Phantasmagorical Friday Raffles

Maybe we are living in a dream existence.

124765And it’s all just a Bad Dream

bad-dream_editedThat this idiot is our PM.

Abbott NSW BurnsAlas not. He is. So time for a kick along

download (13)Raffles are on again as usual

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And there is  a poll below to start deciding who we will donate the the proceeds to. Thanks to all pubsters that generously donated their winnings to the pool.

After we decide the general idea then we will get down to specifics.

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443 thoughts on “Phantasmagorical Friday Raffles

  1. Fed up

    Then there was the Darwin Award factor. At the inquest of one death we heard how the guy was told to use plastic staples and a suitable gun supplied. He instead went out and got metal ones because they were faster. Straight through the metal foil he was electrocuted.Apart from the fact that isolating the roof is 101 safety stuff people still have personal responsibility to work safely.

  2. Abbott must be staying away because he’s scared he’ll be asked tricky questions about Centrelink disaster recovery payments if he goes near the place.

    He was being hammered on that yesterday, and on ABC TV News too!

    He’s scared of Global Warming questions as well, and “Will the Army pay?” questions?

    He doesn’t want questions on whether this is a national matter (which is what the national leader – I use the word advisedly – being present would imply).

    In fact he’s just scared of questions.

    And according to Psephos, it’s a Labor voting area anyway.

    One thing I DO know: if this AWOL performance had been from Gillard, we’d would NEVER have heard the end of it. They pointed cameras at her face and searched every pore for expression. There was a lively market on 2GB as to whether her tears were genuine or not. They crucified her.

    No problem for Abbott: the pundits are all saying how brilliant he is for not showing up.

  3. I think one will find, the areas in question, have Liberal MPs. One bust trying to apologise for Abbott.

    This is what one is in for. All welfare, well at least welfare for those who need it will be cut back. Example in the cuts that went along with repealing the MRRT. Some have nothing to do with the mining tax.

    One was the supplementary package for those on benefits such as unemployment and like benefits. Yes, those who have suffered most over the last few years.

    The silly part, that package is a better way to help these people, as it is aimed at need, than raising the benefits themselves.

    Same goes for repealing the changes made to super. Yes, once again, those on the bottom will be paying higher rates of tax, than those at the top.

    Then one must not forget, the loop holes that Labor closed to the FBT and cars. Yes, one get a tax bonus for driving your car to work, but not if one catches the train or bus.

    I believe Labor should be about creating a fair society. Do we want the USA scenario, where the minimum wage is around $7.00 but they still pay nearly fifty percent tax on that lowly sum. Yes, in that show, where they showed people with degrees earning say $56.00, but after tax, received around $28.00. Yes, and for a fortnight.

    One now sees low wages and unemployment, a drag on the productivity of a nation. Yes, low wages and unemployment can be seen as waste.

    The Coalition is about one thing and one thing Lyon. Small government for the people, with no regulations or constraints. Yes, people are there for business.

    We are hearing nothing from them, but living within ones means. No assistance to those who can help nevertheless. Welfare leads people becoming helpless. All government s

    Private enterprise is always better.

    People should be able to provide for themselves. Government get in the way of this. The list is endless. What gets me, they are repeated with a straight face, as set in stone.

    They are looking for a way of off loading NDIS to the charities or a private provider.

    What the disable are sick of, is being treated an charity cases. They want to see their benefits as a right.

    Big difference.

    This government has let it known, no way woman working in low paid industries, that are so, because they are comprise of women workers, are not going to get justice, with higher pay, that Gillard set in motion.

    That is the women who work in welfare, nursing and and childcare.

    Abbott has said many are not going to like what he intends to do. Did not add, they would be all low income earners, including small business.

    He also intends to reverse Labor’s action in Medicare, returning rebates to high income earners.

  4. In fact Mark Latham was crucified when he didn’t visit a disaster area, even though he was suffering pancreatitis.

  5. “It will not change the fact, that there are now million and quarter roofs that are insulated. leading to lower savings, summer and winter.”

    Something C Milne could have mentioned on the Insiders, but did not. Just bashing Labor as usual.

  6. Three things the ALP should be doing right now:

    1. Putting a clamp on any talk about this BS enquiry into the insulation scheme – on the order of “We will be making no comment on that issue, firstly because there have already been a number of investigations and you can reference their findings, and secondly because the correct time to comment on the current enquiry is when it is over.”

    2. Using the opportunity to call for a thorough investigation into the AWB scandal – and to call for it every single time a journalist asks a question about pink batts. “The AWB scandal was one of the most disgusting and dishonourable acts in the history of this country, and the cover-up was shameful and cowardly. It demands a thorough, impartial and open investigation, especially seeing as some of the current government were around at the time.”

    3. Calling for an election, to get rid of this contemptible, cowardly, incompetent and petty government. “We’ve already seen in six short weeks their capacity to damage our reputation abroad, set action on climate change on a backward path when all the indicators show that immediate and urgent action is required, and to blow out the budget with excess borrowing and the massive rise in the debt ceiling. We can’t afford three years of this. They’re unfit to govern and their culture of silence only makes things worse.”

  7. Why the words “home insulation scheme” ALWAYS have to be preceded by the word “bungled” is beyond me. It’s utterly gratuitous and, many believe (with good reason) untrue.

    Canning it was the beginning of the end for Rudd.

  8. That pisses me off too, and every Coalition-loving journalist simply loves doing it whenever the subject of the insulation scheme turns up.

    Failed, Bungled, Disastrous, Botched, Deadly, etc. Funny how those words more accurately describe Abbott’s government

  9. I want one of those drones but not sure about the casa. requirements.

    Where is the enquiry into all the road deaths because of successive govts. road building policies?

  10. It’s too late to call for an inquiry into the AWB scandal now. That should have been started in December 2007, but Rudd didn’t bother, just one of his many failures. He was too busy playing the magnanimous leader and handing out cushy posts to Liberal failures to bother doing anything useful.

    The AWB conspirators – Vaile, Downer, Howard and the rest – have had more than a decade to get their alibis and cover stories in place, no-one is going to find anything incriminating now, it’s all just so much ancient history. If any documentation still exists in the archives you can bet it will be hitting the shredder within weeks as Abbott’s super-size staff get down to business.

  11. Michael at TPS has written a good piece about this guvmint’s penchant for enquiries.
    It’s already been said but I think the idea’s to establish a sort of drone bass “Labor incompetence & shiftiness” theme to underly discussion. As usual, ably assisted by the media protecting its investment & legacy, there’s too many “botched” stories out to stop now & anyway new ones write themselves.
    Be interesting to see whether any of the commentariat calls Abbott on this.

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