. Fascinating birds.

  8. Kambah Mick,

    The bloke you are thinking of is a fellow by the name of Tom Wyatt. He was the Curator of parks & gardens in Rockhampton for about 30 years and has had a program on ABC Regional Radio Australia wide for about the same time. 11.00 am every Friday morning. They call in from all over Australia with their gardening problems.

    He turned Rockhampton into an oasis from its previous resemblance to the Gobi Desert. Very much responsible for turning the Botanical Gardens into what it s now including the wonderful Zoo and the Kershaw Gardens with the waterfall with coloured lighting at night and the monorail for the kids enjoyment.

    Tom is currently a Councillor on the Rockhampton Regional Council.

  9. As everyone has apparently gone to bed, I might do the same. Catch up with you all tomorrow.

    Or later in the morning for those who have to put up with daylight saving.

  10. It’s time to put up or shut up.

    Rudd should finally defend what was always eminently defensible, except he chose to run away.

    Deaths were less than expected. STiffen up Rudd and tell the truth for once.

    KEVIN Rudd will be ordered to reveal the secrets of his deadly home insulation program before a judicial inquiry to be commissioned by the Abbott Government.

    Draft terms of reference exclusively obtained by The Sunday Mail reveal the judicial commission will demand answers of the top echelons of the former Rudd government.

  11. Annabel Crabb is really a lightweight. Her article today on the trials of filling in for Leigh Sales and then daring to draw similarities to Julia in the same article!

  12. And who is conducting this inquiry? The terms of reference are biased, written in such a way as to assume wrongdoing by the previous gov’t.

  13. Okay Pubkateers, Scorpio has opened the lobbying batting for his favourite animal donation from the kitty. Anyone else with any good projects in the animal field better get their running shoes on. Good luck to the winner.

  14. Ptmd

    [this inquiry? ]

    Tones will live to regret this. That’s a world-wide experience.

    In a few years ‘fire will be returned’.

  15. And who is conducting this inquiry? The terms of reference are biased, written in such a way as to assume wrongdoing by the previous gov’t.

    There were twelve terms of reference. The Daily Telegraph only listed a few of them… the worst looking ones for the Rudd government.

    They’re treating it as if it was a national disaster.

    FOUR people were killed in 1,000,000 houses. That’s 4/1000000 = 0.0004%. Sounds like an amazingly successful program to me.

    (Anecdotally, on a 35+ degree day, we used to switch our air-conditioning on at around 11am to “prep” the house, as we really cop it in the afternoons – full blast western sun. Now we mosey on down to the remote control around 3 or 4pm and leave it on for only two of three hours on all but the really bad 40+ degree days. Several hours savings per day, times a 90 day quarter adds up to a BIG saving, because we have extra insulation c/o the HIP program.)

    This inquiry is a stupid idea. They say it’s to assuage the families. I mean, really? There are pkenty of bereaved families out there, who have lost young loved ones for all kinds of reasons and we don’t have major inquiries into them.

    An inquiry won’t be fair unless it balances costs – in money, injuries and lives – against benefits – to the economy, health and employment.

    We have over a thousand people killed on roads every year and no one side of politics pursues the other over it with dodgy inquiries. The solutions are, broadly speaking, bi-partisan. Cheap stunts like this one, peddling parental grief via the tabloid newspapers (after so many other inquiries, real ones, have been held already) is a disgrace and WILL come back to haunt the Coalition.

    It’s Rudd’s chance to clear the air and, for once in his life, quit the spin and get some F.A.C.T.S. on the table about this program.

    Here’s a reminder:

    The CSIRO last week released what was effectively a statistical analysis of the reality surrounding large parts of the infamous Home Insulation Program – or for those of you not familiar with this particular policy, you may have heard about it via it’s common alternative name in the mainstream media, the “OMG, PETER GARRETT IS BURNING DOWN OUR FUCKING HOUSES!” policy.

    As we here have long known and talked about, the reality of the Home Insulation Program was always vastly different to its hysterical media portrayal – driven as it was by naive and innumerate journalists looking for easy sensational headlines, and partisan hacks prostituting their cheap wares before a gullible public. Having a cowardly government lacking the plums to tell them all where to stick it was another unfortunate sub-plot in this tale of public deception about the reality of a substantial piece of public policy.

    Of course, the link to the Dept. of the environment that Possum’s article refers to is now dead. The CSIRO report has been erased from history.

  16. Tony Abbott says it’s OK for big business to pollute Tasmania’s water supply if it means there will be more jobs (and more billions in profit for the overseas companies who want to do the polluting).


    Earlier today Simplot announced that they would stay open here in Devonport, for the next three years if it can remain viable. Will the Federal Government commit any funding to ensure that that happens?

    …………………………………..One of the problems – which Ian might like to elaborate on – that they’re wrestling with there is a massive increase in their water charges because the local authorities have decided that they have to have an extraordinarily rigorous system of water quality. Now, we want good water quality. There’s absolutely no doubt about that. But if we are going to insist on the purity of a mountain stream, we won’t have the business and we won’t have the jobs. We’ve got to be reasonable. We’ve got to understand that there is a price to be paid for everything and we have got to be prepared to pay the price of having viable manufacturing industry here in Tasmania, for the benefit of Australian consumers, for the benefit of Tasmanian farmers and for the protection of Tasmanian workers.

  17. A headline you won’t see today – “Abbotts snubbed by journalists!”

    Who would have thought? There were quite a few no-shows at Tony and Margie’s ‘soiree’ last night, some of those invited preferred to be somewhere, anywhere else. Gerard Henderson couldn’t make it, neither could Andrew Blot. Col Allan didn’t show up either. Chris Mitchell said he had to attend a ‘family function’. Janet Albrechtsen went, but she couldn’t have been too happy about being there, she tried to hide her face from photographers on the way in. It must have been a small party.

  18. Leonetwo

    The article you linked to is supposed to be about journalists, I only saw it refer to Piers Akerman, Janet Albrechtsen, Chris Kenny, Paul Kelly, Miranda Devine, Steve Lunam, Paul Whittaker, Tom Switzer, Paul Sheehan……. no journalists there.

    Maybe we don’t have any real journalists in Australia any more…………………. only mordock suckholes.

  19. TLBD, for it to disappoint, I would have had to have had expectations.
    OH watched the beginning, didn’t last long before hitting the ‘off’ switch though.
    Let’s just say it matched expectations.

    Joe6p had better watch what he plays on his truck’s sound system.

    This piece by Emily Davison, was first posted on Progessives Tea Party, reproduced with permission.

    Under Queensland’s new VLAD (Vicious Lawless Association Disestablishment Bill) – legislation aimed, ostensibly, at bikies, but can be used against any organisation – a man was arrested for wearing a Sons Of Anarchy t-shirt, which is a television show. The laws are so stringent, even fictional bikies face being outlawed. In another case, a man was denied bail for wearing a Rebels belt buckle.

    So here are 20 songs that have a connection to motorbikes – which probably won’t get a lot of love from the Queensland government.

    – WARNING: may contain language which may offend some readers –

  21. While it might be pretty early, Labor ought to think about early preselections for Coalition marginal seats the 2016 election next year, or at the very latest in 2015 when the polls start to turn bad for the LNP.

    It seemed to be quite an effective strategy this time around, with some seats having Liberal candidates preselected since 2011. It would be good against the psychology of Liberal MP’s when the polls start to look bad and they’ve already got a Labor candidate winning over constituents. Of course they shouldn’t overdo it and be in everyone’s face when campaigning, but it does give local media the opportunity to have someone from our side to talk to when things go bad for the government MP.

  22. The drone video I posted yesterday has caused quite a stir (not because I posted it, but because the original YouTube has had 90,000+ views).

    You can see the point: they can get in the way of sanctioned aviation (water bombers, observers etc.) in disaster zones. The discussion is about licensing the pilots, if engaged in commercial activity.

    Nevertheless… I WANT ONE!!!!!!!

  23. Abbott could have a name change too and introduce himself: “Hi, I’m Lowering The Tone”.

  24. The reported massive increase in staff numbers in the PM Department is probably going to be used primarily to clean up “inconvenient” material on the web that could get in the way of witch hunts such as the Pink Batts inquiry?

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